Women’s Health Tips for Pregnancy!

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Last month, we all celebrated Women’s Health Month and our commitment to being/staying healthy. While a month dedicated to healthy habits and health awareness is fantastic, it is truly important to be healthy 365 days a year. I will fully admit to all of you that while I don’t feel my absolute best (yes being 9 months pregnant does that), I am doing my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout my pregnancy. It is not easy when I have some severe cravings, but in the end I know that I am doing not only my own body good, but that of my baby, by following a healthy lifestyle the entire 9 months. Having two older kids and their chaotic schedules makes it more challenging at times, but I make a resolve to myself to make sure to take care of me. After all, we have one body we are given and have to make sure we keep ourselves well each and every day!#HerHealth, #cbias, #shop

I sat down one night and thought to myself, what would be the top Women’s Health Tips I would recommend when you are going through pregnancy?! Don’t worry if you are not pregnant as most of these tips can be used even if you are not carrying a baby.

Top Five Tips for #HerHealth During Pregnancy


I am so guilty of having that midnight milkshake once in awhile and that is Okay! We need to give ourselves a break and allow ourselves to splurge once in awhile. However, we also must make sure we eat a clean and healthy diet for the remainder of our days being pregnant. What we eat is what the baby is eating…so make a valiant effort to feed yourself every few hours a great, healthy snack that will keep you full and healthy. One of my recommendations is to have energy bars available to take out of your pocket any time you need them. When a “snack attack” hits and you need protein to get you through the rest of the day, having an energy bar will allow you to do this, while sustaining your nutrition levels.

#HerHealth, #cbias, #shopWhen I am buying my energy bars, I make sure to head to Walgreens, which is the ultimate destination for Women’s Health needs. I find just about anything I need to allow me to live a healthy lifestyle at Walgreens, including my favorite bars such as Zone, PowerBar, and CLIF bars. They usually have great sales on these bars and with my Balance Rewards savings, I am sometimes able to save enough money to get a bar or two free. What could be better?!


#HerHealth, #cbias, #shopTruth be told, I absolutely hated taking the horse pill prenatals so my doctor suggested I take a regular Multi-Vitamin, with all the essential nutrients and folic acid incorporated into the pill. Since I am a huge baby with taking pills, I ended up buying the One A Day Gummie Vitamins, which have been a godsend to me. They allow me to deliver the important vitamins to myself and the baby, and give me the energy to continue the day. It is not hard to remember to take these pill either, because they are tasty.

#HerHealth, #cbias, #shopIt is really up to you what type of vitamin to take but I highly suggest making sure you do take a vitamin. They give you the essential nutrients and vitamins that you may not be eating in your food. Again, if you are looking for a great multi-vitamin, head to your local Walgreens, because they have just about every type of vitamin you can ever imagine near their pharmacy section.

#HerHealth, #cbias, #shop


#HerHealth, #cbias, #shopYou heard it over and over again that to sustain healthy habits, exercise is key. No matter what you do, even doing a 20 minute walk a day, will get your heart pumping and give you the boost of energy during your days. Let me tell you, that if I could play doubles tennis up until 34 weeks pregnant, I know all of you can commit to doing some type of exercise a day too! Besides being good for your health, it is good for your mental stature too. I know when I do exercise, my worries seem to melt away and I just feel good. Give it a try.. Exercise does wonders!

4. SLEEP and REST:#HerHealth, #cbias, #shop

Again, I know you all know that it is essential to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but how many of you actually do it? I bet if I asked, only a handful of you would tell me that you get this amount of sleep. Trust me, when you get the correct number of hours of sleep, you will be more alert, have more energy, be less hungry, and less grouchy throughout your days. Take it from me…If I only sleep 4 hours a night, you do not want to be in the same room as me. I can be a real bear! However, when I get my sleep, I feel rejuvenated and ready to start my day.

If you can, I also recommend taking a small 20 minute power nap throughout the day. I try to rest outside for 20 minutes, and I feel great when I do. There is nothing, like taking a nap when you are dealing with 50 millions things throughout your day and need a break!


I know it might be hard to get out and just relax as a mom, but if you can, do try it. Whether it is going out with your girlfriends, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or watching some reality TV, give yourself a break. As a mom a lot of us feel guilty allowing ourselves a mental break, but we should not! It is so important to our overall mental and emotional state, to allow ourselves a time out. Find out what you love and do it! Maybe pick up a new craft or hobby?

For me, my husband and I like to take a yearly vacation. We are very fortunate to have grandparents to watch the children and we take a week break every year to spend time with each other. This past year, it was Thailand and our form of fun was visiting Ice Bars and seeing amazing sights such as lions and elephants.#HerHealth, #cbias, #shop

As you can see, even a 9 month pregnant lady is trying her best to stay healthy. Women’s Health is so very important and today, should be the day you all start and incorporate some of these tips to live a healthy lifestyle. Stop off at your local Walgreens and you will be sure to find your all inclusive healthy store to get you started. Good luck on your journey!



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  1. says

    Wow that is amazing you were playing tennis at 34 weeks! Exercise and a good diet are so important for a healthy pregnancy and for a faster recovery afterwards.

  2. says

    Gosh you are so flippin’ pretty as a pregnant woman. (or anytime for that matter). I think it’s your amazing attitude and your pregnancy philosophy. I especially agree with the REST element, although with your schedule I don’t know how you do!

  3. says

    this is so great, it is wonderful to keep active and take all the nutrients needed. I did not exercise much either when I was pregnant.

  4. says

    I am beginning to focus more on my own health and taking more time for myself to exercise and to sleep. Thanks for the tips. I am headed to walgreens later and will check out their healthy bars!

  5. says

    Your wonderful. Not many Pregnant women stay in shape. I try everyday to exercise and eat well. The one area that is so hard for me to do is sleep. I do go to bed just can’t stay asleep and that is taking its toll. Best of luck with your pregnancy and love the once a year trip with just the two of you.

  6. says

    How great that you are styaing active while you are pregnant. I remember going on a twenty one mile bike ride and two mile walk one day when I was eight months pregnant. I wouldn’t do that now! lol

  7. says

    If I played tennis during pg people would have mistaken me for a ball!!



    I did gummy
    Vitamins too. The prescription ones were awful!

  8. Shauna says

    Ha, ha, ha… yes, resting is a must. I was just telling my sister to think about getting bars like that to help her out, as well. thanks for sharing!

  9. says

    It’s awesome that you found some gummy vitamins so you don’t have to worry about horse pills! There’s pretty much everything at Walgreens.

  10. Betsy Barnes says

    These are very good tips! I can’t believe you were playing tennis at thirty-four weeks! I was very limited on my activities, eventually had to stay in bed, but it all worked out. Congrats! :)

  11. says

    It’s so good to see a pregnant woman just shooting it straight. None of that “yes! eat whatever you want and be lazy!” crap because it’s just not TRUE! I am totally envious that you were playing tennis at 34 weeks. That is amazing. I seriously tip my hat to you. I can’t play tennis in the first place, so I’m pretty sure I’d injure myself at 34 weeks pregnant. Hurray for Walgreens being a one stop shop for all of our women’s health needs! #client

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