Toys “R” Us, Hasbro and Duracell Family Game Night and a $50 Toys “R” Us Gift Card Giveaway!

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For my family, there is truly nothing better than sitting down and having a fun filled Family Game Night. Each Friday night, we pick out our favorite games and set off to play for hours at a time. Some of my favorite games that we play are from Hasbro. Hasbro is a Rhode Island company, so of course I will support whatever games they come out with. We tend to buy our family games at Toy “R” Us and power them up with Duracell batteries. We buy Duracell all the time, because in my opinion, you can never have too many batteries.

In the world of technology, sometimes it is great to just unwind with a fun filled family game night. While Family Game night is all about having “fun,” it also promotes essential skills, helps kids build self-confidence and creates lasting memories. This past Friday night, we had family game night with two of my all time favorite games, Operation and Simon. These games are absolute classics and I was so happy to introduce them to my children.

DSC_0480My kids seriously sat on our living room floor for hours playing these two games. I could not believe how good Hayley was at Simon. She even beat me and her dad! Operation was another fun game and even Zane enjoyed it, despite the fact he wanted the doctor’s nose to buzz. It was the perfect way to cool off inside and get the whole family involved.DSC_0482

This summer, be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather outside, but at night, do try a fun filled family night with great Hasbro games available at Toys “R” Us. Make sure to stock up on Duracell batteries, so you will never have to stop playing your games. It is so important to carve out family time and there is no better time, than this summer. Start a family tradition of playing games and you will see how interested your kids will be. There is never a better time than the present to have Family Game Night!DSC_0485

Toys “R” Us is the perfect one stop shop to pick up your favorite summer games. When you’re at Toys “R” Us, don’t forget the batteries though! They ‘re often required, but not included with the game, so you’ll want to have plenty of fresh batteries, like Duracell Quantum, on hand. Did you know that Duracell Quantum batteries:

o Have Hi-Density Core™ Technology for unbeatable long-lasting power

o Only battery with PowerCheck™. Instantly check your power level at any time

o Have Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology. Guaranteed for 10 years in storage

Win it: One winner will receive a $50 Toys “R” Us Gift Card and Duracell Quantum Batteries to start your game night. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter, so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me what your ideal family night would be in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I highly suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only. Good luck! 
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  1. Anastasia says

    An ideal game night would be one where we play something we all like! Especially games that involved a lot of interaction and maybe some discussion, to get us all talking :)

  2. alona y says

    The ideal game night would have a good brainy game like cranium and a good physical one like twister, and some special snacks!

  3. Donna Bridwell says

    IDEAL FAMILY GAME NIGHT…pizza, games, kids having family time and NOT being on a phone, computer, ect. Engaged in Family Time! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN LOL

  4. Melissa Hartley says

    I used to love the game Twister & I think it would be fun for my youngest son who is 19, his girlfriend, me, & whoever else wants to play..thanks!

  5. Abigail says

    Right now our game nights involve playing Trouble, Sorry and UNO. I’m looking forward to when my kids get a little older and can play some other board games like Cranium and Pictionary

  6. Gina M says

    My ideal family game night would consist of us all at the table laughing together, and making some friendly competition while noshing on pizza or popcorn!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  7. Jessica Lodge says

    My ideal family game night would consist of playing yahtzee or Sorry and would be peaceful with no whining or tantrums from any child who might have lost ;)

  8. Margaret Smith says

    Our ideal family game night is playing Uno or Clue. We also like to put puzzles together.

  9. Geoff K says

    Great interactive party games (like Apples to Apples, Cranium, and Guesstures), lots of healthy but tasty food and drink options, and a great mix of laidback, not-too-competitive friends and family members would make for an ideal game night!

  10. shelly peterson says

    We love playing sorry and trouble, and pit with the older kids. We either order pizza or have snacks.

  11. Laura J says

    Oh..with little Carter, we would probably have Pizza night and Popcorn while playing Candyland and Chutes & Ladders! After hes asleep…I LOVE Clue! :)

  12. Brynn says

    I would love for us all to be able to sit down together for the night and play our favorite games, maybe order some pizza or make dinner together, then have some popcorn and just laugh and bond together as a family.

  13. janetfaye says

    My ideal game night would be me and my family having fun playing games and eating together. We would play yahtzee and a kids xbox game and something like Scrabble for the adults. We would have subs and order Chinese or Pizza to eat.

