Having Fun with Goldfish Pretzel Snacks!

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My kids are completely picky eaters. Seriously, whatever I try to give them, they just give back to me. It can be a vicious cycle in our household. With three kids, I just don’t have time for the temper tantrums that go on when they don’t have a snack they like. That is why I am so grateful that Goldfish® makes Goldfish Pretzels.  Goldfish Pretzel are a great snack that kids love to eat and play with!

In our household, Goldfish Pretzel are one snack choice that both Zane and Hayley love to eat. Who can blame them with this winning combination?! Even mommy has been known to eat them as a snack. We, as a family, love to have some fun with our food and these delicious new food snacks allow us to do just that. Have a delicious treat and use the snack as an educational resource as well!

First, we decided to have some fun playing with our Goldfish Pretzel. Zane decided instead of drawing out a traditional smiley face, he would use these pretzel snacks to form a big smiley face. He is a happy kid and loves to show his emotions through his art. I love how cute his imagination is at this age. Seriously 4 is the best age!unnamed-8

Then, I decided to use these snacks in an educational way. We are starting the process of teaching Zane to read but he gets disinterested in it mighty quickly. So, we use the Goldfish Pretzel as bookmarks as we go through sounding out each word. It gets him interested in reading all while munching on a great snack.unnamed-3

These snacks provide the means to give my kids a snack and teach them as well! What could be better than that?! unnamed-6

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  1. says

    My youngest (who is close to your son’s age) love Goldfish! We actually used them as his potty training treat and he couldn’t get enough! I have to beg for him to share when he has some for a snack!

  2. says

    I always keep the regular Goldfish in the pantry for the kids. I didn’t know they made pretzel snacks, too, and I love pretzels.

  3. says

    We are big Goldfish fans here. I love the pretzel ones because they have a great texture. I can’t explain it better than that, but they’re definitely a favorite!

  4. CourtneyLynne says

    I just love gold fish! I have ever since I was a kiddo. I have a habit of eating them before my daughter even gets to them these days lol… They are just too yummy

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Goldfish Pretzels are a delicious snack. I like to pack them when i am going on a long drive. My kids love them.

  6. says

    Oh man we haven’t’ had these in forever, I will have to pick some up at the store the next time I go. My oldest is a pretzel addict so seeing these might send him over the edge into extreme happiness lol.

  7. says

    Funny I am reading this because my sweetie just finished off a bag of the Cheddar goldfish last night. They really are fun to play with. We haven’t tried the Pretzel kind yet.

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