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Check out 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes

by melissa weintraub at Foodie.com

I am totally obsessed with Italian food and one of my favorite dishes is pasta. Being married to an Italian guy, my love of pasta started the day we first met. Since then, we try to come up with inventive ways to incorporate pasta into our meals. With our mutual love of pasta, I am always searching for some great recipes. Now with the help of Foodie.com, I compiled a list of 15 Perfect Pasta Dishes that will be sure to appease everyone in your family.

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The first recipe I want to try isĀ Capellini con Burro e Basilico. My family LOVES Capellini and this recipe looks absolutely amazing!



I also can’t wait to try this Hearty Pasta Salad that uses elbow pasta. This would be the perfect fall side salad for our upcoming events that we are hosting. Again, it looks simply delicious.

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If you are on the hunt for some great pasta dishes, be sure to check out my collection above!

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  1. TrippyCusp93 says

    My husband and I eat TONS of pasta. We are huge fans of Italian food. Our favorite pasta dish is Chicken Garganelli. Anything with garlic and chicken is a staple in this house! Thanks for sharing these, I always love to find more pasta recipes!

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