Boston Children’s Hospital – Always There for Kids!

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Boston Children’s Hospital is hospital near and dear to my heart. I can’t imagine my life without my kids or worrying about how much time I’d have left with them. For many parents around the world, that’s the reality though. Boston Children’s Hospital is committed to caring for the sickest children from across the globe to across the street.


It’s what they’re all about. Boston Children’s Hospital is completely devoted to our little ones and their care. And they’re devoted to the ones who need it most. BCH focuses on cases that are hard. The hardest. They focus on the cases that require the most effort, the most skill, the most care, and the most love. It’s their job to care for children who would otherwise have a short future or no future, and they do it all with a spirit of love and compassion.

Boston Children’s Hospital has a page where parents can share their stories of BCH and how they helped their kids. I’d love to share a couple of stories with you that really touched me. These stories perfectly illustrate what BCH is all about.


Milana is a beautiful little girl who was born the picture of health. But it was only a picture. Only 24 hours after her birth, Milana failed her pulse oximetry test, which checks oxygen levels in the blood. After some testing, they found that this precious little girl needed surgery to repair a sever mitral valve problem.

Boston Children’s Hospital and Milana’s parents made the decision to move forward with a mitral valve replacement which could grow with their daughter. At only a few weeks old, Milana underwent mitral valve replacement surgery. A surgery which saved her life. Now, she can look forward to a long happy life.


Aaron is a young man who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a serious congenital defect of the heart. Due to complications from this condition and resulting surgeries, Aaron developed severe scoliosis. Although Aaron was in extreme pain every day, his parents were told that he couldn’t have surgery due to his heart problem and a blood clotting disorder he had developed.

Enter Boston Children’s Hospital. The doctors at BCH used two surgeons, years of experience, and cutting edge techniques to help correct Aaron’s scoliosis and the accompanying pain. Today, Aaron is happy and pain free – something that wouldn’t have happened without BCH.11224313_10153666811094356_2155594837332377674_n


Boston Children’s Hospital is no ordinary hospital. It’s a hospital devoted to those cases that other hospitals just can’t handle. BCH takes the cases that are the most difficult. They have the staff, expertise, and technology to handle cases that most hospitals can’t. They’re a place where hope thrives and parents who’ve either lost hope or are barely holding on to it can find it again.

My son goes to the allergist clinic at Boston Children’s for the past few years and it has been a wonderful experience dealing with the doctors there. My best friend’s daughter was also saved because of a life altering surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. For these reasons and more, I am extremely grateful!

I love Boston Children’s Hospital, because they provide advanced medical services and lots of hope. Visit the BCH parent page to learn more about Boston Children’s Hospital and the fantastic work they do.

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