Build-A-Bear Easter Collection Review + Giveaway!

*I work with Build-A-Bear on promotions. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Easter is this week! Are you all excited??! I know my kids are counting down the days but the problem is, I have no gifts yet for them. Thankfully, Build-A-Bear is there to help!  Build-A-Bear has a perfect assortment of presents for you to give your little loved ones.


Build-A-Bear’s 2015 Easter line features an assortment of customizable furry friends and personalized Easter baskets. The entire collection is available online and in stores NOW through April 5! Some of the cute Build-A-Bear Easter line includes Marshmallow Bunny, Chocolate Bunny, and Bright and Bloomin’ Bright Blooms Bunny.  You will want to purchase these right away since Easter is coming up and there is already limited supplies left.

Here is some information about these adorable Easter Build-A-Bears:

Marshmallow Bunny:Build-A-Bear

**What a fanciful bunny! Your Easter bunny buddy is here with a pink frilly headband, colorful dress, sweet pink heels, and egg basket to help find the eggs. Make sure this bunny is in your Easter pictures! Price includes:

Marshmallow Bunny
White Tulle Dress
Hoppy Easter Basket– Pink
Pink Tulle Headband
Pink Heart Heel**

Chocolate Bunny:Build-A-Bear

**Chocolate Bunny is a real good egg. You now have an Easter egg hunt helper who looks so fashionable in bow tie, vest and deck shoes. Makes sure this bunny doesn’t forget its egg basket! Price includes:

16 in. Chocolate Bunny
Boys Blue Striped 3-fer
Tiny Pocket Khaki Shorts
Mini Hoppy Easter Basket- Blue
Powder Blue Deck Shoes.**

Bright and Bloomin’ Bright Blooms Bunny:Build-A-Bear

**This bunny is bloomin’ from head to paw in a flowery dress, flowery headband, flowery flats, and a flower bouquet just for you. A cute gift that is sure to bring friendship and smiles. Price includes:

16 in. Bright Blooms Bunny
Spring Bloom Sequin Dress
Bloom’ Headband
White Floral Bouquet
Rainbow Flats**

Be sure to check out the selection of Build-A-Bear today online and in stores! Happy Easter shopping!

Giveaway: One winner will receive a Build-A-Bear bunny. Please note that it will be one of the three but no choices allowed for the winner. Also note, that it will not be delivered by Easter but it still is an adorable collection either way! This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to visit Build-A-Bear and tell me what your favorite is. While the other entries are not optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck!
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  1. Maca says

    My kids would really like them, I have already made the baskets for them, but maybe I can add these to it!

    thanks they look so cute!


  2. Leslie S. says

    I love “Toothless” the dragon. I hadn’t seen him at my local Build A Bear, I didn’t know they made him. He’s sooooo cute. :)

  3. Sadie k. says

    We love the backpack carrier. My daughter can bring her favorite pal with her and still have her hands free to play…..meaning I don’t have to hold it. ;)

  4. Heather D says

    The 16 in. MY LITTLE PONY RAINBOW DASH® was my favorite; but now that you have shown me the 16 in. Bright Blooms Bunny, she might be my NEW favorite!

  5. Jeani b says

    i think my daughter would love the bright blooms bear from the springtime collection. so cute and cheerful!

  6. courtney hennagir says

    I am so loving the limited edition cinderella bear! My daughter would absolutely adore her!

  7. Katyann Marne Driver says

    I love Toothless I want one for my little girl so badly but theyre always sold out in store

  8. Bobbie Smith says

    It is very hard to pick just one…lol, but I have to say I really like the Elsa one, my granddaughter would just LOVE it!

  9. Starla B says

    Ahh! So many cute different bears that they come out with. I love the Bright and Bloomin’ Bright Blooms Bunny.

  10. Abigail says

    We’ve never been but if I had to guess I think my son would pick Toothless the Dragon and my daughter would pick a My Little Pony

  11. Dawn Monzu says

    Well, I looked through all of them, but I love the 16 inch Chocolate Bunny! It is so cute. I think my granddaughter would love it too!

  12. lissa crane says

    My favorite is definitely the MY LITTLE PONY RAINBOW DASH! I just know my daughter would love it, she is a huge MY LITTLE PONY fan!

  13. Kathy Detweiler says

    My favorite is the 16 in. Personalized Happy Hugs Teddy. I’d love to send one to my granddaughter for her first birthday.

  14. Dianna Thomas Davis says

    My little Catherine loves the pink girl bunny and 16 in. MY LITTLE PONY PRINCESS CADANCE the problem I see she really loves all of them

  15. Megan C. says

    My favorite one is Bananas Monkey. He is soo cute. I think my little one would like the Girls Scoot bear.


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