Nat Geo WILD’s “Barkfest” Kicks Off on Friday!

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Are you ready for Nat Geo WILD “Barkfest” which kicks off tomorrow?!


BARKFEST Kicks Off with WORLD’S GREATEST DOGS on Friday, May 15, 2015, at 8 PM;
CESAR 911 Season Two Finale on Friday, May 15, 2015, at 9 PM ET/PT; IS YOUR DOG A GENIUS? on Friday, May 15, 2015, at 10 PM ET/PT

Humans and canines share a social bond unlike any other two species on the planet. Dogs are our constant companions and can do almost anything for us. They protect our homes, assist the police, warn us of health dangers, and cuddle on the couch, but there is still much to learn about the human/dog relationship. For one weekend in May, Nat Geo WILD invites you to celebrate all things canine and to learn more about the brains behind that bark.

Nat Geo WILD’s inaugural BarkFest weekend features the world premiere of the three-part series, Is Your Dog a Genius?, premiering Friday, May 15 at 10 PM ET/PT, with dog scientist Dr. Brian Hare using his groundbreaking research to help dog owners better understand their canine companions. He introduces at-home games that assess both dog and human, and he presents extraordinary dogs with remarkable problem solving abilities. The interactive series will help dog owners everywhere unlock their dog’s true potential.

BarkFest kicks off with World’s Greatest Dogs , on Friday, May 15 at 8 PM ET/PT. These are the stories of extraordinary dogs: a surfing therapy dog, a bionic dog, a dog with the world record in scootering, and many more. We’ll meet these incredible canines and their dedicated owners.

Additional BarkFest premieres include Dog’s Best Friend , featuring uncanny canine acquaintances including dogs befriending turtles, elephants and birds; Dogs: All Shapes and Sizes highlights the stories of dogs at their most extreme – physically. These dogs were born with unusual characteristics, and they’re pushing boundaries, taking their owners along for a fun ride.

BarkFest also featured the season two finale of Cesar 911, with dog behaviorist Cesar Milan continuing his mission to rescue neighborhoods from misbehaving pooches.

Rounding out the week are Nat Geo WILD’s top dog shows including Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911 marathons, Cesar Milan: Love My Pitbull, Cesar Millan: Viva Las Vegas!, his live show at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Wonder of Dogs, And Man Created Dog, Science of Dogs, Secret Life of Dogs, and My Dog Ate What?

BarkFest Premieres Schedule:unnamed-3

All Times ET/PT; Titles not final.

Fri, May 15

Sat, May 16

Sun, May 17

8 PM

World’s Greatest Dogs

Dog’s Best Friend

World’s Greatest Dogs

9 PM

Cesar 911

Dog’s Best Friend

Dogs: All Shapes & Sizes

10 PM

Is Your Dog A Genius?

Is Your Dog A Genius?

Is Your Dog A Genius?


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  1. Kim says

    i love Ceasar Milan and would love for him to come to my house To train my two puppies! We’ll be sure to watch Nat Geo Barkfest!!

  2. says

    I would love to see this! We are going o be getting a puppy soon again and this would right up our alley! I am such a dog person!! Thank you for sharing this I will be tuning in if I can!

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