  14. Wendy Jabkowski says

    My ideal family night is when we’re all together having fun. Good food and entertainment wouldn’t hurt either!

  15. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Ideal Family Game Night Would Be Lot’s Of Snacks While Playing Monopoly For Hours!

  16. Michelle C says

    We like having pizza and playing UNO, Trouble and Sorry. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  17. kath g says

    a good family game night would include playing games with bragging rights like scrabble or maybe poker with chips (not money) and you have to have music in the background and of course food…pizza, soda, nuts, and pretzels.

  18. Jacqueline says

    Our ideal game night would be a fun movie in the background whole we play Monopoly. We love board games, but lately the kids have been wanting Monopoly. We own every game lol and they always want to play Monopoly.

  19. patricia says

    My ideal family night would be everyone getting along, delicious food, fresh smoothies, and homemade peach ice cream!

  20. saminder gumer says

    the ideal family game night would be having dinner together and playing a board game with the entire family.

  21. Stacey b says

    My ideal family game night would be a yummy dinner NOT cooked by me, a few rounds of fun games, and a yummy desert and movie after!

  22. jenn huey says

    I would love for all my kids to come and play Ticket to Ride, which is our favorite game right now.

  23. sandra davis says

    My ideal family game night would be a pizza party first then play a game of monopoly. Just really enjoy seeing everybody laughing and having a good time together.

  24. Birdiebee says

    The whole family including the grandkids come to dinner then we play board games until bedtime.

  25. Amanda L. says

    My ideal family game night would be great food that everyone can enjoy like pizza or burgers from the grill. We would play fun games that everyone can laugh about and enjoy.

  26. saralynns2 says

    Family game night… well i think starting with some active games and activities like scavenger hunts and such things, then moving onto more relaxed games to start settling for bed would be ideal! (maybe have some type of theme too) and end with a movie and popcorn!

  27. Kelly D says

    My ideal family game night would be finding a game to play that both of my kids enjoy and enjoying snacks and coversation.

  28. amanda whitley says

    my ideal family game night would be with the entire family playing games and having snacks.

  29. Deborah Wellenstein says

    Our ideal family game night involves drawing a game from a hat,a nd playing that. Our night always involves lots of homemade snacks-yum!

  30. ellen c says

    My ideal night would include an awesome taco bar with a bunch of games including games and prizes. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Leigh Anne Borders says

    My ideal family game night is a fun filled night with family and friends enjoying one another’s company!

  32. Karen D. says

    My ideal family game night would be an evening of Cranium or another party game with my kids, spouse, and parents!

  33. Kristi C says

    My ideal family night is everyone is home, pizza from Jet’s, a laughter filled game of The Game of Life, and a good movie.

  34. Janet W. says

    My ideal family game night would be a delicious pizza dinner followed by games like monopoly and then dessert!

  35. Tammy S says

    The perfect family game night would be as nice family dinner the a couple of rounds of Monopoly. The ice cream sundaes for desert.

  36. Courtnie says

    I like fun and interactive games. The ideal family game night would also have good food, and no cell phones!

  37. Jammie says

    Ideal family game night would include pizza, and a table full of happy family members giving me all their money in monopoly.

  38. says

    Our ideal family game night would probably consist of playing Sorry, UNO, Jenga and more. Eating pizza and having milkshakes and other finger food!

  39. Nicole-Lynn says

    My ideal family game night would be at home, on our backyard deck just playing monopoly or a card game! Our baby girl would be in her pack and play, watching us and having fun, too! :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    My idea of a great game night is where everyone gets a chance to play their favorite game. We’d also need a fun snack and lots of laughing!

  41. Cassandra Eastman says

    My ideal game night would be eating chinese food, and playing chutes & ladders, life, and go fish with my husband and our 2 kids!

  42. Terry Maigi says

    My ideal family game night would be phones off, order some pizza and play fun games like Candyland, Shutes and Ladders, and Monopoy!

  43. Carly D. says

    Ideal would be no televisions, or cell phones or other electronic devices, just a night of fun games!

  44. Amanda S says

    Having 2 kids on the Autism is always difficult when planning a family game night, so we do a lot of improvising, just getting everyone at the table for a little bit together is good enough for me.

  45. e michelle says

    ideal game night! is not kids or hubby cheating! no sore winners and food that is take out and no plates or cups for me to wash!!!

