The Beautiful Cinderella Dress from Jakks Pacific!

*We received a dress for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*unnamed-2

Anything Disney and the Pezza family is there! We may or may not have seen Cinderella three times in the theatre. We can’t help it- We LOVE Cinderella. That is why I was so excited when Jakks Pacific contacted me to review the beautiful Ella’s Blue Dress with matching shoes!unnamed-4

When we got this dress, my daughter screamed with delight. She immediately had to put the dress and shoes on, and bounce around the house wearing it. She explained, “Look Mom…It’s Me, Cinderella.” So stinkin’ cute! I will say that this dress is simply gorgeous!  We have a lot of princess dresses (as you might imagine) but this one is one of our favorites! With the shoes, the look is fully complete!

Your child can look enchanting in Ella’s iconic blue dress from Disney’s Cinderella!

**This gorgeous princess dress features three layers of iridescent organza fabric and a silver glitter print for extra fullness and shine. The top of the bodice and shoulders are also made up of multiple layers, and are adorned with colorful fabric butterflies. A beautiful blue and gold butterfly broche completes this elegant look. You’ll love looking just like Ella in this fairytale dress!**

When she wears this dress and sports the shoes all the time, she begged me to take it with us on our Disney cruise last month. Of course I obliged, because she needed to look like a princess. Even the “Real” Cinderella remarked how beautiful Hayley looked! Now that we are back, she made sure I know that she is going to put back this dress on Halloween and be Cinderella all over again:)11146241_10153215068894356_1830795180710992262_n

If you are looking for a great princess dress, look no further than the Disney Cinderella Ella’s Blue Dress from Jakks Pacific!

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  1. Shauna says

    Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful Cinderella dress. Thanks so much for sharing… My girls would love it.

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