Road trip with a Baby?! My tips and a $50 Babies “R” Us Gift Card/Pampers/Melissa and Doug Giveaway!

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This past weekend was weekend #1 of our first big road trip with baby Taylor and our two other children (age 4 and 6). We were off to visit grandma in New Jersey which is a LONG road trip! Taylor is 10 months old so it is not the easiest age to travel with, let alone take a 5 hour car trip with! However, it can be done and done in a way where it will eliminate hours of crying at a time!

Road trip tips

My tips for taking a road trip with a baby:11214307_10153282855279356_4150458159109563337_n

  1. Map out your trip and put in rest steps along the way. When we started out, we made sure to stop every 1.5 hours to get the kids, including Taylor, something to eat and drink. We had a schedule prepared ahead of time when we were going to feed her the bottle and get her a snack.
  2. With your rest steps, make sure to take the baby out of the car seat at a stop. There is nothing worse than a baby to sit in a car backwards facing for extended periods of time. Everyone deserves a break to stretch their legs, including the baby!
  3. Take enough diapers for the entire trip. When you think you have enough, take more. Trust me, you never know when your baby will have an explosion and need to be changed. Don’t count out how many diapers you generally use. Instead take that number and add on four diapers, to assure you have enough.


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  1. Take toys or a portable DVD player if your kids are slightly older for your road trip. For Taylor, we brought with us Sophie the Giraffe (bought at Babies “R” Us) and a small soft book, that she likes to teeth on too.
  2. Have the older kids keep the baby entertained by singing to her and reading to her(if their seats are near the baby). We love to sing songs as a family on long road trips and it seems to entertain baby Taylor.

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  1. James Robert says

    I will be taking my 5 kids 1/2 way to go see their mom who is in Florida. They will be back with me before school year starts and I have them a portable DVD player and games to keep them occupied

  2. Christie says

    We are going to Six Flags Magic Mountain and always bring a dvd player so the kiddos can watch movies.

  3. says

    We will be taking a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN in August with our 4 year old, 2 year old and youngest who will be 8 months. My best tip… coffee. Lots and lots of coffee ;-)

  4. steve weber says

    We are going to see Dave Matthews Band in Indiana we are leaving early so we can camp a day earlier. My best tip- keep them busy with handheld games, books, dvd players, tablets, etc..

  5. vickie Couturier says

    I will be traveling from TN to VT and i always pack extra water,hand santizers and snacks for the road

  6. Janet W. says

    We are taking a road trip to the beach in FL this summer! My tip for traveling with young children is snacks and entertainment like coloring books or DVDs!

  7. Heather B says

    We do not have any big travel plans right now. My biggest tip would be to plan extra time, there is always bathroom breaks and diaper changes. We also bring snacks and toys and give them different things throughout the trip.

  8. Anna says

    I would like to go to the beach. Pack for lots of changes of clothes, pack snacks and take breaks.

  9. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Road-tripping In State To The Zoo This Summer, My Tip Is To Apply Sunscreen Several Times Daily To Protect Baby’s Skin.

  10. Brittney House says

    My tip is to keep plenty of snacks and little games handy to avoid meltdowns. Also if you are having a road trip, try to avoid lots of drinks.

  11. Ann Fantom says

    We will be taking a road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. My tip is to make a list of needed supplies and then use that list for future road trips

  12. Soo says

    We’re going on our first road trip with the kids this summer – driving from NC to NY for a wedding. We’ll be taking lots of breaks – we’ve looked up all the rest areas along the way, and plan to stop at all of them.

  13. Colleen Maurina says

    We will be road tripping to the Oregon coast. My tip for traveling with kids is to make sure you stop frequently so the kids can get out of the car to stretch and move!

  14. Nancy C says

    We are going to travel to Williamsburg Virginia to Great Wolf Lodge (for the first time!). My tip is to give them things to do in the car. For instance, my daughter likes to draw.

  15. Em Mahr says

    We’re traveling to Vermont! My #1 tip is to bring snacks, they can occupy the kids and help relieve an unexpected melt-down.

