Kohl’s has Moms Covered for Mother’s Day!

*I work with Kohl’s on promotions. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

This is my first Mother’s Day as a mom of three kids. While it is a lot of work, I cherish my life and am grateful for each and every day. To make Mother’s Day more special this year, Kohl’s has you covered.  Kohl’s is your go-to destination where moms can find exactly what they are looking for this Mother’s Day!

I love Kohl’s for so many reasons. Not only are their selections extremely affordable, but their diversity of products are truly second to none. They have kitchen appliances, towels, electronics, clothes, accessories, spa products, and so much more. The list can go on and on what Kohl’s has in their stores.

If you shop now for Mother’s Day, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Their stores are huge and the salespeople are all so friendly, to guide you to find that perfect gift. For me, I wanted to treat myself by shopping at Kohl’s. I knew since I am losing weight, I wanted to get a new summer wardrobe. I headed to Kohl’s one morning and went to town shopping for myself.

I immediately went to the women’s department and found a large range of clothing designers such as Elle, Sonoma, Juicy, Vera Wang, Rock N Republic to name a few. I knew I needed shorts so I found a perfect Sonoma pair that was comfortable and most of all affordable!unnamed 22 Kohls has Moms Covered for Mothers Day!

Then I picked up some great summer tops from Vera Wang.unnamed 61 Kohls has Moms Covered for Mothers Day!

unnamed 8 Kohls has Moms Covered for Mothers Day!Of course, I needed to get the gorgeous Elle Jacket.unnamed 5 Kohls has Moms Covered for Mothers Day!

Vera Wang also has covered with their capri pants in white and denim.unnamed 33 Kohls has Moms Covered for Mothers Day!

Lastly, I got a gorgeous Apt 9 pocketbook that will be perfect with all my outfits.unnamed 71 Kohls has Moms Covered for Mothers Day!

Be sure to check out Kohl’s for all the Mother’s Day gifts!!


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I shop at Kohl;s all the time. I love their selection and more importantly, their prices.

  2. Danielle K says

    I absolutely love shopping at Kohl’s because they have cute stuff and great prices. I have the best luck with the Vera Wang collection – always looks and fits great on me.

  3. says

    I hope that you have a wonderful mothers day! I hope that your family spoils you! Will have to look into Kohnls, love the outfits you have on! Especially that denim jacket. Looks like they have a wonderful selection and wide variety of clothing.

  4. says

    I hope you have a wonderful mothers day. Mothers are so important, and I know that your son would be very thankful for everything you do. I am happy you treated yourself to some nice clothing

  5. says

    I wish we had a Kohl’s have to in Canada. I went to one in Watertown a few years back and I really enjoyed it. Sounds like they have great stuff!

  6. kim says

    I haven’t shopped at Kohl’s but those tops are making me want to head there right away! So cute!

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    I’ve never shopped at Kohls before. You picked up some lovely pieces, the first top is my favourite.

  8. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    I use to love to go to Kohls but where we moved to they don’t have one nearby. I suppose I could shop online?

  9. Lauren says

    Kohl’s really has some awesome stuff! I recently got the cutest pink coat that I can’t wait to wear in the fall!

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