Let’s Have Some Fun at Paint Nite! Perfect for Girls Night!

*I received free admission for me plus 3 guests. The remainder of my 25 guests received discounted tickets. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*12033177_10153833525042573_3492613794205253002_n

Everyone needs a mom’s night out! No matter if your child is 1 or 31, us moms deserve some time to ourself. That is why when Paint Nite asked me to cover a local Rhode Island event I was more than honored to work with them.IMG_6239

Book clubs, dinners and cocktail parties can get boring and mundane so let me introduce you all to Paint Nite… available at one of your local watering holes! Thousands of people flock to more than 4,300 Paint Nite events each month in over 161 metro areas; there is no doubt that this social experience is making its mark!IMG_6242

In the fall, I attended the Paint Nite in East Greenwich, Rhode Island along with 25 of my favorite friends. This was my first time painting or attending something like this, so I was VERY excited. I have seen some of my friend’s paintings in the past (with prior events) and thought there was NO way I could ever paint something. Well as it turns out..I was wrong! We all did such a stellar job thanks to the wonderful Paint Nite and our leader artist, Devin “Nived” Mclaughlin.IMG_6242

When we entered, all the paintbrushes, easels, and boards were already set out for us. When we got seated, Devin introduced himself and explained we would be drawing this city scene. I thought to myself again that I would NEVER be able to do this!

Paint NIte East Greenwich

Devin was AMAZING and reassured my entire group that by the end of the night we would all have something very similar to the drawing above. Devin was so patient, witty, talented, and a pure joy to be around. Oh and he was FUNNY! He began by telling us he would explain each step and draw out each part one step at a time. No artist would be left behind in our group. If we had questions, he was there to help us.

We started with the basic white canvas painting which was the easiest step since it was basically covering the whole canvas in white. Once this was done, Devin painted each step on his canvas and we were to mimic him. It was SO easy to follow along because he was unbelievably patient.IMG_6252

Towards the end, we had to draw the lady’s red dress and this was the slightly challenging part. Believe it or not, everything else aside from the women was quite easy to draw. You wouldn’t think so but it was! Devin went around to our group and helped us out with this part if we needed it. Most girls did not need it but I most certainly did.

At the end, all 26 of us had the most beautiful canvas drawings that we did ourself. We all took our canvas home as a departing gift.

It was such an incredibly FUN time. We were there for our 2 hours, 30 minutes and every minute was pure fun. I don’t think we laughed so hard that night as we did in a long time.10534601_10206980807032361_144885388940838004_n

If you are looking for a great girls night out, be sure to give Paint Nite a try! You can see their full schedule nationwide here: Paint Nite. ENJOY!!!

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