  16. Dawn Monroe says

    We go on a lot of weekend road trips to state parks during the summer. My tip is keep them entertained. Give them an IPad or movie to watch.

  17. Cynthia C says

    I am going to be taking a road trip to the beach and my tip is to take lots of things to keep the kids busy on the way.

  18. D Schmidt says

    We are going to Boston, my number one tip is to make sure you have enough snacks and entertainment

  19. Wendy Caddy says

    I’m planning several short road trips around our state. My tip is to bring water, snacks, binoculars, and pencils and tablets for each child, and to make frequent stops for “wiggle” breaks.

  20. Julie Matek says

    We will be taking a trip just about 2hrs away. My #1tip when traveling with kids is to make sure u have a portable dvd player, snacks, and other games.

  21. Robert Brown says

    We are road tripping to the beach this summer. The number one thing to take is a tie between taking snacks and taking your time.

  22. Elisabeth says

    We actually take a road trip every 2 weeks to visit family in Georgia. It’s 4 hours from where we live! We are pregnant with our first child so don’t have a ton of advice yet but I make sure to have snacks with me so I don’t get sick!

  23. Jillian DeMarco says

    We don’t take vacations often at all. But I plan go to San Antonio next spring. I’m packing a cooler of snacks and sandwiches to save money on food.

  24. Fee Roberts says

    We just came back from Orlando. We had breakfast with Mickey and Minnie for my grandson’s birthday. We had everything but the kitchen sink with us. We had snacks, toys, diapers, formula, baby food, wipes, even Lysol.

  25. says

    We’ll be visiting relatives in Northern California this summer. Here’s my tip: bring Grandma along with you to help take care of the kids! ;)

  26. Abigail says

    We’ll be driving up to Maine in a few weeks and my tip is to bring lots of water, paper towels and have changes of clothes at the ready since my kids sometimes get car sick =(

  27. courtney hennagir says

    We are headed to my hometown,Reno in just a couple of weeks.Luckily it’s just a short flight but it’s the kids’ first so I don’t know how they will deal with it.My tip though,and one that I will do my darndest to remember,is to just stay calm.Panic is contagious!

  28. Nancy says

    We don’t have any trips planned at the moment. My #1 tip is to drive at night while your child sleeps. We find there is much less traffic at night.

  29. Elle P. says

    We are going to the beach a lot this summer and my tip would be to bring lots of activities for the car ride.

  30. rachel cartucci says

    we are driving to a campsite in TN. my tip is have great music playing,lots of toys and learn car games like I spy.

  31. Seyma Shabbir says

    We are traveling to Turkey! Which means bottle water, book to read, snacks, wipes to clean face, hands and rear!

  32. Kelly D says

    We are going to VA Beach. My tip is to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks, which will be useful throughout the trip.

  33. Liz Ticona says

    most likely to New Jersey to visit family & my #1 tip to travel with a toddler is to have lots of stuff handy (wipes, toys, tissues, snacks, etc) and just be ready to be flexible :)

  34. Tracee says

    I don’t have any specific road trip plans. I make sure I fill the gar with gas and check tire pressure.

  35. says

    We usually just road trip around here. We haven’t traveled too far away in a while. My tips are just to make sure they have something to keep them from being bored, extra clothes and snacks and drinks.

  36. Linda says

    We are going to Florida this summer but not by car. My tip is to always have snacks and a change of clothes.

  37. Robin Abrams says

    We are going to the caverns in Kentucky this year. My tip is have alot of different toys for them to play with and snacks

  38. Gabby Dunai says

    We are going to Iowa for a family reunion. It’s always good to pack extra of the necessities

  39. Terry Maigi says

    We are taking a road trip to Florida this summer! My traveling tip is lots of snacks! And tablets and dvd players are a God send :)

  40. Fari says

    We are road tripping to Florida from Arizona. My daughter is turning three so I want to make sure I have lots of snacks, drinks, and activities for her to do in the car. I also have some portable DVD players and fun movies.

