Kohl’s for all your 4th of July needs!

*I work with Kohl’s on promotions. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

I absolutely LOVE Kohl’s and what they have to offer. This weekend I was on a press trip and my friends loved my outfits! One asked where I got them from and of course, my other friend says, “Kohl’s obviously… We are talking about Melissa”! Kohl’s has the best outfits, accessories, and kitchen items for our family at affordable prices!  Best of all, they have the Kohl’s cash program where you can receive money to spend at Kohl’s each time you shop.  Also, they have the Yes2You Rewards that give you money to spend each time you shop at Kohl’s. How awesome is that?!Kohls

Since Forth of July is upon us, it was time to go shopping. I needed to find outfits for Hayley, Taylor, and Zane for this special holiday. I also wanted to match up Hayley and Taylor, since I thought it would be cute. I lucked out by finding the most patriotic Carter’s outfits that looked great on both of them. Just take a look:Kohls

Zane also is ready for the 4th with his flag and sparkly shirt and shorts. He matches great with my other two. All three of these outfits were not only affordable but fashionable too. You seriously can’t beat Kohl’s for their assortment of outfits.Kohls


With graduation day coming up, 4th of July coming up, and summer upon us, now is the time to check out Kohl’s and have some fun shopping! Be sure to check out Kohl’s online and in stores today. Happy shopping!

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  1. Jenna Wood says

    I love shopping at Kohl’s, they have the most fashionable clothes at the best prices! Your little ones look adorable in their 4th gear!

  2. says

    This babies are certainly growing up aren’t they? They look lovely and when I go into Kohls I always find an outfit I love. They have such a clean stores with inspiring ideas for fashion and accessories.

  3. Ben says

    Kohl’s is the best store on earth. I got a pair of sandals there on the cheap and I wore them for five years before I finally had to retire them.

  4. says

    Kohls is one of my favorites as well. I absolutely love their rewards programs. Your girls look so adorable in their matching outfits!

  5. courtney b says

    I love these types of outfits !:)

    but they only seem good for patriotic days.. :)

    very cute though! xoxox

  6. says

    Love the cute outfits for the girls. I used to dress mine in matching outfits when they were little, they were only 16 months apart. Your little boy is just adorable, too. I haven’t been to Kohls in a long time, it looks like it is time to go again soon.

  7. Trish F says

    What cute kid’s stuff from Kohl’s. I’ve been trying to Stumble this and a weird thing keeps happening. It keeps coming up with the heading under communism??? Very strange. I ended up deleting it. You might want to check the tags on this, I think someone may have messed with it.

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