Lutemax 2020 – Protect Your Eyes from the Dangers of Technology and Eye Exercises!

Lutemax 2020 helps protect my eyes from the dangers of technology. That’s important, because I look at one type of screen or another pretty much all day long. As a blogger, I’m constantly on the computer, my tablet, or my phone. Until recently, I didn’t realize that the light those screens emit are damaging to eyes. Now that I know, I use Lutemax 2020, a dietary supplement, to help keep my eyes healthy, because the blog isn’t going anywhere, which means my eyes are still going to be looking at all those screens all day.


*This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

How Lutemax 2020 Protects My Eyes

Computer, tablet, and phone screens give off what’s called high-energy blue light. While most of us know that it’s important to protect ourselves from the UV light of the sun, many of us do not know about high-energy blue light. I know I certainly didn’t. This blue light penetrated deeper into the eye than any other light wave, even UV light, which is so bad. It can damage the macula, the part of they eye responsible for sharpness of vision. Short-term exposure causes eye fatigue, eye strain, blurry vision, and headaches, and long-term exposure can actually lead to a progressive loss of visual function. That is horrifying to me. Horrifying.

Lutemax 2020 and Lifestyle Changes are Keyvision

That’s why I’ve been taking Lutemax 2020. This supplement uses lutein and two zeaxanthin isomers. These ingredients are preferentially deposited in the macula area of the eye and act as a shield against high-energy blue light, helping to protect my eyes from all that screen time I put in every day. They also act as powerful antioxidants to further support visual function. I’ve been taking a dose of Lutemax 2020 everyday along with taking breaks while I work to help reduce my eye strain and the chances of developing vision loss down the line.

I’m also eating more lutein and zeaxanthin isomer rich foods like eggs; leafy greens such as spinach, kale, turnip greens, and collard greens; broccoli; brussel sprouts; and salmon and trout, and I’m doing eye strengthening exercises to help keep my eyes in tip top shape. I can already tell a difference. By taking my supplement and giving myself breaks, I’ve noticed a marked decrease in the tiredness in my eyes at the end of the day.

Lutemax 2020 – What’s Your B.L.U.E.

High-energy blue light can be very dangerous for your peepers. Head over to the luteinforeveryage page to learn more about the health benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin isomers. While you’re at it, stock up the house with foods that promote eye health, take some breaks and do eye exercises, get some supplements with Lutemax 2020 ingredient


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