15 Delicious Crockpot Sunday Recipes! @foodie @foodiebyglam

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When Sunday comes, I am usually exhausted and want to spend the day with my family. By the time I come back from our weekly gatherings, I usually am too tired to cook. One way I deal with this is by using my crockpot for most of my Sunday dinners. The crockpot is an easy and reliable way to get a piping hot meal served to my family in no time at all!

I decided to visit Foodie.com and find some great recipes for various dinner crockpot ideas. There is nothing like learning new crockpot recipes to make at my home, on a perfect Sunday.  One of my favorites is this Crockpot Taco Chicken that looks so unbelievably good and takes no time to make!

IMG 9507 15 Delicious Crockpot Sunday Recipes! @foodie @foodiebyglam

Another favorite was Crockpot Beef Brisket in Balsamic Blackberry Sauce. This looks perfect to make for the upcoming Passover/Easter season!

Blackberry Brisket 1 15 Delicious Crockpot Sunday Recipes! @foodie @foodiebyglam

Enjoy these recipes!

PicMonkey Collage 1024x512 15 Delicious Crockpot Sunday Recipes! @foodie @foodiebyglam

Do you have a favorite Crockpot Recipe for a great Sunday night Dinner?




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  1. says

    That beef brisket looks amazing. I just got my replacement crock pot in today (mine was broken in an move) and it is actually more than a crock pot so I am dying to use it. I will be trying one of these tomorrow, will be hunting through them to see what I have the ingredients for.

  2. Pam says

    I love crock pot meals. Especially right now because I don’t have a kitchen. I am going to try one of these this week.

  3. says

    You’ve got some great ones here. My family’s favorite right now is a Moroccan Chicken Crock Pot recipe we’ve used a few times.

  4. Michael Lambert says

    My wife and I have been looking for some good crock pot recipes and a lot of these sounds pretty good.

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