  41. Mary Calabrese says

    We were thinking about going somewhere over the 4th of July but probably won’t. My tip: find things to keep kids interested or sleepy!

  42. michelle k. says

    We road trip to grandma’s house in Indiana, we always have new items in a bag. book, toys, cd’s

  43. SHAYNA says


  44. Nicole Dziedzic says

    We are road tripping to Dallas Texas this summer and my number one road trip tip for traveling with the kids, is make sure they have plenty to do in the car, bring educational tablets, games, books, toys, and music.

  45. jill rivera says

    My tips for traveling with kids is snack container, electrons, books, music, and toys that will fit in a duffle bag.

  46. April P says

    we are planning a road trip to my inlaws’ cabin in west virginia. it will be our first trip with our son.

  47. Leela says

    I’m not sure yet. Pack an activity bag for each kid to keep them busy and plenty of snacks and drinks.

  48. Arik Issan says

    No plans for road trip … tip for traveling with kids … make sure they get good night’s rest before long trip

  49. Kimberly O says

    No plans for a road trip this year. But in the past we make sure each have their own bag of things to keep them busy – coloring books, puzzle books, etc. Thanks.

  50. Cindy Peterson says

    We rented a summer beach house so will be driving to the shore. Have older kids write their own travel journal. It is fun to see their perspective.

  51. Sharon Kaminski says

    We are travelling to a lake for the weekend. Have enough games and toys to keep the kids entertained.

  52. Heather R says

    No road trips planned this summer, but I have made a road trip from NC to NY with a baby, and having soothing music on hand was a life saver. It calmed him down when he’d get frustrated and antsy.

  53. Miranda says

    We are heading to Daytona Beach, FL this summer! My advice is to always bring something to busy them – books, coloring pages, crayons, DVDs – or to go at night so they can sleep! :)

  54. Janet Woodling says

    We will be driving to Lafayette, LA. When our children were small we would take books, crayons & coloring books.

  55. Leslie H says

    No road trips this summer – bring small bags to collect trash while on the trip and lots of snacks.

  56. Luna S says

    We will be going to the beach, bring things to keep the kids happy like coloring books or fun music.

  57. courtney b says

    we plan on going to Disneyland soon

    and my tip is to bring lots of things for them to do like books, magazines, games anything to keep them occupied!!

  58. kaitlin says

    We are going to Ohio for my sisters wedding. I always bring plenty of toys to swap out to keep him busy.

  59. Alison Tolar says

    I want to road trip to Savannah, GA. My tip for road tripping with kids is to pack plenty of snacks so you don’t have to make as many stops. You also can pack healthier options than what you would find at the gas station or fast food restaurants. It will save you money as well.

  60. Trisha Burgess says

    We will be road tripping to small distance places like the zoo and aquarium! My tip is to be prepared with things you might need in the car! You never know when a traffic jam can occur!

  61. Steph D. says

    My number one tip is to bring extra snacks/drinks and have some favorite toys on hand! I always always keep an “emergency bag” in the back of the car with extra diapers, clothes, and things we need in case we get stuck somewhere.

  62. says

    Our kids are teenagers now so traveling isn’t really a big deal. But, when they were little, we used to do the bulk of our driving for trips during the night. They would usually sleep through most of our road trip driving.

  63. Linda G. says

    We are road tripping to another state for a family reunion. My tip would be to pack plenty of books and things to keep them busy.

  64. Angelica says

    We’re road tripping to Glacier National Park. My tip is to plan for lots of breaks and don’t get annoyed about stopping so much since you already know it’s coming!

  65. samantha penrod says

    We take long road trips all the time. My number 1 tip is make sure you bring enough things for your children to do and snacks….more snacks.

  66. desiree says


  67. Carly D. says

    We are planning a few weekend trips to visit my family! Always bring snacks and quiet toys to keep busy!!

  68. melody hodge says

    We are heading to the southern part of NC to see my best friend and her family. #1 tip: bring lots of toys!

