Frozen Merchandise from JAKKS Pacific Toys and a Frozen Baby Doll Anna/Snow Wand Review + Giveaway!

Frozen…Frozen..Frozen…I bet if you have kids you have at least listened to one of the Disney songs or watched parts of the movie at least daily. In my household, I can’t get in the car, without my kids begging me to turn on the Frozen soundtrack. They are totally obsessed, as I am sure most of your kids are. One problem I have though it getting my hands on Frozen merchandise. It seems like once it hits the shelves, it is gone! Now the awesome company, JAKKS Pacific, has an abundance of Frozen merchandise that can be found at Walmart, Toys R’ Us, and Target, for very reasonable prices.

When we first received the Frozen merchandise in the mail, Hayley let out a huge scream! I am telling you, the girl lives and breathes Frozen. In the mail, we received a great Princess Anna dress, a Toddler Elsa Doll, and a fun Elsa’s Magical Snow Wand.  JAKKS Pacific has a full line of dolls, dress-up, and role play items which allow girls to live out the adventures of Princess Anna and Princess Elsa, bringing elements of each sister’s unique personalities to life.

The first item we received was the awesome Enchanting Anna Dress. They also have the Elsa dress, depending on what character your child likes better. This dress is ideal for dress-up play and features details to make your little princess look just like Elsa or Anna. Hayley had a Frozen birthday party and her JAKKS Pacific Frozen  Anna dress was the hit of the party! It features a satiny skirt with glittery flowers and the dress bodice is decorated with a beautiful glitter design. Your child will shine in their gorgeous Frozen Princess dress.  No matter where you are going, whether it is a birthday party, going to Disney, or just every day play, your child will look gorgeous in their Elsa/Anna dress.

Frozen merchandise available

While this dress is awesome by itself, I think my favorite part of this dress is there is no buttons or zippers, so Hayley can easily take it off and put it back on, without any help from me. She can put on her Anna dress any time of the day, without ever calling for me. And the price- $19.99!! Yes, I said $19.99! What could be better!Frozen merchandise available

JAKKS Pacific always comes out with such intricate and beautiful dolls and the new Frozen Elsa doll will leave your kids excited all day long! Hayley loves to reenact her own Frozen scenes using the Elsa doll and have Elsa play out her favorite parts. The toddler doll also includes the ever so lovable Olaf! Again if they like Anna better, they have a toddler Anna doll as well. Each of the dolls are dressed in iconic outfits from the film and have beautiful braided hair, a hairbrush, and a royal tiara. Each doll retails for $24.99, which is a great price for such a high quality doll.

Frozen Anna Doll

You can also bring the magic of Disney’s Frozen to life with Elsa’s Musical Snow Wand! This wand features an Elsa figurine inside a mini snow globe, on top of a beautiful wand. You simply shake the wand to see the snow go around Elsa and then press the button on the wand to hear “Let it Go.” It is wicked cute and Hayley loves taking her magical wand with her wherever she goes!

Be sure to check out the Frozen Merchandise from JAKKS Pacific today

Be sure to check out all the incredible Frozen merchandise from JAKKS Pacific today! Trust me, you will be the hit of your household once your kids receive these fun items from Frozen. Be sure to check out the Frozen merchandise on JAKKS Pacific today !

Win it: One winner will receive a Frozen Baby Doll Anna and a Snow Wand. This giveaway is run via rafflecopter so click read more to see the actual giveaway. The only mandatory entry is to tell me how many times your child has seen Frozen and who their favorite character is, in the comment section proceeding the post. While the other entries are optional, I suggest filling them out to increase your chances of winning. US only.
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*I received items from JAKKS Pacific for review. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*



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  1. Abigail says

    I think we’re only up to 5 or 6 times but we watch the music videos constantly on youtube! My son loves Olaf and my daughter has a thing for Sven the reindeer!

