Teach My Educational Kits Review and Giveaway (babies, toddlers, preschool)

*This is a sponsored giveaway with Teach My. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

logoHaving three kids one of the most important parts of my day is to take time each day to teach them. While Taylor is a little too young for alphabet and number learning, Zane and Hayley are not. I spend about 30 minutes with each of them everyday trying to teach them some basic educational tools such as learning their letters, numbers, reading, writing, and more. For this reason, I am so thankful for Teach My kits for giving me a comprehensive learning box for my kids.277017_140520005962665_1644783595_n

So many times, I have to run to the store to buy my kids flash cards, books, and other learning tools. Inevitably, I end up loosing some of their learning supplies because it goes all over my house. Now though with Teach My, all the learning tools are in one specialized kit, which are made for preschoolers, toddlers, and babies. I can readily teach them with the all inclusive Teach My Educational Kits, which are available in the baby, toddler, and preschool sets.

All the sets include everything you need to teach your children in these different age ranges. The basic tools for each include flashcards, books, visual aids, puzzles, and charts. For Zane we sit down everyday and work on various tasks with the Teach My Preschooler Kit. He loves tracing with the books that are included with the set. He also loves the beginner reading books that come with the set. Some activities in the kits include Ready to Print Practice Guide, Ready for Math Subtraction, Ready to Read Sounds, Ready to Read Vocabulary, and various level books.  Everything to teach is in this one set.

If you have a toddler, they can use the toddler set that will help them learn words, numbers, and letters. It includes large puzzles, blocks, touch and feel flashcards, storybooks, and more.  I soon with be starting this set with Taylor. Once you are done with the sets, everything is stored in a neat carrying case, that you can take with you on the go.

tmb-sectionIf you are looking for a great learning tool to teach babies, toddler, or a great asset for learning for preschoolers, look no further than Teach My sets! These would make great holiday gifts for your children or friend’s kids, this upcoming holiday season. Give the gift of education!

Giveaway:  One winner will receive their choice of either the Teach My Preschooler, Teach My Baby, or Teach My Toddler kits. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click continue reading to see the actual giveaway.   The only mandatory entry is to visit Teach My and tell me what you like best about these sets in the comment section proceeding this post. Good luck!
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  1. Monique L.S. says

    I would like to win the Teach My Preschooler set.
    I love that the kits come in their own filing folder. Keeps everything organized and neatly together.

  2. amy says

    I like that they pack it together in a case and that they have different levels. We would like the preschool or solar system.

  3. Jenn B says

    I would the love to use the Teach my Baby kit! I work in a nursery at a day care and this would be lovely to add into our curriculum.

  4. Ellen Spice says

    I like the TEACH MY TODDLER LEARNING KIT I like that it everything comes in a case. Easy way to keep it all together and organized.

  5. Melissa George says

    i love the TEACH MY TODDLER LEARNING KIT as the kit has everything to give my toddler a head start and teach the basics.

  6. Maureen says

    This is such a comprehensive curriculum base for me to teach my preschooler. That would be the kit I would enjoy the most.

  7. Andrea Mc says

    I like that its a set–so easy to keep it all together. I have the baby set already and would love the toddler one.


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