  69. greentopiaries says

    My tip is to plan your travel time around your child’s sleep schedule. Thanks for the chance!

  70. Ashley C says

    We don’t have a road trip planned for this year yet but my biggest tip is to always have healthy snacks and drinks!!


  71. golden storm says

    no plans for travelling yet but i always make sure i have snacks toys,,food and a change of clothes

  72. Melissa B. says

    We’ll be taking a road trip to Mississippi to visit some state parks. We always take puzzle books or play games on our phones.

  73. Brigitte B says

    We will be taking a road trip to Maryland this summer. My best tip for traveling with children is to bring their favorite snacks, books, and of course a tablet with their favorite games loaded on it.

  74. Danielle Porter says

    Not necessarily a road trip, but we are going to Alaska and everything is like 5 hours a way there! Make sure to pack snacks and entertainments toys!

  75. Hayley S says

    We recently road-tripped down the coast of CA! We made sure we had lots of snacks for the little one, and lots of drinks!!

  76. amy pugmire says

    We are road tripping to the beach in california and I love to make a stop at the dollar store and grab a few new toys and activities for them to do. Love that its so cheap too.

  77. Rebecca Orr says

    We will mostly be doing some local camping this summer. My tip is to carry an extra cooler in the back seat full of ice and water bottles.

  78. lissa crane says

    We are taking a road trip to my sisters house this Summer, which is in the next state over and a few hours away. My best tip is to make sure everyone has gone to the bathroom before we leave so you don’t have to make a bathroom stop! Bringing extra snacks and a small drink is also a good idea!

  79. kyla lockwood says

    Number one thing is never ever skip a rest stop because no matter if its an infant or three toddlers someone has gotta go

  80. Nataile Brown says

    The longest road trip I’m taking this Summer is 25 minutes to stay at the beach for four days with my Sister. So fun! My #1 tip for traveling with children is to have plenty of drinks & snacks. :)

  81. Chelsie Fletcher says

    Tell me where you are road tripping and your #1 tip for traveling with a kid! I usually don’t but if I do games, snacks, drinks & music does the trick =)

  82. Karen Drake says

    We will be traveling to GA at the end of the summer, my tip is to take toys and plenty of snacks.

  83. Rebecca says

    We are taking vacation at the end of August to stay in a cabin on the lake. We are packing plenty of snacks for the car!

  84. says

    Well I’m actually just now expecting my first baby, but I know our first road trip will be to either Indiana or Connecticut. I think one of the best tips will be to have soothing music available!

  85. Melissa H. says

    We road tripped recently (just returned home!) to our hometown. Best tip for us – bring lots of snacks!

  86. Danalee Davis says

    I have no travel plans, but when I do travel I think it is important to bring snacks and activities for the kids.

  87. Christine Herrera says

    We are driving to Myrtle Beach this summer and my #1 tip would be to bring along plenty of snacks and toys to keep them occupied.

  88. kelly mcgrew says

    we are thinking about niagara falls;

    for a child with motion sickness don’t forget the dramamine!
    if they do not get sick its always good to print out games like license plate bingo and such!

  89. Melissa S says

    We are planning to take several day trips this summer. My best trip for traveling with children is pack each child a bag with coloring and writing implements.

  90. says

    We went to Sioux city My best tip for traveling with children is to plan well in advance. Make sure you even have a plan of where you will stop that is appropriate for the kids to run around and get exercise.

  91. Amy Conyers says

    We’re road tripping to the zoo in August! the zoo we’ve chosen is about 4 hours away but has all the things our toddler loves! My #1 tip…have you little one help you pack activities for the long rides! My toddler packs stuff to keep him busy and helping makes him feel so important!

  92. Jeanna Massman says

    We will be traveling form Arizona to the midwest. We always bring a bunch of books to read with us.

  93. Sarah Cool says

    I am planning to go to Monterey Bay sometime this summer. My best tip when traveling with kids is to pack lotsa snacks and games for them while your driving and to make a lot of stops so they can get out and stretch there legs.

