One Step Ahead-Bug Smarties Clothing Review and Giveaway!

* I work with One Step Ahead on promotions. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.07.19 PMAround this neck of the woods, we get a lot of bugs. I constantly see bugs in all areas of my backyard! This is why I was excited to learn that One Step Ahead has a new Bug Smarties clothing line for extra protection against all those little critters. The clothes have a protected insect shield and are repellant apparel. It is effective against ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. This clothing line is tested and proven, and includes the latest technology to ward against all the peaks.DSC_0913


Hayley and Zane each received a sample outfit of the Bug Smarties line. One thing I love about the clothes is it is incredibly durable. It can last through 70 launderings, which is the expected lifetime of a garment. The line can be worn by the whole family and it offers invisible, odorless protection just by putting on your clothes. The Built-In Insect Protection stays in the clothing line, not on the skin!

How does it work?

The built-in odorless repellant is bonded to the fabric fibers and lasts the expected lifetime of the garment (up to 70 washes!). You can’t tell it’s there, but bugs sure can!032100

“We know that pesky bugs can ruin a family outing or a child’s outdoor adventure,” said Jennifer Smith, director at One Step Ahead.  “We are happy that parents can now send their children to camp or other outdoor activities this summer with a better sense of security that they will be shielded from potentially dangerous bugs that ca carry diseases, such as Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus.”

030259_alt6According to the TBDA (Tick-Borne Disease Alliance), Lyme is the number one tick-borne illness in the United States. The CDC reports the number of Lyme Disease numbers are in the range of 300,000 cases/year, and 96% of these cases were reported from 13 states. (CDC Lyme Statistics) For a quick educational resource on family tick protection, please view this brief video:

“Protecting kids from summer bugs is always challenging. The Bug Smarties™ collection with Insect Shield from One Step Ahead offers parents an effective and convenient solution,” says Janine Robertson, PR/Marketing Manager, Insect Shield. “With Lyme disease and other insect-borne illnesses on the rise, parents cannot be too careful. Insect Shield makes protecting your kids from summer bugs as easy as putting on their clothes.”

One Step Ahead is offering a variety of apparel options as part of their Bug Smarties Playwear line, including headbands, tunics, leggings, long-sleeve hoodies, long-sleeve crewnecks, and roll-up pants. Whatever your outdoor adventure, there is a Big Smarties Playwear option that will fit! All items are available via catalog or online at:  Bug Smartie line

Not only is the clothing functional, but is just too cute too. Be sure to check out this fantastic line today!

Win it: One winner will receive a piece of apparel from the One Step Ahead Bug Smarties line. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter, so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me why you want to win this giveaway. Please put all comments in comment section proceeding this post. US only. Good luck!
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  1. vickie couturier says

    id love to win this for my daughter she had 2 boys and got custody of 2 toddlers from a family member and now has 4 kids to buy clothes for ,,she could use some help

  2. rissa j says

    I would love to win this, single working momma of three kids, this would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance

  3. says

    I’d love to win this clothing line because it gets really expensive buying clothes for growing kids. Every time I turn around I am having to buy new clothes . . . . .

  4. D Schmidt says

    I would like to win this clothing line because it would be ideal for my son who seems allergic to everything

  5. Janet W. says

    I want to win because the Kids Hoodie would be perfect for my grandson to wear outside with these terrible mosquitos we have in GA!

  6. Donna Jacoby says

    The clothes look good and have some added protection for the busy mornings with no extra time. Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Linda Madden says

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter. Her mom works very hard but it’s still hard to buy new clothes.

  8. Kathy Davis says

    I would like to win this line of clothing for my 2 year old granddaughter. We live in the MO Ozarks and she lives on a farm out in the woods. Lots of critters here.

  9. Em Mahr says

    I’d love to win because we live in a wooded area and I’m always worrying about ticks and lyme disease – this clothing would be another line of protection.

  10. Heidi Daily says

    I would like to win this, because the bugs in our backyard have been so bad in the evenings this summer.

  11. Catarina says

    I would love to win this for my boys since we are winding down from summer to fall and will be spending lotys of time outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

  12. Carlene R. says

    My son. He started school this year and he could use a few new pieces of clothes for the new school year ;)

  13. Darlene Sullins says

    I love that the clothes have a protected insect shield and are repellant apparel! My poor little girls get bitten up so badly!

  14. Rebecca Orr says

    We get lots of bugs here I the late summer. I love the long sleeve hoodie for my daughter. It would keep her protected from bugs and the late summer chill that has begun here in NY.

  15. Kristin Schmidt says

    I live in Florida surrounded by lakes and swamps. Winning this would be perfect for my son! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  16. Debra S says

    I live in the deep northwoods and we MUST do tick check every time after we have been outside. Even in the lawn! It’s maddening, but a fact of life here, ticks. I have had Lymes once. It is a concern for sure and for real here. I would love to win this for the kids! It would help.

  17. Amber Stevens says

    My son is an outdoors boy and my daughter is getting there too. I love the idea of this, I didn’t know clothes like this existed until now. So cool!

  18. jose benavides says

    I want to win because this would be awesome for my child to wear with other outfits he has around the house.

  19. Carly D. says

    I am a worry wort about bugs so this is a perfect clothing line for me. I will probably give it to my niece though!

  20. Mary Jenkins says

    We also live in Carolina. The pine trees bring the ticks, and the proximity to the coast makes this places a swampy mosquito paradise. After we came back from a weekend camping trip this month, my daughter was so eaten up with bites, she looked like she had measles. This would help. The clothes would be nice for the cool weather coming, too!

  21. Danielle Johnson says

    I would love this because it is adorable i would gift it to my niece who was some trouble with bug bites. love this.

  22. Mickie says

    We have had the hardest time with mosquitoes even though we have used yard sprays, bug sprays, bracelets, candles, you name it! I hate seeing the kids scratching all the time.

  23. Ron Casteel says

    I would like to win this clothing line because we live in a rural area and we have a lot of trees on our acreage and get mosquitoes year round it would be nice to know the grand kids would be protected

  24. BRandi Elam says

    This would be great for playing in our backyard. We live by a lake and there are always gnats and mosquitoes outside.

  25. Jessica W says

    I’d love to win these for my nephew. They are neighbors have a pond in their front yard and it’s always full of mosquitoes he’s allergic to bug bites of these would really help..

  26. michelle Hill says

    Being a single mom keep up with everything the kids need is hard. I would love something new for my son to wear since the winter is coming and he needs everything

  27. Nichole Smith says

    I would love to win because the ticks are so bad in my area that we do nightly tick checks with a flashlight before bed every evening!

  28. Melissa C. says

    I’d like to win this for one of my good friends. Her son is highly allergic to bug bites and has been in the hospital for infections at bug bite spots many times. Anything to help would be awesome!

  29. Jenn S says

    i would love to win because we have never tried this line before (and my older son wears through clothes like nobody’s business…he plays HARD)

  30. Mihaela Day says

    I’d love to win this clothing line because it gets expensive buying clothes for the kids…this would help a lot :)

  31. sara giresi says

    I would love this for my little guy because it is a great idea putting bug repellent in clothing! No need to remember the bug spray!

  32. Cheryl B. says

    I’d love to win it because my Grand-daughter loves playing outside and we often go for walks, it would ease my mind knowing she was wearing clothes that offer protection from bugs.

  33. Carolyn Daley says

    I would like to win clothes for my little nephew to help my brother out. My nephew is growing at a rapid rate and it would be nice to have a nice clothes collection for him.

  34. Annmarie W. says

    I would love to win this for my niece, to protect her from all the mosquitoes while she’s out in the garden helping my sister-in-law!


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