Saturday’s Top Five Laughs- Come Join our Blog Hop

Happy weekend everyone! This week has been busy with Zane being sick and me not feeling that great. But we are on the mend and plan to have a great weekend!10592632_10152576988384356_3659509886204212649_n

As always, come link up any cute or funny post. Definitely check out the other blogs who link up as they provide a great laugh. Feel free to take my button or share on social media, although this is not necessary.dentistmelsbbutton

My top five laughs:

5. Zane is totally obsessed with his baby sister but he does not understand the boundaries at all. I told him only kiss her on the feet or head. So he proceeds to kiss her on the cheek. I told him no and he said I told him I could kiss him on the head. I guess he is sort of right.

4. The kids have been big helpers with Taylor. When she cries, the kids always say, “Mommy..We got this while proceeding to shove a pacifier down her throat!” They think that will stop the crying instantly. They really try!

3. Zane told me that Taylor was a cutie and that he is the best big brother ever! Melted my heart!

2. Zane and Hayley have really been at it lately with screaming matches. Lately I tell them to go to their room if they fight. After about 20 minutes, I hear them each apologize to each other. It is really cute!

1. Zane- “Mommy can you tell Taylor to please be quiet. She is making it hard for me to listen to Doc McStuffins.” Let me get right on that ZZ!

Now your laughs:

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  1. says

    Adorable! I just found your blog hop on Pinterest and decided to join and follow your blog. Thank you for giving me the opportunity for writing down some of the things my little one says!

  2. Laquandra R says

    She is adorable. My little one just turned 3 weeks and her older sister who is 2 is just like Zane. Every diaper change she’s there. She probably gives a million kisses a day. But I guess it could be worse. I thought she would be jealous but she surprised me.

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