Bamboobies- Reusable Nursing Pads! Saving the planet with Earth Day!

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nursing padsBefore I had little ones it never occurred to me how I would feed them as newborns. It just wasn’t something that I consciously thought about, so when I found out I was expecting I automatically responded to my doctor that I planned to formula feed. This was my standard answer until the first time the nurse handed me my swaddled little bundle; at that moment I decided I would give nursing a shot. For 9 months I had watched a flood of nursing posts come across my facebook and witnessed dozens of women nursing their little ones in public places such as the grocery store, doctors office and even my local mall. For months I’d heard the term “breast is best” so, I decided I would give it a try and since that first time, although it was a little tricky at first, I was sold on nursing my first one.

It took a period of several weeks to get the hang on nursing but at the end of it, my little one and I were a successful nursing couple. The only issue I had stumbled across was learning to nurse on demand and recognizing the signs that I needed to nurse asap. This lead to several embarrassing leaks from time to time, something I quickly learned to combat with nursing pads. I never left the house without them and always had a stash in my diaper bag with me. At first I started out with the standard disposable pads but when a friend recommended that I make the switch to reusable pads I was only too happy to try them out. After all, the disposable version could get a little expensive when having to replace them from week to week depending on how often I was using them.slide-image-2

When the opportunity to partner with Bamboobies was given to me, I jumped at the opportunity. Since I first became a user of reusable nursing pads I had become quite a fan of them and had heard so many great things about Bamboobies. The company started a simple solution to a problem that all nursing Mothers experienced, being leaky and being unable to find a pad that didn’t leak or show up through their clothing. In 2009 Bamboobies received its name from entrepreneur creator and fellow Mom. What started out as a singular idea blossomed into an original and successful business. The line of reusable nursing pads includes both original Regular and Overnight nursing pads. Not only is Bamboobies home to their reusable, comfortable nursing pads but they’re also home to a line of other unique nursing needs like bras, nursing care products and other nursing oriented clothing. So, no matter what your nursing needs are, Bamboobies has you covered.

With Earth Day today, there’s no better time to invest in Bamboobies. With such an emphasis on reusable resources and restoring the earth to its former beauty, purchasing reusable pads is the perfect way to give back and support the movement. Like many other plastic based products that end up in landfills every day, disposable nursing pads are just another product that is harmful to the environment. By using reusable nursing pads like Bamboobies, not only are you saving yourself a pretty penny on pads but you’re also doing your part to help protect the earth and keep the environment free of harmful products.

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