  46. Dawn Keenan says

    Our ideal game night is great food, good games and my brother in law. He makes playing games so much fun!

  47. Cheryl says

    Inviting over a couple of aunts who are crazy for games and playing Pit and the games they would choose to bring to share.

  48. Natalie says

    My ideal family game night would involve my brother, pizza, music in the background and a comfy couch.

  49. sandra says

    a make-your-own pizza and ice cream sundae party with board games such as scrabble, cattergories, apple to apples

  50. Donna L says

    My ideal family game night is homemade pizza or take-out food, Monopoly, Boggles or Uno games with my family.

  51. Stephanie Bondlow says

    My version of the ideal family game night is me, my hubby, my 7 children, just playing good games like Scrabble and Uno, and Checkers, and just laughing and having good family memories. Chips and Dip is a must.

  52. Tiffany Hartwell says

    My ideal game night would be a game of monopoly where someone doesn’t flip the board over! haha

  53. Angela Kinder says

    We already have the ideal game night (for my family at least): 2 different games, plenty of tea (since our family doesn’t drink a lot of soda), snackables, and fun music! We rarely turn on the TV while we play games so that we don’t get distracted.

  54. Debra S says

    We love family game night! Our ideal night would include an array of food to nibble on! Some punch everyone likes, and a few games the kids love… then some scrabble or banagrams after the younger kids are pooped out and put to bed.

  55. Luna S says

    We love sitting down playing toddler friendly games such as Hungry Hungry hippo while having a pizza night.

  56. Nicole Mecham says

    My ideal game night is playing Candyland with the kids! They absolutely love it and it seems like whenever we play games together, they open up more to us about school, their lives, etc.

  57. Sara says

    We haven’t really introduced our son to board games yet because he is so young, but I think candy land will be his first and that will be fun. We will probably order some pizza and make a night of it.

  58. says

    My ideal family game night would include playing a game that is fun but also challenges the players to think critically, like a strategy board game. :)

  59. KAtie says

    Some board games with a good dinner and desert after trip to the beach. Hey a girl
    Can dream right

  60. Katy says

    I’d love to play Scrabble with my husband (and win!!!) while we had great food while our baby girl slept peacefully through the night. :)

  61. Sheryl says

    My family game night would include my young niece and nephew playing Uno with us adults. The giggle when they catch one of us with Uno giving a Draw 4.

  62. Candace B says

    My ideal family game night would be finding a game everyone likes to play. With my children being different ages, it can be difficult to find games that are not too easy for one and too challenging for the other. So, it would be ideal to find a game that offers enough to both children where neither is frustrated or bored with the game.

  63. Melissa says

    My son’s favorite game is Sorry and I can’t wait to introduce him to other classics like Life and Monopoly.

  64. Christina Strapp says

    I left a comment on this post-

  65. Steve P says

    My ideal game night would include several card games and multiple board games. My family and I would eat pie after the games.

  66. Daniel Scott says

    Our ideal family game night includes inviting friends and family. There is usually potluck and small prizes for the winners.

  67. Laura P. says

    My ideal game night would be would include their grandparents coming over and some homemade snacks.

  68. Jenny Q. says

    My ideal family game night is just being with my husband and kids and we have the kids take turns picking out their favorite games.

  69. angelia medlin says

    Since I have little ones, we like to play games like puzzles or memory match games. We let them pick out the puzzle to put together and do the puzzle as a family.

  70. angelia medlin says

    Also I Commented on- Rugrats, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Sanjay and Craig on DVD Soon (angelia medlin)

  71. Lacey j says

    Ideally playing games together (whatever ones the kids wanted!) with snacks, and a movie, hot chocolate and snuggles before bed

  72. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! My ideal family game night would definitely include pizza, a great dessert, and playing the board game Sorry and a couple of card games. Fun! Thanks!!

  73. Elizabeth says

    I love Monopoly, but no one else likes to play with me because it takes so long! My ideal game night would be to play Monopoly and have some fun snacks.

  74. Isabella T. says

    My ideal family game night would be tons of different games to choose from with delicious homemade snacks!

  75. Desiree Dunbar says

    My ideal game night would include Board games, laughter, and making homemade pizza, which we have done.

  76. Laura says

    We’d bake lots of sweets, have some salty snacks to go with them, and then play until we get tired!

