Sun Protection – Reduce Your Risk for Melanoma!

Sun protection is an important part of staying healthy, but  many of us don’t give it the serious attention it deserves. Sun burns can drastically increase our risk for developing skin cancer, so it’s important that we take the necessary sun protection steps to limit our exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays and decrease our risk for developing melanoma.

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Sun Protection is VitalNeutrogena

Some people think skin cancer is something that can be nipped off once you detect it, and in some cases that’s true. However, melanoma can be very aggressive, and by the time it’s detected, it could have already started moving throughout our bodies. And look at these statistics.

  • Just 2 painful sunburns during childhood can significantly increase the risk of developing melanoma later in life by 40%
  • More than 350 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every hour
  • Melanoma isn’t just a skin problem. It’s deadly

Those are scary facts. Here’s a more cheery fact. We can drastically reduce our chances of getting skin cancer simply by taking steps to protect ourselves from the sun’s cancer causing rays. It’s a melanoma risk factor which we are completely able to control.DSC_0045

How to Protect Yourself

Sun protection is a matter of limiting our exposure to the sun’s cancer causing ultraviolet rays, so protecting ourselves becomes a matter of blocking those rays. Her are some ways to practice effective sun protection.

Physical Barriers

When you’re at the beach, take a beach umbrella. Wear hats, long sleeved shirts made of breathable material, and avoid sun bathing. When you tan you are literally frying yourself.

Limit Exposure

When swimming or doing other outdoor activities, limit your sun exposure. Come in from the field to take a break in the shade and reapply your sunscreen. Come in from swimming to reapply your sunscreen, as well.


Speaking of sunscreen. Use it. All the time. Whether you’re going to the beach or just to your local grocery story. Apply Aveeno sunscreen. It’s designed to block the harmful UVA and UVB rays that contribute to skin cancer, and it’s your first line defense in sun protection. With Aveeno sunscreen, you can protect your skin and your kids’ skin, leaving them less likely to develop melanoma in the long run and far less uncomfortable in the short term.

Neutrogena products are designed to protect our skin while being easy on it. Their Wet Skin productd offers SPF 50 protection combined with their Helioplex technology to protect and nourish skin, and their Age Shield Face offers an SPF of 110, protecting your skin from burns as well as nourishing it with the anti-oxidant powerf of Helioplex. In addition to these products, Neutrogena has a variety of sun protection products to help keep the family safe from UVA and UVB rays.

Role Model

Children learn from their parents, so it’s our job to show them just how important sun protection is. Apply your sun screen every morning before you head out to start your day and apply it to your kids, as well. Make it a part of your every day routine like taking a shower and brushing teeth. It works. Studies have shown that kids are more likely to stick to the habit of applying sunscreen if they see their moms doing it.Neutrogena

Sun Protection – An Easy Way to Guard Against at Least One Cancer

Sun protection is just about the easiest thing we can do to protect ourselves against a major cause of skin cancer. By simply limiting our exposure to the sun’s rays and wearing Aveeno sunscreen everyday, we can drastically reduce our chances of developing skin cancer. It’s an easy way to ensure better long term health.

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