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Have you had that parenting moment yet when you can’t find your child and your heart just drops? Whether it’s for 30 seconds or 15 minutes, at some point it happens to us all, your child will be out of sight and that panic will set in. Mine happened at the mall, I had just two kids then, one in the stroller and one toddler and we were on the third story of one of those malls with the glass walls. I turned around and Hayley was gone. My first heart sinking thought was that she had fallen over or through that glass wall. Just seconds later I saw her down the corridor and relief washed over me, but I will never forget the feeling in that moment, one of the worst I’ve ever felt. The mother who founded AlertID felt the same thing but for almost an hour when she could not find her three children. I cannot imagine the torture, but it led her to create a community alert system that helps protects families and neighborhoods across the country.Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 10.57.30 PM

The purpose of AlertID is to provide a secure way to receive public safety alerts and share information within your community of neighbors and family. It is a free mobile and online service with an interactive map that displays potential threats to your family, schools or neighborhood. That way you can warn neighbors and they can warn you. There are already more than 1 million members signed up, and as a mom I can understand why. I live in what is considered a very safe neighborhood, yet within the last year we had a rabid fox running loose (I know crazy right!?) and a break in down the street. Those would have been perfect moments for neighbors to engage AlertID and warn the community. Much more efficient than the e-mail blasts that went out but were not always received right away.unnamed-1

Although AlertID began as a safety tool for parents and kids it has become a proven technology to help citizens, federal, state, and local authorities share information about crime, terrorism, natural disasters, sex offenders, missing children, elderly, and severe weather. I hope I never have that feeling again, that moment of terror, but I feel safer knowing that in the case of emergency with AlertID I would be able to immediately get the word out and spring my community into action.unnamed-4

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    What a great app–thanks for sharing–I’m going to have to look into it–to me communication of issues around the neighborhood is important-we had push in robberies over the summer of people from the water company–people didn’t check id’s before opening the door.
    thanks for sharing

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