Lobstah is back at McDonalds!!!

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_f8PcOXz_400x400LOBSTAH is back! McDonald’s has introduced the the delicious lobster rolls last month and they are making a hit at selected McDonald’s across the New England area! This is the first time in 10 years that the lobster roll is back and it is for limited time only, so you want to make sure you RUN to your local McDonald’s to try it out today!

I have had my fair share of lobster rolls, living in Rhode Island, but honestly this tastes as good as some of the top restaurants in RI, where I usually get my lobster rolls. This regional favorite includes a generous portion of 100% Real North Atlantic Lobster mixed with mayonnaise dressing, layered on crisp leaf and shredded lettuce and served on a home-style toasted roll.  I know you are drooling?!lobster rolls

I went with my family to McDonald’s last week and we all had the lobster roll. It was an absolute smashing success with my entire family. Even my 7 year old, raved how delicious it was. It was not the artificial lobster that you find at some fast food places, but real and delicious lobster meat in every single bite.

The best part is the price! For only $7.99, you can have a complete meal without it breaking the bank. I have paid upwards of $20 for a lobster roll, so this is a tremendous deal! It is also only 290 calories, so you won’t feel like you eat something bad for you. After all, it is lobster. What could be bad?!

I am a HUGE fan of this delicious lobster roll and know you all will be too! Again, you can find this fresh lobster roll in selected New England markets including Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County).  This limited offer Lobster Roll will be done soon so please make sure you try it today! You never want to miss out on LOBSTAH!

lobster rolls**The return of the Lobster Roll is exciting because we have requests for it every summer. It’s a delicious sandwich and we are thrilled to offer this regional favorite at a great value,” says Nicole Garvey, McDonald’s Boston Region spokesperson. “Our Lobster Roll made with 100% real lobster.**

Do you like lobster rolls?

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  1. Daisy says

    I’ve never had Lobstah, but that sounds delish! I love that McDonald’s always comes up with something new and also brings back old favorites throughout the year.

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