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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Snuza and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.19.15 PMHaving a newborn again is so much easier the third time around! I laugh at myself when I think of all the time charts I kept on Hayleys sleeping and eating patterns those first few weeks of life. By now I am just so much more relaxed as a mom, and know much more of what to expect. Of course some of the new products that have come out on the market in the meantime have made the newborn stage much easier for moms as we’ll. One of my favorites that I’ve discovered this time around is the Snuza Trio Plus.10418384_10152678981749356_7921965224623944157_n

My biggest fear as the mother of a newborn, and I know I’m not alone here, is of course the risk of SIDS. I confess SIDS is still this mysterious, ominous threat that I don’t have a great deep understanding of. Of course I know all the recommendations, placing the baby on their back and all that, but the Snuza takes all of that left over anxiety away. The Snuza products have motion sensors that detect abdominal movement while the baby sleeps, sending an alarm if it detects a lull of more than 20 seconds, (the length of time is adjustable to your comfort level). This let’s us sleep more soundly, not having to feel like we need to be human baby monitors all night long anymore. I love this product for my third kid, but can only imagine the peace of mind it would have brought me with my first!Snuza baby monitor

The Snuza Trio Plus is a mobile baby video, sound, and movement monitor all in one. It is portable so you can  set up the camera in one place and see the baby all over your house. If there is no movement detected, it provides a gentle vibration after 15 seconds. It is not late enough though to wake you up but enough to give you a nudge to just check on the baby if you are worried. There is a full built-in-alarm if there is no baby movement.

Snuza baby monitorThe digital screen is 3.5 inches and has incredible clarity. I can see great detailing when I use this camera. I like to sleep with our room very dark and I can still see everything using this monitor in dark places. I can pan/tilt/zoom with the camera to see the baby from every angle. It also always up to 4 cameras with this system.Snuza baby monitor

It also features a room temperature display to tell you what temperature your child’s nursery is. This is a great feature to me as I always worry that the room is too hot or cold.  Lastly, it has voice-activated sound monitoring. I can now get the total peace of mind and sleep with the Snuza.  I can use this monitor from up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors. I can freely roam the house and know she is safe using this monitor.

This would make an awesome baby gift, especially for the first time mom. The easy to use Snuza monitor clips onto your baby’s diaper and monitors audio, visual and movement of your baby. It is hard enough to get a god night’s sleep as a new mom as it is, so anything to help new mothers get more rest is worth it’s weight in gold. For me as a mother my favorite baby accessories are those like the Snuza that provide that extra piece of mind. Trust me, as a mother of three, you need all the help you can get!

Giveaway: Snuza is giving away a Snuza hero baby monitor to 10 lucky entrants including one to my readers, as well as Snuza Trio to one lucky grand prize winner! Simply fill out the form below and you are all set. Good luck! US and Canada.

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  1. says

    It just felt SO good to be home. Being in the hospital is nice because you have nurses to help you, but they are also waking you up all night to check on you… so you get NO rest! My favorite moment bringing her home was laying her in her co-sleeper, laying in my bed and we both had a good 2 1/2 hour, uninterrupted nap!

  2. amy t says

    It was the first night she was home. She was really ours! Our life had officially changed forever that night, and it felt good :)

  3. Margaret Smith says

    Having my husband and I spend so much time looking at him and admiring his small hands, feet, fingers and toes. Being a parent is just so amazing.

  4. Kristin Ferguson says

    Knowing that my life had just changed for the better. I loved every part of knowing that my new role was now being a mother.

  5. says

    The technology has come so far since I started having kids! This looks like a great monitor, and a fabulous way to monitor your baby. I’m sure this is bringing lots of parents a good night’s sleep.

  6. Rebecca Orr says

    My favorite memory of bringing my newborn home was actually when we stopped at my stepdaughters house first. She was so happy to see her new baby sister and was thrilled that technically, her house was the first place the baby had been besides the hospital.

  7. April Brenay says

    our dog was so excited he jumped into our sons bed and layed down, (we got him out of the bed) but he wanted to snuggle his new buddy

  8. Robert Brown says

    It would have to be with my second daughter, and the joy that our oldest daughter had to be able to just sit and watch her.

  9. alona y says

    I still remember the feeling that was both awe-inspiring and terrifying, we looked at each other like we were shocked that they let us take our baby home, alone, with just US! It takes a minute, to say the least! Also my knee was injured and we had to set up the crib in the living room near the bathroom, so we had to learn to tiptoe silently all the time.

  10. Jessica says

    My favorite memory of bringing my daughter home for the first time was walking in and sitting on the couch holding her with my husband.

