Getting Through All the Tough Messes Thanks to PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes!

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With three kids, there is always constant messes on either my kids hands or faces. By the end of a long day, the usually look like I have not bathed them in a few days but I can assure you I most definitely bathe them nightly. The problem all three of my kids including my adorable baby have is they love playing outside and equally love food. While they try their hardest to get the food in their mouthes, usually they do not succeed. However, I no longer worry about this because I have PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes throughout my house so I clean them up in a jiffy!PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

It has been a very LONG winter here with record breaking snowfalls. With the temperatures now over 50 degrees F, Hayley and Zane go outside about 2-3 hours a day to play. I don’t blame them after they were cooped up all winter long. They love swinging, playing baseball, and having a grand ole’ time in our backyard.PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

The only problem I face is Zane tends to gravitate to the dirt. Why do boys love dirt?!PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Then his fresh hands go from perfectly clean to looking absolutely horrendous!PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Of course, when Hayley sees Zane having a great time in the dirt, she like to join in on the fun and pretend she is gardening. It is actually really cute but again the messes are awful!PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Thankfully, I have stocked up on many of the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes at my local Walmart. Walmart has PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes in either a 70-count Clean Refreshing Scent Canister OR 35-count Fragrance Free Canister. These  brand new products are now located in the household cleaning aisle for the very first time.Household Cleaning Aisle

What I love about these PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes is that they are formulated to remove soils and kill illness-causing germs on the hands as well as maintain skin condition. I don’t know about you but with my kids once they have a playdate with a kid who becomes sick, magically they all become sick in the same week. Having three sick at home is no good at all!  I use the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes every single time they eat, play outside, or have friends over, because they kill 99.99% of illness-causing germs! With kids who hate to end their playdate to wash their hands, I simply use PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes on them and I am confident in knowing all of the germs will be killed. It helps to sanitize hands and in the process kill illness-causing germs on hands. What could be better than that?!DSC_0957

Even Hayley can help out in the big sister role by cleaning up Zane’s hands!PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

They are perfectly safe to use on hands and faces of even the littlest child! This is a great thing because my Taylor is known to become super messy after she eats her meals. Most of the time it ends up on her face instead of her mouth. She is 8 months old though so I really can’t expect any more out of her. Thankfully after her meals I use PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes and she gets all clean without any fuss on her part.DSC_0961

We keep the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes along with diapers, wipes, and lotions in a basket because I feel these are some baby must have items to have readily available at any time.

PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

I know you are now anxious to head to your Walmart to try out these PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes for yourselves. Be sure to take advantage of the $1.00 off coupon and enjoy these wipes. Shoppers will be able to save $1.00 on any PURELL® Wipes canister or Save $1.00 on any two PURELL® Products. PURELL® has a fantastic loyalty program that you do not want to miss out on!
They sure do a great job of keeping germs at bay in my household, as well as  keeping my kids faces and hands clean!PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

What is the #1 mess that your kids make in your household??




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  1. Natalie Z says

    My 3 boys LOVE the dirt too! Ironically one of them can’t stand to be dirty. He has an immediate needs to clean up. These wipes would be great for him (and the rest of the boys)

  2. says

    I like to keep these in the car. My tween daughter is always asking for a tissue to wipe whatever mess she’s eating off her hands and the wet wipes are always the best way to go!

  3. says

    We’ve never really been a wipe family. Kiddo is very much her fathers daughter and she will dig in the dirt any chance she gets. I guess I just got used to it. Since we have a bathroom by the backdoor, thats where the shoes (and clothes if needed) come off and the hands get washed before going through the rest of the house.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I will definitely have to get a few packages of these. I want to keep one in the car for sure. Great for cleaning up the kids.

  5. Rosey says

    You’re right, boys do love dirt. Good thing they look so cute getting all up in it (and hurrah for Purell!).

  6. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says

    I love the ease of having wipes on hand – with two boys and a dog, there’s always SOMETHING to clean up after!


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