Getting Confidence to Start Your Day with a Bright Smile!

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As a mom of three small children who also happens to be a dentist, I obviously take great care of my teeth. However, the real reason I take care of my teeth (besides obviously wanting a healthy mouth) is a smile says it all. When I look at someone for the first time, I look at his/her mouth and their teeth. Not for the reason to be vain, but rather a smile can really tell if someone is confident and happy. Those with a closed mouth who don’t like to show their teeth, usually showcases to me a personality I want to stay away from. In turn, those who have a big smile usually are the ones who are happy with themselves and showcase confidence on a regular base. I see this everyday in general life and at my job. A smile truly says it all….DSC_1012

That is why I make sure that I keep my teeth clean and bright every single day. Most people ask some of my tips and suggestions on how they get that smile bright so they can walk in life feeling proud. A smile with the teeth showing gives people the feeling that you want to be approached and are personable.


1. ORAL HYGIENE! Make sure you start and end your day brushing and flossing! Both brushing/flossing should be in your routine twice a day and will help to make your smiles bright and to avoid visiting the dentist. You also should be brushing for a full two minutes, twice a day, or else you are not following the dental protocol. By brushing and flossing, you are going to have those beautiful teeth that you see on the TV and in the movies.

2. TIME FOR LISTERINE! After you brush and floss, your next step is to follow with Listerine! LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Antiseptic Mouthwash in 1L bottle can readily be found in the dental aisle of your local Walmart. As a dentist and a mom, Listerine is one brand I recommend over and over again. It truly is the brand that gets my mouth feeling fresh, which leaves me with the confidence to talk to people all day, not worrying about stinky breath.DSC_1006

What I also LOVE about Listerine is it kills 99.9% of bad breath germs and germs that lead to gum disease, found in lab studies,
and also has the power to kill 99.9% of germs that lead to bad breath, plaque and gum disease (in lab studies). What this means is you will not only have fresh breath, without all the food and bacteria showing in your teeth, but you will have to come see me LESS because of gum disease. A win-win if you ask me! It offers 24-hour germ protection when used twice daily and is 21% greater gingivitis reduction than brushing and flossing alone. Oh and if you don’t believe me, the dentist, well the ADA has given its Seal of Acceptance for being the only nationally branded antimicrobial mouthwash that fights plaque and gingivitis.DSC_1001

Along with my favorite mouthwash, Listerine also makes the POCKETPAKS®, which you simply place on your tongue to get fresh breath all day long. These dissolve instantly and kills 99% of odor-causing bacteria in 30 seconds! Again a true score if you ask me!DSC_1010

I know when I have fresh breath, I have the confidence to start my day off on the right foot. With seeing patients all day, they look to me to have fresh breath when I am working on their teeth all day. No one wants a dentists who doesn’t have the absolute freshness in their mouth! Listerine is always the mouthwash I turn to start my day with a bright smile!DSC_1007

3. EAT HEALTHY! A good diet is important for building a healthy mouth and bright smile. I always recommend avoiding the sugary foods and sticking to a diet of fresh vegetables and fruit. It is very good to follow the food pyramid on what you should eat and moderation of the foods that go into your mouth.DSC_1019

4. AVOID GETTING STAINS! Avoid coffee if you want to get a bright smile! I know I hate saying that but don’t go around having 5 cups a day and expect to get a bright smile. I usually recommend having one cup of coffee in the morning and then brushing your teeth immediately after. That way the stain in not permanent and you can get that bright smile back. Also, red sauces and red wine can cause stain so be sure to limit these.DSC_1016

Having confidence starts with a bright smile. The smile is the first thing anyone notices so follow my tutorial for getting your teeth bright and healthy this summer season!!DSC_1003

What is your favorite tip to getting a bright smile? Come tell me on my Facebook Page. Also, here are some fabulous coupons so you can try Listerine for yourself: Save $1.00 on select Listerine products.




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