As a dentist, I always make sure to Give Extra.. Get Extra!

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As a dentist who works a lot with children, I am an absolute fanatic about oral hygiene. Each and every day, I treat children who have decay and tell them the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene regime. This not only includes the children but parents too. I make it a point to relay my dental knowledge of what works onto my parent and children patients alike. One thing that I always tell my patients, is to make sure they chew sugar free gum between meals. You might be asking why sugar free gum and the answer is because it helps prevent all those nasty “sugar bugs”.  Chewing sugar free gum can help prevent cavities by removing food particles from your teeth and also stimulates production of saliva which removes food and strengthens the teeth.IMG_8610

The one brand I always use personally and recommend professionally is Extra® Gum with two of my favorite flavors being Extra® Gum Spearmint
Extra® Gum Polar Ice®. I have been an Extra® Gum chewer for quite some years but now I have great news! At CVS now, they have the Extra® Gum 35-stick packages which means you are getting even more of the gum you love. With the packaging being larger than ever, there is more gum to go around to those you love. A true score if you can ask me! The brand new durable 35-stick packs allows me to share between my friends, family, coworkers, and my patients. It definitely allows me to Give Extra..Get Extra!IMG_8597

To celebrate the brand new packaging, I thought it would be fun to create a dental care package to give to my patients. I plan to give these out on our annual Give-Kids A Smile Day where we treat over 100 children free of charge during the day.


1. First, take a package of the new Extra® Gum 35-stick pieces and take the sticks out of the package. On each of the sticks, I wrote motivational words that would make children happy like fun, happy, enjoy, play, reach high, love, family, and others. I used a black point pen to put each of the words on the package.IMG_8602

IMG_86072. Then to create the beginning of the dental care package, I took three sticks of gum and tied them together with dental floss.  You can use a regular string or ribbon too but this is a dental care package after all! It was quite easy to tie one piece of floss around 2-3 sticks of gum.IMG_8616

IMG_86173. I used old tupperware containers to begin putting my package together since I thought it would be nice for them to have the containers to use once they took their dental supplies out.  I put in the sticks from #2 and then added in the major dental necessities. In this case, I added in floss, mouth wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste.IMG_8640

4. All my patient love stickers so I added in about 3-4 stickers in each container.

5. I then added in little tooth packages which is generally used for children to put teeth that they lost for the tooth fairy under their pillow.IMG_8634

6. Finally I cut up the same words as I used above and added it to the top of the dental care package.IMG_8618

IMG_8620IMG_8627It was very easy to put together my dental care package and I know that this will be a great way to give back to my patients. After all, Extra® Gum and it’s new 35 piece pack allows me to easily Give Extra…Get Extra. If you are looking to spread the joy of a clean mouth, pick up the new Extra® Gum 35-stick packages at CVS today! They are made in durable, recycled packaging and easy to find at the checkout aisle at CVS.IMG_8625

With more gum to go around, who would you share with? Come tell me in my Facebook post which person you would share this new Extra® Gum  35-stick pack with and save $1.00 on the new 35-stick pack of Extra® today!IMG_8599


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