Healthy Eating – Important Information from Tufts Medical Center

Healthy Eating – Important Information from Tufts Medical Center

Healthy eating is an important part of staying in the best possible physical and mental shape. When we eat a healthy diet, we fuel our bodies and minds for optimal performance and long term health. Some people think that healthy eating and dieting are the same thing. They aren’t. They are actually quite different.

Healthy Eating and Dieting – They Aren’t the Same

Unfortunately, many people equate healthy eating with dieting, but the two couldn’t be more different. A diet is all about limitation, often to an excessive degree. Many diets can be unhealthy and lead to an imbalance in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Healthy eating is all about making sure we consume a variety of foods for optimum health and energy. According to advice from Tufts Medical Center on healthy eating, I want to discuss what it means to engage in healthy eating habits and why that is far, far different from dieting.

Medical Definition of Diet

The medical definition of a diet is the habitual, long-term ingestion of foods. This basically means what you eat in an average day. So healthy eating and a healthy diet ARE the same. Where everything gets confusing is when the weight loss industry use the term ‘diet’ in its other form.

Weight Loss Industry Definition of Diet

The definition of diet as it relates to the weight loss industry is a diet focusing on the restriction of calories as well as food types. These diets can often lead to nutritional imbalances when practiced for a protracted period of time.

A Healthy Diet – Tufts Style

Tufts Medical Center believes that healthy eating leads to a healthy life. That’s why they promote a healthy diet – or plan, as they call it – NOT the industry ‘weight loss’ diet. By implementing healthy eating habits that revolve around nutritious food with a calorie reduction, a healthy approach to weight loss can be achieved.

The Optimal Diet for Weight Loss

- Adequate Protein - Essential for fueling muscles and maintaining body tissue during weight loss. Look for protein sources like chicken, lean pork and beef, eggs/egg whites, low fat dairy, Greek yogurt, low fat cheese, nuts, nut butters, beans, soybeans, tofu, and tempeh.

- Fruits and Veggies – According to Tufts, these are key for getting in all the fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to our health.

- Healthy Carbs – Healthy carbs are what fuel our bodies. Look for high fiber carbs like whole grains, and high fiber versions of the fruits and veggies that I just listed.

- Essential Fatty Acids – Fatty acids are excellent for your joints, heart, hair, nails, and skin. They’ve also been shown to increase the effectiveness of antioxidants. Look for fat sources like olive and vegetable oils, nuts, and avocado.

A Healthy Diet, not a ‘Diet’

It’s so important to remember that these are two distinct things. It’s also important to remember that the idea of going on a diet to lose weight is a complete myth. A great way to lose weight is reduce your calories by a reasonable amount and make sure you focus on a healthy diet rather than a quick fix. Visit the Tufts Medical Center Weight and Wellness Center site for more information on healthy eating, a healthy diet, and why weight loss ‘diets’ are a no no.

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