Gerber Graduates Get Your Kids Started off Right!

Gerber Graduates My kids love Gerber Graduates. In fact, I’ve fed the Gerber Graduates line to all three of my kids. It’s a line of healthy foods that allows children to move from baby food to regular food without taxing their systems. They’re also healthy. I’d rather feed my daughter, Taylor, Gerber Graduates than a cookie or other unhealthy snack.Gerber Graduates

Gerber Graduates Make Win-Win Moments

If you’re a parent you know how wonderful toddlers can be. You also know that they can be little demons as well. It’s so wonderful to watch them explore and try new things. It’s another matter altogether to tell them no or make them stop doing something. Boy, can they get angry! That’s why I love Gerber Graduates. They taste great. Which means the kids love them. Which means I don’t have to say no! All I have to do is give Taylor a Lil’ Stick when she points to a cookie and she is very happy!DSC_0991

My youngest daughter, Taylor, is just getting into Gerber Gradutes. She’s enjoying the transition and so am I. She’s always been a good eater, which I love, because picky eaters can be difficult. Taylor just eats whatever I give her. That’s just another reason for me to give her something that’s healthy and delicious rather than something she really doesn’t like very much.DSC_0987

Lately, she’s been very into the Gerber Graudates Lil’ Sticks and Fruit Pick-Ups. Those are her absolute favorite. I’m happy to give them to her. I give her a few of each, and she has a great source of delicious protein and fruit which is so good for her. And the way she smiles! There’s nothing quite as great as watching your child make a huge mess with their first forays into big girl or boy foods, all the while having a huge grin plastered across their faces. That’s my Win-Win Moment!Gerber Graduates

Gerber wants to know what your Win-Win moments are. Right now you can show them your Win-Win Moment, and get some neat gifts. All you have to do is buy 10 Gerber Graduates products and upload a photo of your receipt to, and you’ll get a free custom bib for your child along with colorful NUK accessories to help create more meal time Win-Win Moments.DSC_0981

Gerber Graduates is a great option for introducing the little ones to big kid foods without worrying that you’re giving them something unhealthy. It’s also a great way to give your children something delicious and nutritious, and now it’s also a great way to get some pretty cool swag. So snag some Gerber Graduates and get your own bib and NUK items today!

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  1. Bonnie @ wemake7 says

    My kiddos loved these products as well. They are a really great company. I’m kind of sad that we have no more little ones now to enjoy Gerber food.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    She looks so cute!She is obviously enjoying those Gerber Graduates! I think you have the right thing here for her! Gerber is a great brand!

  3. says

    I do not yet have kids nor am I familiar with the brand but sounds like a good one for growing kids.Taylor definitely seems to be enjoying them.

  4. says

    I have a one year old niece that is obsessed with all of the Gerber Graduates stuff! I love that they are good for her as well as tasty!!

  5. says

    I always see commercials for Gerber Graduates foods. I don’t have a kid but I’m sure that when I eventually have one that I’ll use this brand of food! Such a great review!

  6. Ann Bacciaglia says

    My friends little girl loves the Gerber Graduates snacks. We always make sure to pack some when we go for car rides.

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    We don’t have the Gerber brand here in Ireland. Looks like your little one really loved their snacks though!

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