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sofatutor is an interactive computer program designed to make learning more fun and easier to master. It does this by approaching subjects in a way that correlates to the world around kids instead of just using abstract concepts on a page. With sofatutor, children can learn at their own pace, building up their understanding of key concepts while improving their skills and scores in the classroom, and they can do it all from their home.

sofatutor Brings Real World Learning to Your Child

I think the best part of this program has to be the way it approaches concepts and themes. Rather than numbers and letters on a page, this program uses real world situations to really help kids understand the concepts they need help with. The emphasis here is on “real world”. There’s no “if a train leaves Demoines at 7 PM traveling at 65 miles per hour… blah blah blah. Rather than those types of situations, this program uses actual situations that make sense, like baking cupcakes or your line of sight to a point and how it correlates to angles. It’s pretty fantastic.

In addition to real world problems with real world solutions, this platform focuses on practice in subjects in a way that encourages children rather than discouraging them. The Interactive Practice Problems and Homework Chat offered by sofatutor help give students the best possible chance for improvement and overall success, which in turn boosts their self-confidence and promotes even more success.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.41.08 PMAward Winning Learning Software That Works

sofatutor is already an award winning interactive education platform in Europe, helping children all over the continent learn and master the skills they need in a given subject with interactive videos, practice problems, worksheets, and Homework Chat to help kids succeed. Currently, sofatutor offers Algebra I, but as they continue their transition into the United States education system, they’ll continue to add curriculum and will have a complete curriculum set by 2017.

In the meantime, it’s a wonderful way to help your children master the ins and outs of Algebra I. After all, that’s when thins really start to get tricky in the math department. Here’s an example of how well sofatutor works. Both my oldest and middle child are still far too young to be doing any sort of Algebra. However, with sofatutor, and a little help from Mom, they began to understand concepts that they won’t be required to know until much, much farther down the line. That is a GIGANTIC help! I remember my own transition to Algebra I, and I can say without a doubt that something like sofatutor would have been extremely helpful to me.

sofatutor - Award Winning Education Assistance Right From Your Home

With sofatutor, any child who needs help in a subject can get it. The platform is specifically designed to help children grasp key concepts in subjects and build a child’s proficiency with them to encourage faster and more confident learning. And while only Algebra I is available now, you can see from this sofatutor video that this will be a major powerhouse in interactive learning by the time their curriculum is completed in 2017. It’s already helping kids all across Europe!

Right now, you can get a special deal on sofatutor. Rather than the normal $199, you can get sofatutor for $9.99 by following this special discount link. The gift of learning is the most powerful gift we can give our children, and sofatutor is the best way to do that. Give you child a leg up on learning and give sofatutor a look.

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