What’s Your Formula for Happiness

What’s your formula for happiness? What do you do to make every day with baby as happy as it can be? Gerber® Good Start® Gentle knows that the formula for happiness can be many things to many moms, and they want to help keep that formula for happiness as wonderful as it can be.

Gerber Good Start knows that all moms are different. We all do things differently, and we all celebrate differently. Gerber’s Formula for Happiness™ campaign is all about celebrating the individual ways that moms across the country get their happy on. One of the best ways to make every day as happy as it can be is for the entire family to have a good night’s sleep. With a baby, that’s easier said than done!1982058_10153366274139356_6792866877384407667_n

The Gerber® Good Start® Formula For Happiness™ Campaign

A formula for happiness involves more than smiles or giggles, although those are important. It also involves getting good sleep and a healthy diet – for both mommy and baby. Gerber Good Start knows this. That’s why they have the Gerber Experts page on their site. On the Gerber Good Start Experts page, you can make a free appointment with Gerber’s certified sleep consultant, nutritionist, or lactation consulting, so you can get all the help you need to make sure baby is healthy and happy.

I can say from experience that a well rested, well fed baby is a happy baby. I can also say from experience that without that,  a baby can become a viciously unhappy beast. It’s not their fault. Their little bodies get out of whack sometimes. That’s why I think it’s great that Gerber’s Good Start Experts page is there to help moms when their formula for happiness gets a touch sour. I certainly could have used this when my oldest two were babies, and I’m so glad it’s available for me now that my youngest is here.11539600_10153399813119356_6037921594175128916_n

My Formula for Happiness10012627_10153438621689356_2066485921775166098_n

Our mornings start out by taking Taylor into bed with us and just snuggling with her for at least 30 minutes. After breakfast and bath time, Taylor, daddy, kids, and I all head around for a nice walk to clear our heads and start the day. For me, my formula of happiness is seeing the bond that has been created between my husband and Taylor. My husband was not sure if he truly wanted a third, but now she has brought the upmost joy to all of our lives. However, never be afraid to ask for help because life with an infant is hard!


 What’s Your Formula for Happiness

You’ve heard my formula for happiness. I’d love to know what yours is. Tell me all about it in the comments below. And remember, whatever your formula for happiness is, Gerber can help you keep it going strong with their Gerber Good Start Experts page. That’s where you’ll find help with sleeping, feeding, and nursing, should you need it. Stop by and see how Gerber Good Start can help your Formula for Happiness.


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  1. says

    My current formula for happiness is lots of hugs and cuddles with the kids I can’t wait to add another baby to the mix. But nervous too because it’s been so long since I’ve had a new baby in the house. Great to know there are so many resources out there now to help me remember how to raise a new baby!

  2. Dawn Monzu says

    Hmmm….my formula for happiness? My kids are grown, but back when they were little, the only way I got through it was with my husband! It was nice to have 2 of us. We could just take a break when we needed to! haha

  3. Laura Collins says

    I have to go a few more month s for a new grandchild,watching this little girl it could not come sooner

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