Everyone likes to save money, right?!

Saving money is easier than ever with CouponMate, a new web extension available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


I love saving money. Whether it’s a loyalty program, circular app, or now, CouponMate, a great new web extension that lets me easily find coupons for the site I’m currently surfing.


Saving Money with CouponMate


The thing that’s so cool about CouponMate is that it’s a FREE web extension. Which means it’s always there when I’m using my browser, and no matter where I’m shopping, if there are coupons to be had, I find them immediately.


Saving money with this extension is so easy, because I don’t have to go to a site to find a code for a store. This extension pulls up relevant coupons for whatever site I happen to be surfing at the time. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it saves me money. Ding, ding, ding!


How Saving Money with CouponMate Works 


Saving money with CouponMate is super easy, and it’s an ongoing process, continually being upgraded for a better user experience. That’s important to me. I’m not interested in a one trick pony that falls flat after a few months. I’m all about a user experience that’s constantly evolving and making my user experiencer easier and more productive.


The best part of CouponMate is how easy it is. All I have to do is install the extension and shop. There are currently two types of website interactions. The first interaction is coupon code collection for the site. All coupon codes for the site can be viewed in a convenient side window on my browser. The second type is the “Find Best Coupon” feature. This feature searches through the best coupon codes for the site I’m on and automatically applies it to my purchase. Another plus is that CouponMate currently supports over 100,000 websites. Saving money couldn’t be easier!


What Makes CouponMate Great

  • Developed by a small team – No confusion between departments
  • Designed with user experience in mind
  • Unique “Find Best Coupon” feature – I find the best coupon for the item I’m viewing
  • Constantly being upgraded and tweaked for an even better user experience


CouponMate makes saving money fast and easy.  CouponMate currently supports over 100,000 websites! It’s great for online shopping because of the ease it provides. I’ve already installed the extension, and it’s been great. Give it a try. It’s free (which is also great!)

Instructions on how to use the extension can be found here:
How-To: http://www.couponmate.com/install/learn



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  1. Kristin says

    I totally need this. I can’t tell you how much time I waste when I’m ready to check out, hunting all over for a valid coupon!

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