Josh Tetrick, Hampton Creek’s CEO & Founder celebrates mom in a big way!

*This is sponsored with Hampton Creek. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

It’s Back-To-School and moms are working harder than ever. One CEO decided to show how much he cares… Over the past few weeks, Josh Tetrick, Hampton Creek’s CEO & Founder, has been writing letters to the New York Times about fixing our food system. They’ve been addressed to big names like “CEOs” and “Presidential Candidates.” This week he decided to write a letter to his mom. This is her seeing it for the first time.



About Hampton Creek
Our food system is pretty messed up. Families are often too busy, or too tight on cash, to feed kids better food. Plus, cheap, unhealthy food tends to taste way better. Hampton Creek is changing this. Hampton Creek has started a movement around this question: What would it look like if we started over in food? We believe that the right choice, for our bodies and for the environment, should be affordable. And it should be incredibly delicious. We’re making products that are healthier, more sustainable, more affordable, and more delicious. Eating well should be easy!

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  1. says

    it frustrates me that the healthy foods are so expensive and the junk is so cheap. So that is what parents can afford. I love this initiative to get convenient and healthier options. And if we can get it more affordable that is even more important.

  2. says

    Making healthy affordable is definitely awesome. Thanks for sharing! It’s hard, feeding your family (and yourself) healthy options on a tight budget, so I’m glad to hear about this.

  3. susan says

    I love that Hampton Creek is making healthy affordable. This is an amazing thing, so many can not afford to eat as healthy as they should.

  4. says

    This is great! We definitely need this! Healthier foods and cheaper prices! So many people want so badly to eat as healthy as they can possibly eat but cant afford it. Its terrible!

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