TomTom GO – #GetHomeFaster Than Ever Before and a TomTom Giveaway!

*This is a sponsored post and giveaway with Tom Tom! All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*TomTOm Go

Traffic. We all know it. We all hate it. Traffic sucks up so much time. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be at home with the family than out on the road. Thanks to the TomTom Go, driving has become far less of a headache. With the TomTom Go and its extensive database, getting home is easier than ever before.

TomTom Go Takes the Pain out of Travel

You know how it goes when you’re on the road. Everything’s fine, then suddenly you’re in a traffic jam. Or maybe there’s a road closure you didn’t know about. Whatever the reason, it seems like there’s always something to delay you when all you really want to do is get home to your family and relax a little. That’s where the TomTom Go comes in. This navigation system is top of the line, and it’s designed to take the pain out of travel for everyone.

I live in Rhode Island. It’s a tiny state, but you wouldn’t know it with all the traffic. I’ve been using the TomTom GO for a while now, and it’s made a huge impact on my driving experience. Even when I know where I’m going, I program my destination into my TomTom Go. I do that because it can tell me about any accidents or traffic congestion on my route and offer alternatives which is really great. That alone is a huge time saver. I’ve actually been saved from extra time on the road a few times already. I love that because at the end of the day, I just want to get home to my three kids and my hubby.

What Makes the TomTom Go Stand OutTomTom Go

The TomTom GO 500 or 600 is far and away the best GPS system out there. With its amazing map coverage and its smart technology that can detect possible traffic blockages and redirect you to a faster route, this device is a must have for anyone who just wants to get home.

  • Serious Technology: TomTom is the preferred traffic intelligence resource for local governments and traffic agencies to solve mobility issues. That’s serious clout.
  • Massive Database: The database used by TomTom Go and other TomTom devices covers 99.9% of roads. That’s more than any other navigation system on the market.
  • MyDrive Cloud: The MyDrive Cloud allows you to plan your route before leaving your home or work and send it directly to your TomTom GO device, saving you even more time.
  • The Best of the Best: MyDrive Cloud technology has been recognized by multiple tech magazines such as ZDNet as “one of the best available”.

TomTom Go Saves Time and Your Sanity

Road Tripping with the Tom Tom!

Road Tripping with the Tom Tom!

I love the TomTom Go. Both the 500 and 600 models offer advanced technology and features that make driving a much simpler, more enjoyable experience. With the TomTom GO, everyone can #GetHomeFaster than ever before, and I can’t think of too many people who wouldn’t love that. I know I do.

Giveaway: One person will receive the TomTom Go. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me what you like about TomTom Go by visiting their website. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!

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  1. Geoff K says

    I learned that with the TomTom My Drive you can plan a trip on your phone or computer, and the device will automatically plan the route for you when you step in the car. Very cool!

  2. Christie says

    That it covers TomTom devices covers 99.9%, previous devices had roads missing and even taken me in the wrong direction.

  3. Margaret Smith says

    I could really use a TomTom. Can’t tell you how often I get lost. Thanks for this chance.

  4. Ruby Daniels says

    I learned that you can use TomTom with smart phone or sm card. they have a lot of accessories

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    My husband has NO sense of direction AT ALL. He would be lost all the time without his GPS.

  6. Melissa M says

    I learned you can Drive with real-time traffic information via smartphone for the lifetime of your device.**

  7. harolde says

    I learned that there are different products for different type of drivers, occasional, daily commuter, and the explorer.

  8. says

    I’m definitely considered the daily commuter. I commute about an hour from home each way. I am always looking for ways to shorten my commute so I can come home to my babies faster!

  9. Ann Fantom says

    I like the TomTom High Speed Dual Charger so I can quickly charge my TomTom device and my smartphone together

  10. Thomas Murphy says

    I learned on the GO 6100 you get real-time traffic information built-in, for the lifetime of your device.

  11. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I learned that is comes with a High Speed Dual Charger that Quickly charges your TomTom device and your smartphone together. Awesome!

  12. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I also commented on your, “Your Kids Heading to Camp this Summer- Try Mabel’s Labels! #ICCAMPMABEL #IC” blog post.

  13. Starla B says

    This TomTom sounds awesome. I used to have one years ago until my car was broken into. I have learned that you can bypass traffic and get onto a different route to get you home quicker!

  14. jill rivera says

    Fully Interactive Screen to pinch, zoom and swipe becasue my old gps you had to use buttons and driving and button are not good. You get distracted when you drive.

  15. Heather R says

    I had no idea there were apps for Tom Tom that could be downloaded on phone/tablet. That’s pretty convenient!

  16. Kathy Davis says

    I learned that the Tom Tom Go has three different levels of options to pick from depending on what type of driver you are.

  17. Dawn Monzu says

    I learned that you can also use it on your mobile or tablet! I didn’t know that actually. I know, pretty silly…but I really didn’t! haha
    I would use this thing like crazy! I am an explorer!

  18. wen budro says

    I learned that they offer a traffic map that’s in real time….so it can reroute me if there’s a jam or accident. Lots of awesome features come with this product for sure.

  19. Steph D. says

    You can install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost, for the lifetime of your device! Wow that’s awesome :)

  20. angela saver says

    I learned that you can see real time traffic info. so you can avoid delays! I also love that it is voice activated!

  21. Sara says

    I learned that it has real time traffic updates and has a near 100% road coverage mapping, which far beats what I have now

  22. Rick M. says

    Users/owner of units with LifeTime maps updates always have an accurate updated map being able to download 4 latest full map downloads a year!

  23. Wilma P says

    I learned that TomTom comes with lifetime maps which is great.
    I also learned you can charge your TomTom and smart phone at the same time.

  24. joanna reed says

    I learned it covers 99.9% of roads, that was a concern of mine and I am so excited to learn this.

  25. Birdiebee says

    I learned that you get the Lifetime TomTom Traffic via smartphone and
    Lifetime TomTom Maps with their products.

  26. Terra Heck says

    I learned that roads change by up to 15% every year. To ensure the best navigation experience, TomTom does everything in its power to create the best maps. Your reports help to detect changes in your area and keep future versions of their maps as accurate as possible. Thanks.

  27. Tara L says

    I learned that the GO 610 is for the Commuter and it’s best feature is that you can drive with real-time traffic information through your smartphone.

  28. Roy F. says

    I learned that with the High Speed Dual Charger I can quickly charge my TomTom device and smartphone together

  29. Rennie D says

    I learned more about the tomtom gps systems. I learned that there are different systems that will better meet your individual needs. I never knew there could be such variations in a gps.

  30. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I did not realize that they offered different ones like the one for the occasional driver, the commuter, and the explorer. That makes sense though as you should invest in what you really need.

  31. Katy says

    I learned that their new models come with lifetime updates of the maps. This is awesome compared to other systems.

  32. Ally says

    I learned that they have an app, too! I like knowing that I could try their map system before I buy to see if I like it (for example, I like google maps better than my friend’s GPS).

  33. Michele P says

    I like the Lifetime maps and the magnetic click and GO mount because our old GPS kept falling with the suction cup mount we had until it finally fell and broke :(


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