Ready for Summer in their Children’s Place Clothes!

*I received samples from the Children’s Place for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources. *

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the kids clothes from The Children’s Place! Through the years and since my first daughter was first born, 7 years ago, my go to store for the latest kids fashion is The Children’s Place. They always seem to have the most fashionable clothes at prices you can’t beat! When I am looking to see what the next fashion trend for kids is, I always turn to the Children’s Place because they seem to be one step ahead of it.Children's Place

Children's Place

This summer collection is no exception with the gorgeous prints and vibrant colors. This summer it is all about the pastel and bright colors, mixed together with fun patterns. Zane was sent some beautiful orange shorts with a pastel green top and a Hawaiian blue flower shirt. Such fun items to get him ready for the summer! He asked if we were going on vacation because all his new clothes seem to be right out of a tropical island.Children's Place

Children's PlaceTaylor was sent this ADORABLE watermelon dress that is just too cute for words!Children's Place

Children's Place

Whether you are looking for clothes for a girl, baby girl, boy, baby boy,or newborn- they have it all at the Children’s Place. Some of their items of clothes include outfits, graphic tees, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, sweaters, tanks, activewear, denim, bottoms, shorts, dresses, rompers, swimwear, jackets, and outfits for special occasions. They also feature items to accessorize including shoes, hats, sunglasses, socks, and more!

This summer be sure to shop at The Children’s Place!

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