McDonald’s Happy Meal with Cuties and a $25 McDonald’s Arch Card Giveaway

*This is a sponsored post with McDonald’s. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources. McDonald’s is sponsoring the giveaway.*

In our house we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas so the holiday season is just crazy for us! Of course it is for everyone at this time of year, and more than any other season I try to keep things simple to make my life as easy as possible. Our holiday calendar varies for Chanukah each year because it is based on a lunar calendar. Some years it is not at the same time, and some years it overlaps with Christmas, but this year it starts the week before and ends just as Christmas begins. This does not leave much breathing room, so I feel like I have to be completely ready ahead of time so we can just roll right through the holidays! This takes a lot of planning and organizing now.DSC_1093

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly feeding my kids, which isn’t the case at all. We only eat at mealtimes except for a little snack here or there, but three times a day seems to roll around quickly during some times of year! Do you know what I mean? Sometimes when they say, “mommy I’m hungry” I’ll reply, “I just fed you!” only to look at the clock and realize it is time for our next meal! There is just not enough time in the day to go home and cook three meals a day and fit much else in. I’m sorry, but it’s true! Have I mentioned to you before how grateful I am for the nutritional updates that have been made to our family favorite, The Happy Meal? It just keeps getting better and better. They keep adding great better-for-you choices that my kids actually ask for now!DSC_1095

My newest favorites are the Cuties California Clementines®. I cannot tell you how often McDonald’s has saved me when we ware rushing around to fit everything into our busy lives, as it always seems we are! Add in the gift shopping, holiday parties and activities, and it seems like we are always on the run.

My kids have always loved clemetines and while they are in season through March, kids can order them as part of their Happy Meals or individually on the side. Cuties are perfect sweet healthy kid-sized snacks. McDonald’s has partnered with family-owned grower Sun-Pacific to deliver California-grown Cuties to McDonald’s across the country. Now my kids have a tough time choosing between the apple slices or the Cuties when they order! With the Happy Meal priced at only $2.99 it has become the best priced quick meal I can grab for my kids, and with nutritional value.  When we have time it is a great place to meet up with friends or have a quick family meal because it is just so incredibly easy and cost efficient, and everyone is happy! I guess they call it a Happy Meal for a reason!unnamed

Giveaway: One winner will receive a $25 McDonald’s Arch Card to try out the new happy meals with Cuties. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so please click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me what is your favorite McDonald’s meal. Please put all comments in comment section proceeding the post. US only. Good luck!
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  1. Jessamine D. says

    My favorite for breakfast is the Deluxe Breakfast. During lunch, I love their Chicken McNuggets and french fries. :)

  2. shirley says

    Our 4 yr old asks for fires and tea, when we go, I do like the tea very much. Now for the other kids they like it all.

  3. Melissa Hartley says

    I love Mcdonald’s fries, Quarter Pounder’s, & Big Macs, as well as their fruit/yogurt parfait & their sweet tea but usually just get a double cheeseburger or mcchicken from the dollar menu :D

    Thanks so much.

  4. Heather says

    I know fries don’t really count as a meal, but no one does them better than McDonalds. I love their McCafe selections too.

  5. Debra S says

    I love their chicken wraps. They also had a “regular” burger for a while- only had tomatoes, lettuce, onion on it.. Those were good. I LOVE their coffee and their smoothies.

  6. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    I like their Egg McMuffin & hash browns in the morning. At other times, I guess I’m just old fashion: I usually get either the Big Mac or a Double Cheeseburger with a large order of Fries.

  7. Stefanie says

    I don’t eat at McDonald’s but occasionally I buy it for my daughter. She loves the kids meal with Chicken McNuggets. I’m really glad they have Cuties and GoGurt now so that I can feel a little better about feeding her fast food. She really likes both of those and will eat them instead of her french fries sometimes.

  8. Della Dabner says

    Bacon club house sandwich. It’s really good. I hadn’t eaten at McDonald’s in a long time and tried it and now I’m hooked again.

  9. Susan Robbins says

    The fish fillet sandwich has been my favorite McDonalds meal since I worked there 40yrs ago for my first job!

  10. DEBRA GIFFORD says

    My favorite meal from McDonald’s is breakfast; a Bacon & Egg Biscuit without cheese and Hash Browns. My grandsons love their Happy Meals.

  11. Charlotte W. says

    I prefer breakfast at McDonalds. I love the oatmeal. I crave it some mornings! I also always get McDonalds coffee. Egg McMuffins are really good too.

  12. lissa crane says

    I love the fish sandwich meal! I have been ordering it for years and its one of the things that I am so glad they never changed!

  13. Kim Mangrum says

    I am a sucker for the MC Rib when it is available but the rest of the time I love love love the McChicken and the new buffalo one is amazing. Their Fries no one can beat their fries.

  14. Betsy Barnes says

    I have been a fan and follower of your blog for over a year, almost two think. I love all your recipes! Looking forward to finding some great ones in 2015! Happy New Year :)

  15. Bryan E. says

    Thank You for the giveaway…love an occasional Double Cheeseburger & a large Iced Tea; kids love the Filet-O-Fish or Hamburger, with fries !


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