How the Air at Home Affects Our Health! + a uHoo Giveaway ($300 value) on their site! Check it out!

*This is a sponsored giveaway. *

As someone who stays home most of the time, I make sure that everything is clean, safe, and healthy. But sometimes, I tend to forget one of the most important factors that affects the health of the family at home: the air we breathe. Unfortunately, there are many bacteria, viruses, and other air pollutants that lurk in the air at home. This infographic below explains how these invisible hazard affect our home and our health.

Recently, I’m glad to come across an elegantly designed indoor air quality sensor from uHoo. It is equipped with sensors that will tell me when there are toxic levels of air pollutants such as airborne chemicals, carbon monoxide, and ozone. The device is connected to the smartphone via wi-fi, and it sends alerts to ensure that the air at home is safe. Not only that, it also provides me historical data about the air quality at home. More importantly, it provides recommendations on how to improve the air in the home in order to help prevent respiratory conditions and skin allergies caused by pollutants.unnamed

I’m excited to share that uHoo is giving away one uHoo sensor worth $299 plus $1000+ worth of gift certificates. You can click on this link to join the giveaway or click the photo above.


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