  2. Robert Brown says

    We’ve seen it at least a dozen times. Three times in the theater! My daughter likes Elsa best, but Olaf has to be one of the best Disney characters ever!

  3. Cassie Hayes says

    My daughters favorite character is Elsa. We have watched it probably ten times in the past month. Get the songs stuck in my head now.

  4. Jasmine says

    My daughter has seen Frozen so many times, I have lost count! her favorite character is Princess Elsa!

  5. Natalie Brown says

    Hello! My grandson hasn’t seen it yet but he loves Disney movies. I would love to watch it with him! Thanks!!

  6. nancyfancypink says

    My own children are too young (1 and 2), but I teach 4 year old Pre-K and LET ME TELL YOU- Frozen is all they talk about! I bet each of them have seen it an average of 5 times!

  7. Brynn says

    My babies have seen this over 10 times since it came out haha it is their favorite they love anna and else because I have two little girls and they love that they are sisters

  8. Diana Cote says

    We watch it daily, we have played it twice in a row when she kept asking for “again, again”

  9. alena svetelska says

    we saw it about 6 times,my daughter is abslotly obsess with that movie.Our favorite character is Olaf!

  10. courtney hennagir says

    We have seen Frozen about a dozen times so far.My 2 year old daughter loves it and sings all the songs.I love it too! I know she loves them all but I really love Anna.

  11. Alona Y says

    My daughter isn’t old enough yet but my best friends daughter is obsessed and asks to watch it again and again.

  12. Jamie Brigham says

    We’ve seen Frozen 2 times and we love Olaf (I personally love Elsa but as a mom apparently my opinion with my son doesn’t count lol)

  13. says

    I have no clue, have lost count how many times they have watched it! They love Elsa and Anna and will pretend that they are them! It’s fun to watch sisters playing sisters!

  14. Terry Maigi says

    I’ve lost count. I’d say we’re pushing 100 lol. Her favorite character is Elsa! In fact I have to refer to her as Elsa now lol

  15. Gayle S says

    I have not noticed my grandchildren having a favorite character even after watching it together more times than I can count. They seem to love the movie, not a single character.

  16. Meghan Malicoat says

    My kids have seen the movie to many times to count. My daughter knows every word to every song and walks around the house singing them. Her favorite character is Elsa.

  17. DJ Dorothy Reynolds says

    I couldn’t tell you how many times they have watched it. It’s usually the go to movie in this house. Their favorite is Oalf.

  18. AmySD says

    We have seen it 3 times and could very easily watch it again at any given moment, lol. We love all the characters, well except Hans, but I’d say Olaf is our favorite.

  19. Heidi Embrey says

    We’ve seen Frozen once..At our local Movies at the Park :) We saw part of it playing in the Disney Store at Downtown Disney and considered just sitting there and watching the whole thing :) I think every ones favorite character is Olof..the snowman.

  20. June S. says

    I commented on this non-giveaway post; June S.
    May 28, 2014 at 12:53 pm · Reply
    (National Learn to Swim Day on Saturday, May 17- Swimways is there to Help!) My grandson is fifteen months old now, and has started taking swim lessons. It’s never too early to learn I say.

  21. April Chasteen says

    I can’t even count how many times we have watched Frozen! I think lost track at 30! LOL! My daughter LOVES Elsa! She pretends to be her on most days! It is really cute! :)

  22. Nicole Rea says

    I cannot even count how many times we have watched Frozen. My daughter is obsessed with watching it and if it was up to her, we’d watch it multiple times a day. Her favorite character is Anna!

  23. Bobbie Smith says

    She probably has seen it at least 15 times…lol, she just loves it!! Sven is her favorite!!

  24. Stacy T. says

    I haven’t seen it, yet, but I’ve watched videos of my niece dancing to the soundtrack dozens of times!

  25. karen says

    i have watched it with my niece twice and I am sure she has seen it many more times with her sister.

  26. Carol says

    I’ve lost count. My 17 mth old son loves it too. They love Elsa when her dress changes in let It go and both of them dance and sing along.

