All the Big #BRUMilestones we are experiencing over again for the third time!

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Babies “R” Us and Pampers are ringing in the New Year with some exciting news! Pampers Swaddlers and Sensitive Wipes have won the 2015 What-to-Expect Mom’s Love -It Award!  Babies “R” Us offers award-winning brands that are perfect to help celebrate all of your baby’s milestones – from Pampers, the #1 choice of hospitals, Dreft, the #1 choice of pediatricians and even Duracell, the #1 trusted brand of parents, pharmacists, and first responders. Moms can feel confident walking into Babies “R” Us knowing she can get ALL the products she not only loves and trusts, but NEEDS to ensure a safe and seamless milestone moment. Because let’s face it; moms always end up using more than they think especially when it comes to laundry detergent, diapers and batteries right?

So, I became a mom to beautiful Baby Taylor in July. I can’t believe she is now 6 months!10550946_10152514069589356_2037795157452420455_n

I am now a third time mom but each time I see my kids reaching a new milestone, it just puts a huge smile on my face.  Even though I witnessed my other two reaching the same milestones, there is something special each time another child reaches a special point of his/her life. As for us, Taylor has reached two main milestones over the last 6 months.

Her first milestone was seeing this amazing smile:64791_10152853065809356_526944788511513512_n

Her second milestone was seeing her learn to sit up. She can now sit up unsupported and it is the neatest thing to see. I can’t believe she went from this itty bitty thing to a little young lady who is now sitting up!10891663_10152977540939356_7257497207743070068_n

For all these amazing milestones, I definitely turn to Babies R Us and Pampers to help us reach these wonderful journeys we are currently going on! So, if you are all going through the special “firsts” be sure to turn to your local Babies R US to help you!

There is a special offer that ends tonight so be sure to take advantage of it: With a purchase of Pampers Jumbo Pack diapers or Easy-Up training pants, Pampers value box of wipes (13x) & Dreft 50oz detergent, you will receive a $10 Babies “R” Us gift card!

I will be back with another great offer and a giveaway next month! Stay tuned!


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  1. Jenna Wood says

    I already shared this great BRU deal with my cousin, she is deep in diapers with her newborn and loves the convenience of shopping at BRU. Taylor is just precious, I can’t wait to see more of her milestones!

  2. says

    Taylor is adorable. I read your blog through your pregnancy; can’t believe she’s already such a big girl! This BRU deal is really a moneysaver.

  3. says

    I love those smiles! There is nothing like the smile of a baby to make a day. All of my nieces and nephews are far out of diapers now. I can’t believe they are as old as they are. Time sure flies. These are some great deals.


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