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*This is a sponsored post with FYI and Fluiditea. My sister received samples for her review. All her opinions are her own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Shara here again, and I just passed the milestone six months of breastfeeding. My baby daughter Alexa was exclusively breastfed for four months. During the four month regression, Alexa had a major growth spurt and was not content with just the amount of ounces I was producing with my pump. We tried so many different supplemental formulas. Probably six or seven. She hated every single one. It’s definitely been one of my hardest challenges as a new mother.lactation

I have tried many products to increase my supply, lactation pills from the internet and nature stores, lactation cookies, etc. I ate LOTS of oatmeal and drank lots of fluids. Nothing has made a significant difference. A little while back, Melissa asked me if I was still breastfeeding, which I am. She said she wanted to send me something to review. I’m up for anything, so of course I said yes.unnamed-4

When the tea had arrived, I was excited because I like drinking good hot beverages, and hadn’t found a tea I liked in a while. The boxes were beautiful. Colorful, natural, and organic looking. I like the name, and It just felt like a quality product to me.unnamed-3I was ready to try! I was surprised when I opened the package, it wasn’t a tea bag. Instead, it looked like the REAL Thing tea- loose minerals and plants in a pack, ready to add to boiling water. I boiled some water on the stove, and emptied the contents. As I took my first sip, I thought “THIS IS DELICIOUS!! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”. Heck, I would totally drink this tea just because it tastes that good! And since that first day four days ago, I look forward to drinking this tea even more than my full of caffeine coffee!

I pump four times a day. And I am now getting almost one more ounce then normal in most pumps! I love that I have more milk in the fridge to give to Baby Alexa. Reading more about the tea, it is said to “provide natural and medicinal herbal remedies to realign our body functions which were dramatically damaged and/ or skewed during pregnancy and child birth”. Well, YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN. I noticed that this tea just made me FEEL good and made me feel like I was taking a healthy step towards a solid post birth body on the inside.NHC_product_03.e560f9e4b598387d29403bc351ffb3b8

Plus, I read that Hillary Duff’s sister, Haylie Duff is the celebrity influencer. I’ve always had a girl crush on her. As a makeup artist, I worked with her sister when she appeared on Gossip Girl and appreciate both her and sister’s acting roles. She had such a healthy and beautiful vibe about her. Her skin ALWAYS glows. So I am behind anything she loves- which is obviously Fluiditea!

Who knows, maybe the tea will help me eliminate the formula we need to use. I would be super excited for that, but even knowing the milk I am producing is healthier, makes me feel like I am doing the best for baby.

There is a Tea for “Clear and Flow”, if you are having a milk duct clog. Though I have not experienced this, I have heard how super painful it is.

I love how natural this product is, with Rosebuds, Ginseng, and other medicinal herbs. Looking forward to moving forward on my breastfeeding journey with my new Tea!

If you are interested in trying it out, please use  DEC15CMP. This is a 10% off coupon code exclusively for all my readers.  It is good through 1/31/2016 and for as many orders as needed.

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