  94. Sabrina P says

    We will go to the zoo about an hour from our house. I keep the kids stocked with treats, and coloring books. I haven’t had to travel with a baby in a while good luck with that.

  95. says

    We pull out the portable DVD and 3DS for the kids. They don’t see these toys unless we are taking a long drive. If we take a scenic route, the kids like looking around and taking about what they see. And be sure to stop often.

  96. Laura K. says

    Great giveaway! We’ll be traveling to see family on the opposite side of Texas. Might sound easy, but it’s a good 12 hour drive in 100 degree weather. The a/c can’t touch that down here. Haha My tip is to buy the DVD players that can be strapped to back of the headrests. And if you are able, make sure each child has the ability to watch their own DVD. It just makes things easier, trust me on this. ;) Thanks for the post!

  97. Amanda Saltsman says

    We will be traveling to Gatlinburg Tennessee. My best tip is plan ahead pack snacks and things to keep them occupied. Stop often for potty breaks.

  98. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    Plenty of little snacks and some entertainment. A DVD set of their favorite TV show can work wonders.

  99. Hesper Fry says

    We will be road tripping to northern WI. My tip to travel with kids is to bring snacks and a portable DVD player.

  100. tina reynolds says

    We have snacks and drinks movies loaded on tablets we will be taking a road trip from MN to oregon coast

  101. jenn giannetto says

    we will road trip to see family in new york. i think that quick stops every hour or two to walk around really help.

  102. Lyndsey Lancaster says

    We will be going to the beach. My biggest tip is that its better to be over prepared than under prepared. Pack more snacks, books, etc than you think you’ll need!

  103. Chavonne H says

    We are going to Erie this summer and my number 1 tip for road tripping with kids is to pack a lot of mini travel games.

  104. greg says

    We have no plans to road trip, but I wish I could do one across the country. No clue what a good tip would be….possibly bring enough toys/activities to keep them entertained.

  105. Stephanie Phelps says

    We are headed to Alabama for a wedding and I love to keep the kids busy with snacks and lots of doodling toys and we play the I spy game!

  106. Rebecca Peters says

    we are road tripping to NH. I like to have snacks and tablets and books for the kiddos to stay entertained

  107. Chelsea M says

    We will be traveling the grandparents house in Nevada this summer. My number one trip tip is to have lots of snacks and entertainment like DVDs or iPad.

  108. angela saver says

    We are road tripping to Tablerock Lake in Branson, MO. My tips for traveling with little ones is to pack plenty of snacks, as well as bring a portable DVR player with movies, & coloring books. Silly putty also seems to keep them busy in the back seat!

  109. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We are road tripping to Bishop, CA. My best tip is to go when the kids are sleeping if you can, as that way they’ll sleep most of the way.

  110. Kaitlin says

    We normally travel to Seacrest Florida, but this year we are staying at home due to the fact that I’m pregnant and due this summer.

  111. Tammie Venne says

    we only go about an hour and a half to visit grandparents, my kids cant handle much more than that

  112. Birdiebee says

    I am going to see my grandkids out-of state and the best tip for roadtripping that I have it to take plenty of water, snacks, books and activities to keep the kids busy.

  113. Paula Hafner says

    We are going to the Blueridge Mountains of Va. My tip is to take plenty of snacks. I also buy some little toys beforehand and dole them out every couple of hours. That and a few new movies are real sanity savers!

  114. tonya dreese says

    We are going to Colorado and my tip is to make sure you have all the safety items in case you get stranded/broke down.

  115. Shannon F says

    We are road tripping to Mackinac Island soon! My best tip is to be prepared with lots of food and entertainment for the little ones. A portable DVD player and smartphones help! lol

  116. Jill Myrick says

    We will be roadtripping to the beach for a week this summer.

    My best tip is to take a small backpack for each child that is full of familiar items such as a blankie, stuffed animal, book etc. It makes the ride much more pleasant for everyone.



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