Some recent news about the zika virus!

There have been several recent cases of the zika virus and here is some of the latest news and tips you can use to keep safe.

What is the zika viruszika-virus-infographic-3-1

The zika virus is a disease that Aedes mosquitoes carry, which may cause symptoms such as a rash, headaches, fever, joint pain, muscle pain, and red eyes. Unfortunately with symptoms like these, the zika virus is oftentimes misdiagnosed, or infected people fail to go into the doctor.

According to doctors the viral symptoms seem to leave your system after a week or two, which is good. The real trouble comes in to play if you are pregnant or may become pregnant during the running course of the virus since the Zika virus has been shown to cause some problems with birth defects in addition to the regular list of potential symptoms.

These birth defects mainly consist of microcephaly (a smaller than usual head). A small percentage of these babies just have a smaller head, unfortunately most of them end up suffering from brain damage as well. If you are pregnant or expect to become pregnant it is more important to keep yourself safe from this virus.

The zika virus isn’t just affecting people, it’s hurting business as well

There are a couple industries that are being hit hard by the latest outbreaks of the zika virus and they are the tourism and hospitality industry. The two almost go hand in hand and one area currently suffering from the virus is in Miami Beach.

This is a tourism hot spot and there has been a reported hot spot of the outbreak just north of downtown Miami. The mosquitoes that transmit the virus tend to live in tropical areas so Miami is one US city that fits the bill.

Outbreaks like these can hinder travel plans around the world and are hurting local businesses as well. There have been reported causes in almost every state around the US so Miami isn’t the only area this could happen in.

The steps being taken to remove the virus that you can do as well

The major steps being taken in this outbreak area is the removal of mosquito breeding habitats. The zika virus only lasts up to a few weeks in your system before it has run its course, so eliminating breeding grounds can be one of the best methods of prevention and control.

You can take the same steps around your home or business. You want to eliminate all breeding grounds that you can around your business and home. This basically means to get rid of any kind of standing water.

Standing water could be kiddy pools, fire pits that aren’t draining, flowerpots overflowing after rain storms, etc. Even something as small as an upturned, discarded bottle cap is home enough for a zika bearer. Mosquitoes need stagnant standing water to lay their eggs in and breed. These simple preventative measures can reduce the population of the mosquitoes around your home. In addition to that we recommend having a professional pest control service come and treat for mosquitoes around you home to increase your protection.

If you are in the greater Minnesota metro area and you would like to set up a mosquito service be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control and set up your first treatment.


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