How I Get My Home Ready for the Big Football Game! #GameDayTraditions

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Football is a HUGE sport in our household. We love it so much that we were actually engaged during one of the biggest games of the season back in 2004.  For the big game each year, I need to make sure my house is ready. We are known as the football family so we always have people over to celebrate the big game.unnamed-1


1. First and foremost, I make sure the house is spotless before the game. I know I tend to have a lot of people over and no one wants to walk into a dirty mess. I spend a good day or two making sure the house is clean and ready for all our guests. I tend to use the Bounty Select-A-Size to get my house spiffy clean with its Unique Trap & Lock Technology. I do a good cleaning with these and then have tons of Bounty available for the day of the big game.00037000509783_D1C1_NA copy_small

2. Next up, it is time to stock supplies. With so much food and drinks, one of the most important areas to stock up on, is the bathroom obviously. We love buying Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls 12-pack from Walmart for all our bathroom needs. With this tissue being septic and clog-safe, I know I will not have any additional messes to clean up. Along with this, my bathrooms will be filled with Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky which helps to eliminate all the messy odors.00037000071006_D1C1_US copy_small

3. Make sure my food is made ahead of time! There is nothing worse than stressing out the day of the party. To get me started on a stress-free day, I try to make food ahead of time. One of my favorites is making a batch of chili in the crockpot. I also love to make mini taco shells.  It is easy to do and delicious at the same time! DSC04202-768x1024

4. For the day of the party, I make sure I have my game plan all laid out and all the jerseys clean. I love to use Tide PODS Spring Meadow which allows me to clean six times more than the usual cleaning agents I have. It also helps me to eliminate the stains that are sure to happen on game day.unnamed

5. Just have fun and be prepared with the help of Walmart. The football season ends pretty quickly so just have a good time on game day. Eat lots of yummy foods and have a fun time with family and friends!

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