SculpSure – Non-Invasive Body Sculpting for Your Problem Areas!

SculpSure is helping men and women everywhere get rid of that stubborn belly and love handle fat in a way that is both effective and safe. Rather than old school liposuction, which requires anesthesia and a big, long metal rod whack all around under the skin, SculpSure uses a non-invasive laser technology to kill fat cells and reduce unwanted body fat in those areas that just never seem to be affected by diet and exercise.SculpSure_logo_HR

SculpSure and the Battle of the Belly

If your clothes could talk, what would they say? That’s a good question to ask yourself. I asked myself that question about a year ago, and my answer was this: They would say, “What the heck happened to you? You can’t even get into us anymore!” Of course, I had just had a baby a few months prior, but I was still not willing to go quietly into that “heavy mom” zone that so many of us end up in.

So I started changing my eating habits. I put down the bread and picked up brown rice and quinoa. I started running again. And slowly but surely, I started to see changes. My thighs and rear end started tightening up again. My arms stopped waving every time I moved them. Everything was starting to fall into place. I actually lost 40 pounds for this. I had one big problem though: MY BELLY!  I don’t know what it is about the human belly, but it seems like no matter who you are, if you gain weight, your belly will make sure to keep it nice and safe for you. It’s not going ANYWHERE.

To make a long story short, I got my belly under a reasonable amount of control, and it’s back to being flat-ish. I don’t have washboard abs by any means, but I can wear a nice snug dress and feel good about what I’m putting out there. It took an incredible amount of work, and even after all of that, I’m still not exactly where I want to be.

That’s why I think SculpSure is so great. SculpSure is the only FDA approved laser treatment for the removal of fat from the abdomen and flanks (belly and love handles). It’s 100% non-invasive, and it’s safe. It’s perfect for people like me who bust their butts day in and day out but are never able to get that stubborn fat around their midsections to go away. It’s fast, too. Many patients see results as early as 6 weeks, with optimal results achieved at around 12 weeks. All this means is that we can stay on our diet and exercise routines and still get a little boost to busting our belly fat with SculpSure. Sounds like a win to me!BA_SculpSure_S_Doherty_Core_2Tx_6Weeks_01.3

SculpSure – Have a Better Conversation with Your Clothes

These days, if my clothes could talk, they’d say, “You’re doing a good job, mom! Your belly hasn’t been like this in a long time!” That’s a conversation that makes me happy, but I’d rather have a conversation with my clothes about how SculpSure finally helped me get rid of that last little bit of stubborn belly fat that just keeps hanging on. I’m talking to my doctor about SculpSure and how it can help me. If you have stubborn belly fat, I encourage you to find a SculpSure trained doctor near you to find out if it’s right for you.sculp sure

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