  11. Vickie Couturier says

    when I brought my son home 40yrs ago,,i was married and 18 yrs old had never changed a diaper before and neither had he,he was 20 but was of the mind frame that men didn’t change diapers,,and he never did,for this one or for when our daughter was born 10yrs later,,so when she was born I had a 10yr old and had been to Nursing school and was working at a hospital as a LPN,,I wasn’t as nervous with her as I was with him,,poor baby,had a baby taking care of him that didn’t have a clue what to do,,but I learned all by myself

  12. erin dear says

    Our Chihuahua not leaving my youngest daughters side after we brought her home from the hospital. She would even try to “Tuck” her in by pushing the blankets around with her nose.

  13. Lesly says

    I loved snuggling with my daughter when we got home. I was such a joy to watch her sleep but I remember getting up close to her just to make sure she was still breathing.

  14. marian boll says

    My oldest baby is now 49…back then you were not allowed for anyone but the mother to handle the baby till you were both released. So seeing my hubby carrying our baby is the best memory ever!!!!

    This would be so perfect for my great granddaughter

  15. Debra S says

    wow it’s been a looooong time since I brought home my firstborn! I could not put her down! One just wanted to hold her all the time. It was hard to share her with anyone!

  16. Sara says

    My favorite was simply just holding him and looking into his eyes. I don’t think he hardly got put down for the entire 3 months I was on maternity leave.

  17. Carly D. says

    I haven’t had the opportunity yet but I am anxiously waiting the day I will be able to take my baby home for the first time.

  18. e michelle says

    fav memory was my mother finding a snow coat in florida for my son to come home in becasue she thought it was much to cold to just wrap him up!

  19. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Hahaha! I had no real idea about babies…certainly not boy babies. One favorite memory is whipping off that little diaper like a good mama…and there went the “fountain!” Everywhere–allover the table…up the wall…me…scrambling to contain it in another diaper.

  20. Dayna Wilson says

    It was summer, I remember bringing his bassinet onto the balcony and sitting and reading with my husband while the baby slept, and feeling so peaceful.

  21. Karen Gray says

    Seeing how unbelievably tiny and cute he looked in his massive Pack N Play. It definitely seemed unreal.

  22. Rita says

    The sweetness of my baby, being able to relax and enjoy him without the hospital atmosphere – that is my favorite memory of bring him home.

  23. Desiray Blackburn says

    I remember I checked out my child’s fingers and toes, and he has a birthmark on his body in the same place I do. I love the smell of babies.

  24. Darlene Carbajal says

    I have no babies of my own, but my favorite memory of my nephew was when I would just watch him sleep. It was so cute!

  25. Luckyphil says

    I remember coming home with our daughter and just thinking how crazy-cool this was. Her she was – this little baby – that was ours to love and help grow. Just amazing! Plus her toes were just so adorable! :)

  26. Charlene Lucas says

    I remember bringing home my son on Christmas Eve night (he was born Dec. 23, 1994) and my four year daughter telling everyone that her baby was home and everyone could now have a good Christmas and it immediately brought tears to my eyes (who am I kidding, it still does LOL).

  27. Lauren B says

    Haven’t had the chance to bring home my baby yet. But I’m very excited to cuddle with him/her in my own furniture! :)

  28. Lynnette says

    My favorite memory was walking in the door after a long 8 days at the hospital and having all our 4 older ones rush the door to see the newest baby

  29. kacie riley says

    My son was in the hospital for five weeks, so my favorite memory is just being ABLE to bring him home. Especially in his little bear warm up suit.

  30. Christine L. says

    Haven’t had the opportunity to bring home my baby yet, but looking forward to just settling in once he arrives!

  31. ginette4 says

    Bringing my daughter home from the hospital was a great and anxious feeling..we were responsible to care for this beautiful gift that was blessed to us, thank goodness I had my Mom close by because I could always go to her for that was over 32 years ago

  32. Lynn Estep says

    I have a progressive neurological disease and fall frequently. The monitor would be very handy for my husband so he could monitor my activities while entertaining grandkids in other parts of the house. It watches over more than children, I imagine.

  33. latasha locke says

    My favorite memory: seeing my newborn and my husband napping together on the couch in the middle of a feeding, they both looked so peaceful and so tired.

  34. Alannah says

    My daughter spent the first 17 days of her life at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to medical complications as she was born prematurely. The moment we were allowed to take her home, she officially became ours and it finally felt like we were a family at long last.