  77. Jessica A. Nirri says

    I love board games a lot but hardly ever play .. Maybe every 6 months .. Cuz I’ve got no one to play with.. My daughter Is almost four and its just her and I .. My mom works a lot and my brother is a teen.. My grandma would play but most games we have are not much fun for just two people .. My mom and my bro an I used to play white a bit we would play “Life” “family feud the board game” the older one like 80′s or 90′s version I adore that game and “scatagories” and more but these days she has no time. As a kid my grandma and grandpa and I would play a few times a week a number of diff board games.. From German board games (German grandma) to card games like “canasta” and “uno” board games like “clue” “monopoly”,” operation” “bed bugs” and many more.. I just got four games for free about a year ago all pieces still there too ! I’ve never played any of them though .. But if I won this I would make my mom play and my brother and I would keep them For my daughter and I to play ! I adore board games and a perfect game night .. A fantasy game night actually .. would be my grandpa visiting from heaven , my daughter so my GPA could meet her.. My amazing grandma , my dad and me .. Playing at GMA’s table a number of different games .. Spending hours playing different games .. Laughing.. Reminiscing.. Making jokes .. Eating .. Drinking a little too much by the end of the night .. Wow that would be fun ! If I won this I would put it to good use and mark a weekly game night on the calendar..!

  78. Danielle johnson says

    Homemade mini pizzas everyone can make followed by our favorite board game with some snacks then a real good treat for dessert then a movie.

  79. Ann Fantom says

    My ideal family game night is a night where everyone would win at least one game and there would be no crying for the losers!

  80. Deb Ford says

    To make it perfect we’d need some take out food so I don’t have to cook, and a night where all the kids are free so that we can spend quality family time all together.

  81. Rebecca Orr says

    Games that make me think and/or laugh. I like trivia games like trivial pursuit. And word games like Scrabble and Boggle. I also like games like Apples to Apples because it makes me laugh. My fiancée likes card and dice games. He taught me to play canasta a few weeks ago and we have been enjoying it.

  82. Terri Moore says

    my ideal game night would include my family and some friends. lots of good food and laughter. it would teach us how to have fun even if we lose!

  83. Dawn says

    My ideal family game night would be a family friendly video game and a big bowl of popcorn! I have a teenager and a 2yo, so finding a board game they both like and the toddler could play could be challenging

  84. Carlene R. says

    My ideal family game night would me me, my husband and my children all sitting together around our fireplace, eating junk food and taking turns playing every family members favorite game. We used to do this regularly before we had to sell our home and move in with family while my husband is looking for steady work. Now we never seem to have “alone family” time because we have other family members around always. Not that that is a bad thing, but sometimes you just want to be with your family.

  85. Nesca Crespo says

    I think an easy game to play with the kids that they enjoy is Monopoly. Everyone pretty much gets the concept and the game can last a while. It also teaches them how to deal with money and counting.

  86. jenn giannetto says

    my ideal family game night would include the kids version of monopoly. the adult version has always been my favorite game and i would love to introduce my son to monopoly

  87. polly says

    We always love having Game Nigh when our 5 year old grandson spends the night. He would play games all night long!

  88. says

    My ideal family night. A crock pot dinner or take out so I am not stuck in the kitchen cleaning up or cooking. Everyone sitting in the family room around the coffee table playing a team game. That way, the young ones have a change of winning and we don’t have to dumb it down. Real fun!@

  89. Ashley C says

    My ideal game night would be lots of homemade baked goods, chips and dip, and everyone getting to pick their favorite game for us to play


  90. Angela P. says

    Mine would be with a lot of yummy snacks, ordering takeout so Mommy doesn’t have to cook and just having a good time with my family playing favorite childhood games.

  91. Kara Griggs says

    My ideal game night would be to play games with the kids like Sorry, trouble, operation. We could eat candy and popcorn.

  92. Lori L says

    My family loves playing Apples to Apples. Its great because there is not a lot of set up and all ages can play. We always get a good laugh too

  93. Katie T says

    For me, it’s ideal when we can get my husband to play. My son and I really enjoy playing games, but he doesn’t, so when we get him to play, it’s wonderful!

  94. Dorrie Turner says

    Game night would include have a great meal together at the table, playing some yahtzee, maybe jenga or sorry then use those batteries for our Wii remotes and play competitive Wii Sports!!!

