Tips for Making Mother’s Day a Success with HoneyBaked and a $50 HoneyBaked GC+ $50 Massage Envy GC Giveaway!

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In about 9 weeks, I will be having baby #3, so I really want to enjoy the last few weeks with my two other little ones. My husband was asking how I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day and it got me thinking of ways one can make Mom’s Day really special. I decided to compile a list of tips you can use to make Mother’s Day a success and some great gift ideas that might come in handy for her special day.

1. Let her have a morning to sleep in! I don’t know about you but my kids are early birds and I am usually the one who rises with them everyday. I would love to have one morning where I get delivered breakfast in bed and get to sleep as late as I want in my pajamas. I want all the kid duties to be done by dad for that special Mom’s Day morning.

2. Do something really fun, whether that be with the kids or without them. Since the baby is coming so soon, I want to spend time doing something fun with the family that I have not done in awhile. We decided this year I am going to take the kids to our local carnival and enjoy all the carnival traditions including cotton candy and popcorn. I might even go on a small ride with them! Whatever you do, it is all about having some fun and just enjoying the special day that happens once a year.10247255_10152339161729356_3507843164698394712_n

3. Give Mom some time off from her regular duties for the day. Perhaps agree to let Mom have no duties except to have a great day. For me, that entails dad food shopping, doing the laundry, and bathing the kids. During this time, I plan to sit with my book and do nothing at all!

4. Give Mom that special gift! I know for me, I would love to get a spa card, a certificate to a beauty salon, a spa pedicure, and a shopping excursion. I love all those “girly” things and I know receiving these gifts would make me extra happy. I am totally envisioning a day of beauty for myself, as a gift for my husband. I hope he is reading this post!

5. Make dinner an easy feat with  HoneyBaked Ham and their Smoked or Roasted Turkey Breasts! No mom wants to cook on this day, so if you have HoneyBaked products, you can be sure to have a delicious meal on absolutely no effort on the Mom’s part!  Honeybaked also offers a variety of delicious side dishes and desserts, all of which also come fully cooked as well. I look forward to my husband making me a delicious Honeybaked dinner, that is basically already made. Just throw the ham in the oven, and in no time at all my family can enjoy a delicious, affordable, and nutritious meal!Garcia Studio, Inc. 933 Fielder Avenue NW Atlanta, GA 30318 404-892-2334

Be sure to check out Honeybaked to learn about their awesome products and find out where you can buy them for your upcoming Mother’s Day dinner. Talk about convenience of making an great Mother’s Day dinner at home.

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  1. Amanda S says

    I would like time to spend with my twin 10 month old girls. My boys who are 4 and 5 are on the Autism spectrum and have lots of needs so the girls are often playing on their own, I don’t get any quality time with them. That’s what I want a mommy and girls day together.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says

    My own mother passed away a number of years ago, so the only thing I wish for this mother’s day is that I could spend the day with my three daughters. I know it’s not likely – my youngest lives too far away. I know I’ll have the day with my middle daughter, but my oldest will probably be spending the day with her boyfriend’s family. Having the three with me that day would mean more than any gift could.

  3. says

    Letting mom sleep in is one of the best ways for kids to celebrate Mother’s Day, in my opinion! Although I would not say no to a meal from Honeybaked ham.

  4. Gail Williams says

    I have just started following yesterday. I am a Grandma now, but had 3 daughters. It is nice following a family. Your interests are mine. I am a granny nanny who studied home economics in college and I want to pass on what I learned to my daughters and 3 granddaughters.

  5. Christine N Cherry says

    This mother’s day, I would like to sleep in, then have french toast with my husband and kids at noon!

  6. says

    I would love to be able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. The first Mother’s Day I ever had I was lucky enough to spend it with my parents. That was 19 years ago!
    We are over due!

  7. Gail Williams says

    Loved your review about Dominos Pizza. My husband is going to love you for reminding me to get him pizza. My daughter worked at a coffee shop next door to Dominos and would surprise us with a pizza or two every once in a while.

  8. says

    These are such considerate tips that my family will have to implement often since we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day. Great ideas to get a relaxing day for you.

