DAISY: A HEN INTO THE WILD- A perfect Children’s Animation Film!

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One of my favorite things to do on a quiet day is to curl up with my girlie and watch a movie. We make popcorn, grab a blanket and snuggle up on the couch for some great mother/daughter time. With her two younger siblings demanding much of my time we don’t get too much of it anymore, and I cherish those times we do. Because these times are few and far between these days I love when I find a cute movie just right to watch with Hayley like DAISY: A HEN INTO THE WILD for these special bonding times. The animation on this film is just gorgeous, and the story is really sweet. This is the type of activity that lets us cuddle and discuss the story we watch in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

DAISY: A HEN INTO THE WILD (originally titled Leafie: A Hen Into the Wild) was originally the top grossing animated film of all time in Korea! How funny is that!? It sold over two million tickets at the box office, and now is being brought to North America in English. The story is based on the highly acclaimed book “The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly” in which Daisy lives on a chicken farm among hundreds of hens. Unlike the others, she dreams of a life outside her cage. When she finally escapes by using her wit, she has to deal with friends and foes in the outside world, and exciting adventures ensue.Image 2[47]

This is a tale of bonding and growing up. Life lessons are learned about co-operation, differences, prejudice, and acceptance, all lessons I love for my daughter to absorb. It’s a fun and educational movie for parents and children alike with great messages for kids to be exposed to. As a mom I seem to find it more and more difficult to find appropriate and quality things to watch with Hayley. You would think that with so many options out there it would be easier, but I want to keep my kids wholesome while delivering important messages and do not want to have to expose them to topic that are more advanced than they need to explore. “DAISY: A HEN INTO THE WILD”  is available NOW on iTunes and VOD!
This is a kids movie truly made for kids. One that you can let your child watch on their own without worrying about the material, or that you will enjoy watching with them as well!

Be sure to check it out today on iTunes.

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