  95. Megan K says

    Ooo… we love family game night! Either Okey, ImaginIf, Apples to Apples, or Bounce! And of course some good snacks to go with! ;)

  96. Michelle S says

    I think an ideal game night would be having game stations, play a game for 10 minutes then move onto the next one.

  97. Danalee Davis says

    I like to play Candyland and Bingo with my little girls. We also like to eat snacks. If everyone is laughing and having fun that is ideal to me.

  98. Tina Marie says

    My ideal family game night would be Tuesday evening spent playing Monopoly and The Game of Life. Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. Claire Rheinheimer says

    We used to have game nights, I don’t remember the last time that happened. We love UNO and my husband likes Monopoly but I don’t. I’d love for my oldest to stay the weekend and all of us sit at the table and play and talk.

  100. Lisa V. says

    I just getting together with my daughter and her husband. They both like playing games, but wish everyone like the word games as much as my daughter and me.

  101. Peggy E says

    My ideal family game night would be with my kids and grandkids. There would be lots of fun, food, and laughter!

  102. CJ Godfrey says

    Our game night would be setting up our large tables with different games on them and having a ton of snacks along with prizes for the winners.

  103. Diane Hamel says

    My job as a child therapist is to teach low income families how to play together. Teaching them about a family fun night is part of my job.. Awesome when it works…

  104. Brigitte B says

    Its just me and my teenage son in my household now. So our game night is more digital now consisting of pizza and a video game of his choice.

  105. Katie Rose says

    If we’re talking us and the kids it would be after the 2 year old and baby are in bed for the night, we’d have some drinks and a small snack and play a variety of games (unlike the usual 400th round of whatever is their current obsession..) without a meltdown. The no meltdown part is key for me.

    If we mean my siblings and I, I guess I’d have to say the same thing (including no meltdowns!) just that the games would be recommended to ages 4-8 ;-)

  106. Sacha schroeder says

    My ideal family game night would involve everyone in my family, we would laugh, have snacks and no one would get upset if they lost. LOL!

  107. Sherry Eckman says

    My ideal family game night is ordering a pizza and having some chips and everyone getting along while playing a game!

  108. Katy M says

    We love making dinner together, turning on some music and playing a fun game. Our favorite game lately has been Whoonu by Cranium

  109. Jamie Brigham says

    Playing trouble with my husband and son, having pizza, eating tons of junk and having a sleepover!

  110. says

    The ideal game night is when everyone is off from work and Carol and Heather are over here with us and we all just get into the game with good food and snacks. Just chatting and sharing and usually laughing a lot.

  111. Amy Honious says

    My ideal family game night would be actually completing a normal game of monopoly with hubby and the 4 kids without fighting, lol. All of my kids are now grown, but this game has been banned in our house for many years due to conflict….

  112. Jill Myrick says

    My ideal family game night would be a night when all of my children both young and older are present to play. It would involve pizza, games and we would end the night with popcorn and a movie.


  113. clynsg says

    With the different age ranges in the family, the ideal game night would have to involve several types of games–maybe Candyland for the little kids and a competitive video game for the older ones. Myself, I would prefer a game of Uno!

  114. says

    An ideal family game night for us is when everyone is home, grandma and grandpa are visiting (they love games), and no one has anything at all to do on their agenda, so we can just relax and play.

  115. Brandi Goolsby says

    I would love to do a fun family game night with a new Xbox Kinect game. Maybe Wipeout? I have been wanting to try that one for awhile now. If we did an active game, versus a board game, maybe I wouldn’t feel so guilty about Family Pizza Night. ;)

  116. Yolanda S. says

    Pizza, popcorn, ice cream and lots of different games we all like. NO PHONES, NO TV and NO COMPUTERS!

  117. Stephanie Galbraith says

    Ideal Family Game Night would be everyone home, and everyone having fun playing lots of different types of games.

  118. Cathy Burnett says

    My ideal family game night would be having all my brothers and sisters together again for some fun fun!

  119. Tina says

    a great night would be to have lots of family and friends too. and lots of different games. some like word games like scrabble and some like challenge games like monopoly or life.

  120. Beverly Metcalf says

    We like to have a game night every week. Usually we play skip-bo and have pizza and snacks. Thanks for this contest.

  121. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway… burgers & hot dogs,ice cream, and bowls of popcorn to feed our kids as we play an intense game of Monopoly !


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