  9. Cassie Hayes says

    I would love a steak dinner and a night where he got up with the baby so I could get some sleep. Would also like something with the baby’s hand and hoot prints on it.

  10. Shauna says

    Yes, having honey baked ham do it all would be awesome.. what a great idea. I may have to start hinting to Hubby

  11. Tamra Phelps says

    Well, my Mom has been hospitalized for several months due to a bad fall, so the fact that she is home will make it a special day!

  12. says

    I really haven’t thought about it much, and my mom will be out of town. When you are a single mom, mothers day is just like any other day. Usually we would go to my moms house and honor her!

  13. Tamra Phelps says

    The nongiveaway post I commented on was “Make Sure to Capture Your Children’s Memories with Blinkbuggy.”

  14. christine burd says

    I would like to dine out at my favorite Italian Restaurant and then come home to a tidy house and watch my favorite tv shows

  15. Debra S says

    I would love to be taken OUT to eat for Champagne Brunch! Oh yes I would.. OR later on, for a fancy Italian dinner!

  16. Jessica Menster says

    I want to have a nice day with my 3 sons, husband, mom, grandma and other family members- with a wonderful meal and lots of laughs!

  17. Abigail says

    We have a tradition of going to a nursery and picking out a new special plant for the yard – last two years were a rose bush and a wisteria tree. I’m looking forward to doing that again this year

  18. Meghan Malicoat says

    My ideal Mother’s Day, as bad as it may sound, would be renting a nice hotel room for the night and spending it alone. A nice hot bath, a good book and peace and quite.

  19. Rebecca says

    My family has never been big on holidays, plus my mother works on Mother’s Day, so we won’t end up doing anything, but I at least want to clean up the house for her – we’ve had a lot going on recently, and we’ve all kind of let the housework slide.

  20. Suzanne K says

    Lately, time is the most precious thing – none of us have enough of it! So, I make time to spend with my mom and spoil her with her favorite chocolate and flowers

  21. saminder gumer says

    i want to take my mom out to the beach and have a bbq. i want her to relax and have fun with the grand kids.

  22. kelly nicholson says

    Tell me what you want to do special on Mom’s Day or what someone can do for you on this day?

    mom needs some new shoes..i think ill splurge

  23. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! The only thing I really want to do is have a nice dinner out. That would be lovely! Thank-you!

  24. Jennifer says

    My kids are taking me to Universal and dinner at our favorite hole in the wall taco joint. Yes, I am spoiled.

  25. michelle jones says

    For Mother’s Day my husband always gets me a gift card to Kohls and lets me have a shopping day—ALONE!! But first we always go to brunch <3

  26. Diane Cooper says

    I would like to cook a nice meal for my daughter and her family – she just gave birth to my granddaughter on April 15, 2014.

  27. Catarina says

    On Mother’s Day, my whole family goes out to lunch (my brother’s and their families, my parents)together. I love that we all get to celebrate Mother’s Day together.

  28. laurie nykaza says

    Will do a bbq for mothers day with my mom and all the family we always have so much fun.

  29. Megan C. says

    The family always gets together at Grandmoms house. Its nice to have 4 generations together. We get pictures taken to remember the wonderful day.

  30. Saundra M says

    My Mom is passed away, and my two grown sons live in other states, so Mother’s Day is just another day. Both the boys do call and that is my Joy on that day.

  31. Audrey B says

    I want my little guys to make me something, a card or a craft that I will cherish and to spend some time with them and my own mom possibly at the beach if it’s nice enough!

  32. Kristen says

    I’d like to go on a trip for Mother’s Day…but I think we’ll simply have a nice lunch out :)

  33. Julie says

    I would love to take my mom and get a mani and pedi and my little girl would love to hang with us to..

  34. Deb C says

    I could make my Mom’s day special with Honeybaked Ham foods so she wouldn’t have to cook for days.

  35. Michael W Perkins says

    I’m going to wake our Son up & help Him, MAke her Breakfast Repeat for Lunch & Dinner

  36. Laurie Emerson says

    I would love it if my family would bake me a rich fudge chocolate cake with lots of frosting!


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