  27. Rachelle Anderson says

    My daughter has never seen Frozen, and yet knows all the words to the songs and is obsessed with it!

  28. Priscilla Benavides says

    I have only started watching Frozen and only seen the ending and not the whole movie yet!

  29. Angela P. says

    We have seen Frozen probably close to 100 times! My daughter loves Elsa.. and my son loves Olaf.

  30. Dawn Monroe says

    Its on constantly! Its hard to believe that every kid in America is obsessed with that movie. They like Elsa.

  31. Michael S. says

    My grandniece has seen this movie dozens and dozens of times! She especially likes Sven; thinks he’s pretty funny!

  32. allyson tice says

    We have seen Frozen at least 60 times! We have watched it almost everyday since we bought it! We are OBSESSED in this house! LOL!

  33. jamielee kimball says

    Our whole family absolutely loved this movie, but our 5 year old is just obsessed! We have watched it together about 10 times, she has watched it every night since the day it was released. It’s funny because as I type this, my daughter is trying to turn her Cinderella toddler doll into Princess Anna, but her hair isn’t long enough. LOL. My husband and I love Olaf and hope he appears more if there is another movie. My daughter’s favorite is Anna.

  34. Sami m says

    I have no idea how many times I have watched frozen. Let’s just say a lot. Haha. And Olaf is my favorite!!!

  35. Rachel C says

    I’m going with a rough estimate of a gazillion times, and their favorites are Anna and Elsa!

  36. says

    we have the movie and she keeps watching it. I feel like we have seen it over a hundred times! both of our favorite character is Elsa!

  37. Heidi Daily says

    My daughter has seen Frozen numerous times, at first her favorite was Anna, but now it is Elsa, and my son loves Olaf.

  38. Maria Iemma says

    My granddaughter loves Frozen and loves Elsa. She sings the Let it Go song constantly. She has seen the movie 3 times so far.

  39. Cheryl B. says

    My Grand-daughter has watched it 4 times.. twice at the movies, and two times at my home.
    Her favorite character is Elsa!

  40. Jennifer Duhon says

    My kids have probably watched Frozen at least 10 times since we bought it.
    They each have their own fav. One is Elsa. Another is Annah. And then my son likes Olaf.

  41. Jill Myrick says

    We have only seen Frozen once. My daughters favorite character is Anna.


  42. Rebecca Peters says

    well.. we saw it once in the theater, then bought it the day it came out and its been replaying since that day over and over again

  43. Evelyn Driver says

    My daughter is 17 and has seen it many times with the little girls she babysits for. She really loves the music.

  44. Vikki Billings says

    My granddaughter has seen it more times then I can count, she is wearing the dvd out. She loves Olaf!

  45. Tina says

    my daughter and I have watched it 4 times. Olaf is my favorite. I think she can’t decide who is her favorite she loves them all.

  46. Audra O'Hara says

    My daughter hasn’t seen it yet. From what she’s seen on TV, she seems to like the snowman a lot…is he the Olaf character?

  47. lisagee1234 says

    Tell me what you like best about my site and/or how long you have been a follower?

    I like the site because of the nice distraction from boring sites. Your kids are the most adorable kids and I like the giveaways.

  48. Lisagee says

    How many times have your kids seen Frozen and what is their favorite character?


    Just once so far. Elsa was the fave character.

  49. Suzanne R (SuzySweeps) says

    We have seen Frozen about 18 times so far, and I saw it again last night with friends who have never seen it! LOVE THE MOVIE! — Anna is my favorite character – and especially when she is younger singing the snowman song! :)

  50. says

    I don’t know how many times my daughter has seen it. It’s played everywhere and she did watch it first at home. She doesn’t have a favorite character, she likes them all.

  51. Candie L says

    My youngest has seen it once and my oldest has not seen it yet. I would guess the favorite would be Anna. Thank you


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