  35. Kayla P. says

    My favorite memory of my child would be the day we got to take him home from Children’s Hospital after he had his open heart surgery. I was so happy knowing that he was finally gonna be alright, just a bittersweet moment. Everything happened so fast and it was amazing the recovery that he made. :)

  36. perlita mata says

    my fave memory when we had our baby girl was having to stop and get off the freeway because we thought we didn’t have her properly secured in her car seat. we looked so terrified at each other, my husband and i, and when he finally did stop she was just fine. we just overreacted since she was our first baby. we will never forget that moment in time

  37. KimJ says

    I know this sounds crazy, but I have a parrot who will not talk when I am in the room, This monitor might help me as she IS my last “baby.”

  38. Samantha wilt says

    I’m still expecting my first, but I loved snuggles with my nieces and nephews, especially rocking them to sleep!

  39. Misty says

    I don’t know that I can pick a single memory. My 1st is 13 years old and I am now pregnant with my second so lots of memories are flooding back. I think my favorite memory is holding him the entire first night he was born and just watching him. I was so excited to be a mom.

  40. Kim N says

    My favorite memory of bringing my youngest son home was the look of disgust on my older son’s face! They were good friends growing up though!

  41. Edmond says

    OMG, my fave memory was looking at the smile & griping your hand with those tiny fingers. Wow, snuza-tria-plus-baby-monitor is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  42. Elsie says

    I’m due in February. So far it was definitely find out the sex of the baby and having her wave goodbye at the end of the ultrasound!

  43. Toni Schlinsog says

    I remember bringing home my first born and setting them down in their carseat in the living room, sitting down, and thinking – I can’t believe they let me come home with a baby! I don’t know what I’m doing!

  44. D. Moore says

    My favorite memory even before we got home was stopping at the Waffle House after getting from the hospital for some tasty eats (compared to hospital grub) with the family(baby in tow) and he slept the whole time and we were all happy and content.

  45. AJ Ratliff says

    When she took her first nap in the cradle that my sister and I had both slept in as babies. It really made things sink in that everything had come full circle.

  46. says

    My favorite memory was being able to hold them. Both of my kids were sick when they were born and didn’t get to come home until they were 6 days old.

  47. Ita-mae brammer says

    Walking up the pathway of our home with my son and thinking this is where it all new beginnings will be made everyday as a family.

  48. Peggy says

    My favorite thing was just watching that sweet, innocent baby sleeping in her bed, so peaceful and sweet, the love for her just built up in my heart and I just wanted to hold on to that moment!

  49. Kindra Abel says

    My favorite memory was is being able to see and cuddle my babies whenever I wanted. After all the anticipation just having them there was the most wonderful feeling.

  50. Ashley Busse says

    My favorite memory would have to be dressing him for the first time. He looked so cute in those little, tiny clothes!

  51. Tanya White says

    My favorite memory was that when I brought him home for the first time I felt like it was really real, he was mine and I was going to take care of him the best way possible.

  52. Angela P. says

    My favorite memory was when I got home and was away from the hospital and the visitors and just got to know my daughter alone. I remember studying her tiny fingers and toes in amazement.

  53. Nancy C says

    My favorite memory of bringing home my daughter was seeing roses everywhere that my parents had gotten for us. My girl’s middle name is Rose.

  54. Brandy Y. says

    We walked in the door at home and our 3 cats leaned over the carseat and started sniffing him and checking him out. It was quite funny.

  55. Katriza L says

    The best part about coming home was finally being able to get some private time with my new baby boy! Everyone was so excited that my son was born because he was the first grand baby on both sides of the family so we had everyone at the hospital and it was definitely hard to feel like I was bonding with my baby when it felt like everyone else was holding him.

  56. Heather M. says

    What is your favourite memory of bringing home your newborn for the first time?

    Holding my newborn and feeling a lot of love.

  57. Dawn Monroe says

    I remember my grandfather bringing me flowers and tearing up when I brought home our twins. Miss you Pappy!

  58. Kathryn C says

    first time holding my newborn nephew, very strong protective feelings and also feeling *awww, I want a baby!* lol

  59. Angela A Simmons says

    My favorite memory was all the people that I love were there to pick me up from the hospital with flowers and balloons. I was pampered when I got home, just feeling all the love that was around me was amazing

  60. Kathy Anderson says

    The first time my husband and I had to change a diaper by ourselves was a comedy of errors…we had to tag team it!

  61. jennifer says

    bringing home our first baby was incredible! Watching the baby look around at this whole new world was mind blowing to me, and knowing that we made this amazingly beautiful baby!

  62. Heidi Daily says

    The first day we brought our daughter home, I enjoyed seeing how our dog reacted to her, and just being amazed that we finally had her home.

  63. christine j says

    My favorite memories of both of my children were getting to know them at the beginning. All of the cute smiles, giggles and personalities right at the start.

