KODAK CFH-BVA10 Baby Monitoring System!

I recently received the opportunity to try out the new Kodak Baby Monitoring System. The first thing that impressed me with this monitor was the packaging. It came in a wood box that reminded me of opening my first iPhone package. Everything was laid out nice and in its own spot. I was actually excited to dig into this box and that never happens to me with baby monitors. Full disclosure, I’m picky with monitors. I have been through 3 of them already before this little gem arrived. Did I forgot to tell
You that my daughter is only 17 months old. See, definitely picky.

Kodak Baby Monitor
The second thing that impressed me was the ease of installation. I literally opened the box, plugged in the monitor, downloaded the app and viola! It really was that easy. The clarity on the screen was nice and clear and I was able to see my daughters whole room versus just a small section. That is huge for me. Some other great features that I have not dove into just yet are the alerts and logs. You can record every-time you have a diaper change, feeding or sleep pattern. I personally was using another app when my daughter was first born to track those things, so to have the ability to do it right from my monitor is wonderful.

This monitor also has the ability to let you turn on a nightlight and white noise all from the touch of your finger. The nightlight is a soft glow and angled in the back of monitor. Perfect for finding a lost pacifier in the middle of the night without waking the baby. The white noise option was awesome! Gone are the days of having to travel with both a monitor and a sound machine.Kodak Baby Monitor

The only negative I have for this monitor is the app. It does sometimes take awhile to load and will randomly kick you out so you have to log back in. In a sea of positives though, this is such a small negative that I almost hate to write it in. If you are looking for a new monitor and want it all, this really does have it. I only wish that it had been around 17 months ago so I would not have had to waste time on other monitors that were only sub-par. Bravo Kodak! Well done!!


*Sample received for review for my blog contributor. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

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