Let’s Have Some Fun in My New Crocs!! #MomsDayOffContest

This is a sponsored post with Crocs. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

CrocsMother’s Day is quickly approaching where moms like you and I are given a day to just relax! However, why wait for Mother’s Day to have a mom’s day out? Every single mother out there works hard trying to make their families happy so naturally we all want some time to ourselves. Can’t blame us really… Being a mom of three small children and working two jobs, I definitely want a day/night out, however, I also want a time where I can spend one on one time with the older children.Crocs

While it might not seem like a true day out, I decided to spend my mom day out with two of my older children, Hayley and Zane. You see in our family we are limited on what we could do especially with this adorable girl who wants to follow us around everywhere. While we love her so much, she can’t do a lot of activities my older children can do such as sitting at a movie or watching a game. In turn, my older children tend to miss out on some of their favorite activities.13000172_10154055376714356_6718252828070135468_n

So I decided to make my mom day out all about my older children and do something we have not done in quite some time. Yesterday, Hayley, Zane, my cousin Trish, and I headed out to see the minor league baseball team, Pawtucket Red Sox game, play. It was a gorgeous day in the mid 70s so I knew it would be a ton of fun and also a way I can relax with my cousin who I have not seen in awhile. I also knew some of my kids’ friends were going so it would be nice to see them happy without having to entertain their young sister.Crocs


Since the weather was gorgeous, I needed to make sure I dressed appropriately and part of that was heading out with my new shoes from Crocs. Crocs wanted to make my day out extra special so they sent me two pairs of Crocs including the Women’s Leigh II Ankle Strap Graphic Wedge and the Women’s Crocs Isabella Sandal.Crocs

CrocsI headed out to the game with my Crocs wedges on and a nice pair of jeans. The very first thing my cousin remarked was, “Who made those shoes?” She was shocked to learn that they were Crocs and immediately told me she needed to get a pair. She was not the only one that day who made remarks about my shoes. At least four people at the ballgame asked me who made my shoes! I was more than happy to tell them it is the wonderful brand Crocs who make these gorgeous and COMFORTABLE shoes! I really had no idea Crocs made such adorable shoes for women! I know my kids live in Crocs, but who knew they had such an AMAZING WOMEN’S SELECTION!Crocs

We had such a blast at the game yesterday. It was just what the doctor ordered! It was so nice to sit there in the gleaming sun and really enjoy my time with my older children. The kids left with huge smiles on their faces because they rarely get to experience this time without their sister. It was a really special day.Crocs

CrocsAt night, mom decided she needed to have a date with dad (lol) so we went to a comedy show and had a really nice time talking over a few drinks. It was the perfect night out with my husband and again, there is no people I rather be with than my family!12472842_10154014136809356_6794705825103519902_n

Crocs wants to know how you would spend your day off?



How would you spend your day off? Would you take your kids somewhere? Get your nails done? Visit the beach? Read a good book in bed? Go the spa? Go the movies?

Come tell Crocs what you would do and you could WIN!  There will be ten first placed winners who will receive a $50 voucher for Crocs and $100 cash and fifty runners up who will receive $50 vouchers.

How To Enter!

Simply post on any social platform using the hashtag #MomsDayOffContest. You must be following Crocs on the social media platforms and have a link to the competition terms/conditions. You will be in the running to win by simply tagging Crocs (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google +/You Tube/Pinterest) on the platform you enter and using #MomsDayOffContest. EASY PEASY!  GOOD LUCK!


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