Lysol Tap Top Makes My Cleaning Routine Easier + a Lysol Tap Top Giveaway!

*This is a sponsored post with Lysol. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

I have three kids. Two of them love to help me cook, so the kitchen often looks like a food terrorist dropped a weapon of mess destruction in the center of it. Between “helping” me make cookies or my oldest stirring the pot, the kitchen can get pretty grimey. That’s why I love Lysol Tap Top. It’s a multi-purpose surface cleaner that makes my paper towels do more than just spread the mess around.Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.02.15 PM

Lysol Tap Top – An Easier, More Effective Way to Clean

I’m a walking paper towel commercial. The kitchen is always in need of a touch up, and I’m a paper towel swiping machine. I know I should at least use soap, but I’m just too busy! With Lysol Tap Top, all I have to do is tap the top with my paper towel, and I’ve got a quick and easy way to actually clean my counters, faucets, and what not without the hassle. With just a couple of taps, my paper towel becomes a powerful cleaning instrument.

I am beyond pleased. Before, I’d clean up after the “help” my kids gave me with a paper towel, and the results were just a sort of hazy smear that I had to come back to later with a soapy sponge. With Lysol Tap Top, the paper towel actually gets the messes clean, so I don’t have to come back later. It’s made life so much easier for me. It’s also saved me time, which means I have more time to spend with the family now that it’s not taken up with cleaning and recleaning.

Now, when the kids spill flour or pop or make smears, all I have to do is bust out the Lysol Tap Top, and I’m good to go. At this point, I’m convinced that no matter what the mess, Lysol Tap Top will get it clean. And since it uses peroxide instead of bleach, I get all the cleaning and germ killing power without any harmful residue. If that wasn’t great enough, it also use Tap & Go pump technology to dispense the solution, which means no more overspray.

Win Your Own Lysol Tap Top

I love Lysol Tap Top so much, I want to give one of my lucky readers a chance to feel the powerful, easy cleaning for themselves. I want you to be able to experience a new way of cleaning like the one I’ve found. All you have to do is comment why you want to win the Lysol Tap Top. One winner will be chosen on 6-1. Good luck! Please leave a valid email address.




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  1. Laurie Nykaza says

    I would love to have this have to keep everything so clean with my son having a heart transplant and this would be so wonderful to use!!!

  2. Em Mahr says

    I”d like to win because I’ve got a houseful of kids and this makes cleaning up so much easier and quicker! It will help to clean up those little messes without finding the spray bottle, spraying the entire counter and wiping up.

  3. says

    The minute I see the Lysol brand I know it is safe and good to use. I haven’t heard about Tap Top, but I will check it out. Living in the country makes it hard to keep anything clean. The door treks right into the kitchen where dirty hands grab the faucet, another glass, and so on.

  4. Kristi says

    What a great item. Will have to look for this at the store next time I go. Sure seems like it would much easier than the regular Lysol Spray that I use.

  5. says

    When I see product upgrades like this I always think, how come we didn’t think of THAT sooner! Anything to make cleaning easier is a win in my book.

    • Lizzy says

      You can! Rip off the plastic labeling and you will see the canister and lid, simply unscrew and refill! It says on the label above the reckitt benkiser logo by warning that it is refilable. I almost threw mine away after Reading it was but couldn’t see how. I pulled on the tap top, saw a divider and it looked encased, so I peeled off the plastic label to see an bam! It was two parts….I was happy. Lysol is starting to clearance these based on after a few can’t find the refill, they chuck and repurchase them then stop buying, they’re losing money.

  6. denise says

    the Lysol Tap Top would be perfect for the double vanity in the bathroom–would make cleaning easier.

  7. vickie Couturier says

    id love to win the Lysol tap top because i have 14 grandchidlren and most of them are at the age they want to help me in the kitchen and id love to have something like this to have on hand to keep messes down and clean

  8. Heather B says

    with 4 little ones running around and almost always someone wanting to be carried, this would be AWESOME!

  9. KJ Skib says

    I am a teacher so I am exposed to germs all the time. I can’t stand it. I am constantly cleaning and disinfecting my house and my office at work. This would be a great win for this family!

  10. Laura says

    I’d love to win because I am a brand new mother (she’s 15 days old today!), and I really appreciate anything that makes life a little quicker and easier like this product!

  11. sandra davis says

    I would love to try this. I am all about finding the easiest and fastest ways to clean anything.

  12. janetfaye says

    I would like to win Lysol Tap Top because it would make cleaning up my kitchen fast and easy.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Fee Roberts says

    I would love to win this because I have my grandchildren over all the time, and this would make cleaning easier.

  14. laurie murley says

    I hate dish rags and this would help me use something I know is steril to use on my counter tops

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