Playing Sports #LikeAGirl with Always!

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Playing sports is an important part of any child’s life. It raises self-esteem, promotes teamwork, and increases their ability to focus. It’s also just plain fun. Unfortunately, girls don’t have the same encouragement that boys do when it comes to playing sports. That’s why Always and Walmart have partnered with Walmart to promote girls in sports with their  Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing initiative.13921141_10154363895634356_3742294754581557213_n

Playing Sports isn’t Just for Boys

It’s a shame that has to be said, but there it is. Sports aren’t just for boys. Of course, we all know that, and yet there are some trouble statistics involving girls and sports. Half of all girls in sports will quit by the age of 17 and nearly 7 in 10 girls say they don’t feel encourage by society to play sports. The study also showed that the reasons for this drop off in play and lack of encouragement are from a lack of community support, parental engagement, and a lack of funding – all things that can be changed.


That’s the hashtag for this initiative, and I think it’s so appropriate. Ever since I can remember, the phrase “like a girl” has been used to insult the way a person does something. “Like a girl” should never be an insult. It should be an empowering statement. Studies show an undeniable link between increased self confidence and girls playing sports. Always and Walmart are encouraging that by promoting girls and sports.

In fact, Walmart and Always have a “50 States, 50 Teams” goal to support one girls sports time in every state. Before the year is out, 50 teams will receive the resources they need to keep their teams playing #LikeAGirl.

To show you just how much good work Walmart, Always, and their #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing initiative are doing, take a look at what they did in Hulbert Oklahoma. This summer, Always and Walmart met with the Lady Riders junior high girls basketball team to listen to their sports experiences and to help them keep playing sports by providing equipment, uniforms, and needed facilities upgrades. Take a look at what #LikeAGirl did for the team here.

Playing Sports #LikeAGirl is Awesome

I love what Always and Walmart are doing for girls in sports. My daughter is more into dance than sports, but she has lots of friends who are totally sports crazed. As much as I hate to say it, I have heard little boys tell the girls that they can’t play as well because they play “like a girl”. Ugh! Well, Walmart and Always will most definitely help change that.

I want to give a huge thanks to Walmart and Always for their work in changing the way girls are playing sports and changing the way the phrase “like a girl” is used. I want my daughter to live in a world where #LikeAGirl is a compliment, not an insult.

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