Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings and a Pampers Giveaway!

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So shall I dare say that Taylor is almost sleeping through the night… Of course, she is not in her crib yet so things can change drastically but right now we are getting between 8-12 hours out of her at a time. Amazing if you ask me! However, the dreaded day that most parents fear is coming up on November 2nd- Daylight Savings! I wish they would do away with this, but in reality, I don’t see that happening for a long time. So to help myself and all moms/dads out there, I thought I list some of my top sleep tips for daylight savings.

1. Make sure you start moving up their bedtime at small increments this entire week. I suggest doing it about 3-4 minutes each night so by the time this Sunday comes, you will be all set for that hour difference in setting back our clocks. The littlest changes will assure a smooth Daylight Savings transition.

2. Make sure the room is dark when putting your kids to bed and try to get them up when it is light. Consistency is key with sleep! Even if it is the weekend, do try to adhere to the same wake up and sleep time. I know you might be tempted to keep them up later at night on the weekends, but this will ultimately lead to cranking kids and no fun for anyone in the family!

3. Have a solid bedtime routine. For us, this consists of bath, book, and bed. We try to start our schedule every night at 6:30 pm for a 7:30 bedtime. If you follow a routine, it makes putting kids to bed much easier.

4. Let them go to sleep with their lovey or pacifier. If they are young (like Taylor’s age), a pacifier might help with them sleeping. Of course, this should not be used forever but it is okay if they are babies. If they don’t take a pacifier, try a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

5. Make sure that your babies/toddlers stay try all night long. The #1 reason Taylor wakes up at night is she is wet. No baby or child likes to sleep in urine- Would you? In fact, in a 2013 survey conducted by Pampers, they  found that nearly one-quarter of mothers (24%) felt that a dry diaper was the number one thing that enabled their baby to sleep through the night. For this reason, we use Pampers as our go to diaper!10489656_10152544236969356_6728190412325951220_n

Pampers is so committed to keeping baby dry during the most important parts of their day: love, play and sleep. Through Pampers’ extensive research on sleep, they’ve learned that babies are more vulnerable to waking up when they’re wet. Unlike other diapers that offer two layers, Pampers diapers have three absorbent layers that provide up to 12 hours of overnight dryness protection. It’s Pampers hope to minimize sleep disruptions so that little ones get the sweet slumber they deserve and need!

We know once we put Pampers on Taylor, she will be all set for a good night sleep and will not wake up wet! This equates to a happy baby and an even happier mommy! Sleep is essential for little ones to grow so why prohibit that by making them sleep in wet diapers that do not absorb. Be sure to check out Pampers diapers today so mommy/daddy/baby can all have a great night sleep!

Good luck to everyone with the sleep transition on November 2nd! Hopefully these tips will help!

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  1. says

    Oh crap, thanks for the reminder! I had completely forgotten when it was. True, kids cry for a reason, lol, either they’re hungry or they don’t like sitting in a wet diaper.

  2. says

    Great tips! I know that time changes always hit the youngest the hardest. We have a great bed time routine that usually saves us, but we do move up bedtime a little at a little to help with any late night revolts!

  3. Jenna Wood says

    You know, I don’t have a baby in my home full time, so I can only imagine the trials of trying to sleep when you are on mommy duty 24/7- keeping the dry seems like logical way to keep them sleeping. I also never considered that daylight savings could have such an impact on an infants schedule, this was great to read! My best to bed tip is to keep them nearby until they are deep in slumber, to make sure you can help soothe any fusses or bumps as they drift off.

  4. says

    I know I don’t like daylight savings time so I can only imagine how it messes with a baby’s sleeping schedule. I am sure new parents appreciate all of these tips

  5. Stephanie says

    One of my tips is as they get older, don’t let them nap forever! If I would let them take as long as a nap they wanted, then we would be up till midnight and then up at 6!

  6. angela higdon says

    My best tip is to have an all day sleep schedule. Make naps the same time, place, and duration, along with bed time. Once they get used to the schedule, it will be a snap, and most babies can even tolerate deviation every once in a while nce they are used ot it!

  7. Nancy C says

    My top tip is to make sure they have a full belly and if they are very young infants, put little mittens on them so they don’t wake themselves up by scratching their face.

  8. LEslie Rigsby says

    I think keeping babies on a schedule helps. No matter how tired you are, try to keep them stimulated in the daytime so they sleep at night.

  9. Vickie Couturier says

    my tip is no food or drink 2 hrs before bedtime no tv 30 min before bedtime,,or electronic game playing,,a routine bedtime is a must and stick to it

  10. Em Mahr says

    My top tip is to set a routine and stick to it – it will makes bedtime so much easier for you and your little one.

  11. Tina says

    I always found that having a good routine at night always helps. I start with a bath, read, cuddle, snack, dry diaper and I play a music box.

  12. Jillian T says

    Try to set up a good sleep environment so they won’t be disturbed during the night (dark enough room, right temperature, quiet).

  13. Lyz S says

    I don’t have any tips yet…we’re expecting our first little one soon, so I love reading what everyone else finds helpful!

  14. Victoria says

    Both my children slept through the night early on so i never had to learn any tricks. Nursing and books worked for us.

  15. veronica hay says

    a clean diaper and a full belly works most of the time. I also throw in some sweet baby kisses and a lullaby. She’s only two weeks old so we’re still learning :)

  16. Jessica Whitehouse says

    I don’t have any good tips for getting kids to sleep through the night… my 7 year old and my toddler both still end up in my bed at least 2 nights a week.

  17. Kim Simpson says

    My son has always liked sleeping really close to me. For a long time, he was always in my arms. Now, he’s almost three and still sleeping right next to me. :)

  18. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I think a great night time routine helps. We don’t have food/drinks for an hour before bed. And we have story time to help the kids relax.


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