Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join Our Blog Hop!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Have a great day!

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dentistmelsbbuttonTop Five Laughs:

5. I went to Zane’s room to clean up yesterday and I noticed a HUGE bag of candy stashed under his bed. It was so hidden that I would probably have missed it had I not been looking for his pajama pants. Tons of empty wrappers too. That boy!

4. I let Zane use my phone at night to play with the apps. Last night, like always, I told him to put it in my room when he goes to sleep. Well instead of putting it in my room, he took it in his room. I didn’t realize it was missing till midnight. I looked for that phone from midnight to 2 AM! The next morning I asked Zane where it is and he said, “Look at my hiding space..Under my bed!” That boy again!

3. Me and Hayley (Mal and Maleficent):12191392_10153653244444356_8815690910047189658_n

2. Zane aka Carlos:12108830_10153643773884356_2741405683286430820_n

1. The youngest Maleficent, Taylor:12186812_10153654964244356_1064541851592788597_o
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