  64. Elisabeth Ashley says

    I have this adorable photo of my baby boy scowling like Emperor Palpatine during the drive from the hospital. As we pulled up into our driveway, I told him, “Welcome to the place you will be from.”

  65. says

    My favorite memory was seeing daddy so nervous to put her in the car seat for the first time. Then he fell asleep snuggling her on the couch once we were home. So cute.

  66. miah c says

    It would have to be when daddy was on diaper duty and said “oh no she’s peering” “quickly followed up with ” ahhh now she’s pooping”. Every time I think of it I LOL.

  67. kemberly crosswhite says

    for both my boys, it was the fact of being alone at home without nurses/doctors hovering…. the peacefulness of holding your baby for hte first time in your own home…. absolute bliss

  68. Laura Lajara says

    Hey hun! My favorite moment hasnt happened yet because my little glowworm isnt here yet! lol I hope that God willing, everything turns out well and that i get to have those lovely memories someday. :)

  69. allison says

    I really loved the way my daughter looked in all of her clothing and blankets, etc. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  70. Lisa V. says

    Because my baby was premature and had an extended stay in the hospital, just being able to bring her home is my favorite memory.

  71. golden storm says

    my favorite memory is bringing my baby home Christmas eve after him being in the nicu for 3 months,,but I was so scared,,but it was great

  72. klynn says

    My favorite memory is that as my husband and I pulled into our driveway of our home for the first time with our little baby, that my mom had hung a sign outside the house that said, “Welcome Baby Boy!” Brought me to tears.

  73. Terri Moore says

    My favorite memory is with our oldest son. It was night time and there was a snow storm, so we drove very slowly. It was beautiful outside and we didn’t mind one bit because we were so happy.

  74. Judy Hunting says

    I love watching my dogs instantly love my son. They slept by his crib and sniffed anyone that tried to come near him

  75. Carlene R. says

    I really have no idea. With my first two it was all such a blur. I was so tired that the first few memories are just just a big haze. Maybe I will be able to retain some of it better with #3 on his way in just 5 short weeks !!

  76. Lesley F says

    My favorite memory was being able to bring him home after a week in the hospital and being able to hold him in my arms!

  77. lisa g says

    We were so nervous about bringing our first son home, we just stood there in or livingroom staring at our beautiful baby. I laid down and my husband started his new ritual of doing all the family grocery shopping.

  78. Ellie Wright says

    My favorite memory is my dad meeting me at the front door with a huge smile to see his grandson for the first time.

  79. madison frady says

    my favorite memory of bring my little boy home from the hospital was getting to snuggle up to him and be in the comfort of my home with out all the nurses checking in every couple of hours.


  80. Heather B says

    My daughter spent some time in the NICU so I will never forget actually getting to bring her home, getting to hold her without all of her machines beeping at us, or her heart monitor going off.

  81. Maria Iemma says

    I remember being excited and scared. Knowing that this little person was completely dependent on me. My heart was bursting with love.

  82. April Bever says

    My baby girl was born at 27 weeks at 1 pnd 8 oz so it wasn’t until three months later that we got to take her home. It was scary though, we got an oxygen tank and a heart monitor that we had to take with us home and she had to drink a certain amount of milk in a fifteen minute time period to show them that she was ready to come home. She is my little miracle baby :)

  83. Kristen Llewellyn says

    My favorite memory is bundling up my little man in his fuzzy red sweatsuit, all full of nerves over taking him out into the cold March weather of NEPA, and him just snuggling down full of contentment and trust. We got lucky with clear skies and roads and even were able to take him to visit his great grandma.

  84. Mandy Kauffman says

    My favorite memory of bringing my newborn home was watching her sleep on my lap after nursing her. We are getting ready to move her out of our room into her room, so would love to have this awesome baby monitor. Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Stephanie Larison says

    I remember being so happy that she was finally here, and ours. We had waited so long for our miracle.

  86. amy williams says

    Oh wow I was 18 and there was alot of snow on the ground so I worried the whole way home but remember everything I was happy when everyone stopped coming to see him and I just got to snuggle with him he is now almost 15 and does not let me snuggle to much.

  87. Julie says

    we adopted our little girl and wow were we in love when we brought her home the first day from out of state it was a something we will never forget..

  88. Jill Myrick says

    My favorite memory was giving my son first bath, rubbing him in Baby Magic and then getting to lay and cuddle with him.


  89. nidhi chauhan says

    My favorite memory of bringing my son home for the first time was sitting on the couch holding him with my husband.

  90. Shelley says

    I just loved to rocking her in the middle of the night while watching old episodes of mash. I’m not sure why but those nights I will always cherish.


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