Vroom Initiative – Unlocking the Potential of Children! #WhatMakesASuperHero

This is a sponsored post with Vroom. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

Vroom initiative is all about taking every day moments and making the more than we think they can be. It supports the idea that the first years of a child’s life are the most powerful for their growing brains and that we parents and caregivers can do more than we think to help our children’s minds be the best they can be. To further this idea, the Bezos Foundation has released a video as part of their ongoing initiative. The video showcases the heroic role that every parent and caregiver plays in the lives of children and reinforces the message that anyone can be a Vroom Superhero to a child.

Vroom is All About Helping Parents Helping Kids

New science tells us that the first 5 years of a child’s life are when he or she develops the foundation for every avenue of their future learning. It’s the bedrock for all future consumption of knowledge. When we parents and caregivers interact with our kids, their brains light up just as much as their eyes. In fact, in those moments of interaction, a half million neurons fire all at once as our children take in everything we say and do.unnamed

That’s what Vroom is all about. It was developed by a team of scientists, community leaders, and trusted brands banding together with help from community organizations and parents to help us make every moment we share with our kids into brain building moments.

I am so excited about that idea because I can see that light in my kids eyes every time I interact with them. When I walk into the room, my youngest’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree, and I know that her brain is in overdrive. That’s the time that I use new words, try to make connections between objects and their names. Anything to get that sponge inside her head to soak up just a little bit more.unnamed-1

That’s what the Vroom Superhero video wants to get across to all of us. That we can make everyday moments brain building moments. The video tells the story of Camelia, an aunt turned foster mother, and her daughter, Cammie, and Camelia’s powerful example of how the everyday moments they share have a major impact on both of them.

Vroom Helps Us all Bring Out the Best in Our Kidsunnamed-3

I love what Vroom is doing to help parents. Most parents already know that children are learning quickly when they’re young, but we don’t all know how to make the most of that time in everyday situations. That’s what Vroom is all about – making every moment of life count for our children’s brains. It’s sort of like an interactive school all day every day that’s super fun. I encourage you to head over to Vroom and check out their Superhero video. It’s very inspiring, and it highlights what we can all do to help our kids be their best.

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